16th May 2008 Archive

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  • Netezza buys analytics mystery house

    Byzantine buy

    Servers 16 May 00:01

  • Apple will please missile makers by backing PA Semi's chip

    Unleashing the iBomb

    Servers 16 May 00:11

  • New game site designed to make computers smarter

    Or at least taggier

    Applications 16 May 01:03

  • Virtual Earth puts human face on data

    Lightweight programming, minus Google

    Applications 16 May 05:02

  • PS3 update fails to fix Grand Theft Auto IV woes

    But Sony has a solution, apparently

    Games 16 May 07:44

  • NHS IT four years late and over budget

    Outlook uncertain but expensive

    Government 16 May 08:10

  • Captain Cyborg creates human bat with Reg baseball cap


    Bootnotes 16 May 08:50

  • Nvidia, AMD to launch next-gen GPUs next month

    GeForce GTX 200 and Radeon HD 4800 series

    Hardware 16 May 08:55

  • Samsung handset promises audio bliss

    Hip Hop still won't sound any better though

    Phones 16 May 08:58

  • Computacenter coughs to gloomy first quarter

    So who is buying IT these days?

    The Channel 16 May 08:59

  • Google Translate speaks in (more) tongues

    Adds 10 new languages

    Applications 16 May 09:01

  • Verizon lands 10-year deal to unify DHS networks

    One net to rule them all - and in the darkness find them

    Data Networking 16 May 09:03

  • Government orders data retention by ISPs

    Keep it for 12 months for the plods

    Government 16 May 09:10

  • 'Crazy rasberry ants' target Texan tech

    Electronics on the menu for rampaging nutter insects

    Science 16 May 10:08

  • Aliph shrinks, polishes bone-conduction Bluetooth headset

    The new Jawbone

    Hardware 16 May 10:27

  • Sharp claims record mobile fuel cell power density

    Shrink it a bit, and it'll replace laptop batteries

    Hardware 16 May 10:33

  • Yahoo! strikes back at Icahn

    Thanks but no thanks

    Financial News 16 May 10:35

  • 'Difficult not to be pessimistic' says veteran IT distie

    Cash reinstalled as legitimate monarch

    The Channel 16 May 10:58

  • Number crunching knife crime and online ID verification

    Legislating in a data-light zone

    Law 16 May 10:58

  • Wii controller lawsuit costs Nintendo $21m

    Texas firms sues Nintendo, and wins!

    Games 16 May 11:01

  • BOFH: The PFY's comeuppance

    He got a bit zap-happy

    BOFH 16 May 11:02

  • Is Vista ready for Business?

    Reboot, then tell us what you think

    Reg Technology Panel 16 May 11:12

  • HP begs AMD PC owners to put XP SP3 on ice

    Wait for sticky plaster patch

    Operating Systems 16 May 11:47

  • Activist coders aim to deafen Phorm with white noise

    Faking it for data pimps

    Broadband 16 May 12:05

  • The Moderatrix: Exclusive boudoir snap

    You've been a naughty, naughty commenter...

    Bootnotes 16 May 12:09

  • Outback hack suspect denied bail

    Strewth he's deleted the system

    Security 16 May 12:43

  • Pentax Optio V20 compact camera

    Sweet and simple?

    Hardware 16 May 12:49

  • LG and Samsung shake hands over LCDs

    Hardware 16 May 13:07

  • Thus spake the Moderatrix

    Your problems solved, the world set to rights

    Bootnotes 16 May 13:09

  • Bill Gates unveils interactive wallpaper

    Predicts all walls will become touchscreens

    Hardware 16 May 13:15

  • What's the best compact camera?


    Hardware 16 May 13:26

  • Orange signs multi-nation iPhone distribution deal

    Jesus Phone coverage spreads

    Mobile 16 May 14:02

  • Singapore Airlines docks with Apple

    A taste of the high-fi life

    Hardware 16 May 14:05

  • High Court orders MPs to 'fess up on expenses

    Show us how you've spent our money

    Government 16 May 14:17

  • Xbox 360 'eaten' by alligator

    Beast of a box

    Games 16 May 14:22

  • Qualcomm splurges on UK spectrum

    Just bag up the whole lot for me, please

    Mobile 16 May 14:31

  • OLPC's a con - former insider

    Departing software chief stings Negroponte

    Hardware 16 May 14:38

  • OLPC and Microsoft punt Windows-only XO laptop

    Odd couple shack up

    Hardware 16 May 15:13

  • DNS gaffe leaves spy agency totally under cover

    Big website knickers round ankles

    Data Networking 16 May 15:22

  • P2P soars, licensed music flatlines

    Today is a good day to die download

    Media 16 May 15:36

  • Jihadis: We turned hacked killbots against US troops

    ROTM fever spreads to mujahideen press office

    Bootnotes 16 May 15:58

  • World economy group gives IPv6 big push

    Warns about depletion of IPv4 addresses

    Data Networking 16 May 16:09

  • AMD cries foul over Intel's 'river of cash' flowing to Dell

    Shows Intel Chairman begging for forgiveness

    Law 16 May 17:08

  • SANS sounds alarm on Debian OpenSSL flaw

    Lockpicking script prompts alarm

    Security 16 May 18:33

  • W3C 'clarifies' HTML 5 v XHTML

    Vendors moving too fast on RIA

    Applications 16 May 20:02

  • US Congress questions legality of Phorm and the Phormettes

    'Talk to us first'

    Broadband 16 May 20:48

  • 'Secure' PayPal page is... you guessed it

    Extended SSL no match for the power of XSS

    Security 16 May 20:57