19th May 2008 Archive

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  • Five misunderstood Vista features

    Microsoft's 'stupid, stupid, stupid' document goes missing

    Operating Systems 19 05:02

  • Can Microsoft 'do' open source by 2015?

    Consistency and commitment needed

    Applications 19 06:02

  • Microsoft! offers! Yahoo! less!

    New deal on the table

    Financial News 19 08:55

  • BAE chief exec, director detained at US airports

    Subpoenas issued - laptop drives copied?

    Financial News 19 08:58

  • Auditor gets diminishing returns from data matching

    36% less fraud detected

    Government 19 09:54

  • Asus throttles back Eee PC WiMax drive

    Upcoming Atom-based sub-notebook to get Bluetooth instead?

    Hardware 19 09:59

  • Vendor pitches handheld phone-data extractor

    Snooping made easy

    Phones 19 10:10

  • AMD turns to exclamation mark to rally gamers to cause

    Game! launched!

    Hardware 19 10:42

  • Sony talks up blue OLED breakthrough

    Larger and less power hungry OLEDs en route?

    Hardware 19 10:58

  • Vye mini-v S37B sub-notebook

    The people carrier of the sub-notebook world

    Hardware 19 11:02

  • Spanish police cuff web defacement crew

    Five teens are net's 'most prolific hackers'

    Security 19 11:08

  • Motorola strategy chief is latest exec to go

    Woah... they had a strategy chief?

    Mobile 19 11:10

  • Yorkshire police head off pillow fight anarchy

    Coppers spit feathers over flashmob plan

    Bootnotes 19 11:30

  • MI5 spy wife was Formula One chief's Teutonic thrash tart

    Mosley suspects spook spank stitch-up

    Government 19 11:46

  • Mozilla phancies doing a Phorm

    Firefox - your friendly data snooper

    Applications 19 11:48

  • Brits more fearful of ID fraud

    Ofcom aims to bridge knowledge gap

    Security 19 12:19

  • BSA dubs Manchester second worst for piracy

    'So much to answer for...'

    The Channel 19 12:26

  • Stungun shootout in Colorado leaves slowest man standing

    Tasers for two, coffee for one

    Bootnotes 19 13:09

  • Aliens, astronauts and Pope partition PC World

    Shareholders welcome their new overlords

    Letters 19 13:21

  • Zango dismisses Storm Worm conspiracy theory

    Ah did not have relations with that Trojan

    Security 19 13:29

  • Mobile phones cause bad behaviour in kids - report

    Hyperactivity and emotional problems linked to phones

    Science 19 13:39

  • Google under fire again for handing user info to police

    This time in India

    Law 19 13:41

  • Samsung pitches 82in "ultra-definition" telly

    More pixels than you can shake a stick at

    Hardware 19 13:46

  • BBC's Today Programme shutters message board

    Flagship radio news organ enrages pants-wearing web commentariat

    Media 19 13:50

  • Whatever happened to... Three Strikes?

    BPI hasn't started shooting. Yet.

    Media 19 13:59

  • Brown goes YouTube

    There goes the neighbourhood

    Government 19 14:34

  • Vodafone shells out big bucks in buying spree

    Milk, eggs, social networking site, German telephone company...

    Mobile 19 14:53

  • First public Firefox 3 candidate shoots out the door

    It's tinkering time

    Applications 19 15:06

  • Boeing raygunship fires first blasts in ground testing

    Laser-cannon plane set for inflight fryings 'this year'

    Science 19 15:10

  • Samsung Glyde touches down in US

    U940 finally annouced, debuts on Verizon

    Mobile 19 16:02

  • How Free Press breaks the citizens' network

    Inside the mind of Ben Scott

    Broadband 19 16:15

  • Microsoft slides out second HPC Windows 2008 beta

    Tweak tweak, hush hush

    Servers 19 16:17

  • Google unveils Image Search image ads

    'A seamless experience'

    Media 19 18:33

  • EMC builds up disk backup

    De- duplication, spin down, low-power drives and simpler software

    Storage 19 18:46

  • Open source zealots fill with venom

    While bumbling OLPC bumbles to Microsoft

    Open Season 19 19:09

  • VMware pitches virtual office desktops 101

    Love-taps Sun's thin clients

    Virtualization 19 19:37

  • SEC charges eight ex-AOL TW execs with civil fraud

    Inflating ad revenues

    Financial News 19 20:01

  • 'Hacker Safe' leader defrauded investors, prosecutors say

    McAfee security researcher ordered to stand trial for fraud

    The Channel 19 20:02

  • BitTorrent tracker Mininova faces legal action

    Mostly warez?

    Media 19 21:30

  • Dell and Rackable's CFOs a-go-go

    As the revolving brass door turns...

    Servers 19 21:41

  • Ballmer eggs on Hungarian student

    Student retaliates

    Bootnotes 19 21:43

  • HP confesses love for Citrix with mobile thin client

    'Intends' to stream the heck out of graphics

    Virtualization 19 23:36