15th May 2008 Archive

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  • Feds nab modern-day Bonnie and Clyde

    'We rob banks. And PayPal.'

    Security 15 May 00:33

  • Intel ordered to dish documents on deleted antitrust lawsuit e-mails

    Internal interviews must be disclosed to AMD

    Hardware 15 May 01:03

  • Making sense of Salesforce.com

    Some software, some risk

    Applications 15 May 05:02

  • 'Major' Flash Player beta released

    Build your own pixels

    Applications 15 May 05:50

  • European manned spaceflight plan proposed

    Get into this cargo container, astronauts told

    Science 15 May 06:02

  • BT profits nothing to phone home about

    Farewell Ben Verwaayen

    Broadband 15 May 08:18

  • Run your home from your car, says Panasonic

    Turn the oven on from the motorway

    Science 15 May 09:21

  • Dixons admits 'it's even worse than you thought'

    Overhauls PC World, slashes stores and dividend

    The Channel 15 May 09:32

  • Online ID checks to limit teen booze and knife purchases

    Bill plans heavy fines for offending retailers

    Law 15 May 09:33

  • Swiss birdman in Alpine backpack-jetplane stunt flight

    'I'm not married any more,' says fanatical air-head

    Science 15 May 09:36

  • Intel: future iPhone to be Atom powered

    ARM emulation in place, sort of - just waiting for the right chip?

    Phones 15 May 09:44

  • Neighbourhood Watch 2.0: Your tensions are being monitored

    Blears unveils multi-agency snoop squad blueprint

    Law 15 May 10:15

  • Phones 4u accused of misleading customers

    Ofcom launches investigation

    Mobile 15 May 10:17

  • Union gears up for BT strike action this month

    How will we know when it starts?

    Broadband 15 May 10:22

  • DisplayPort to do DVI to death, analyst claims

    And HDMI to pass water on DisplayPort?

    Hardware 15 May 10:30

  • NATO primes cyber defence centre in Estonia

    All quiet on the Eastern front?

    Government 15 May 10:45

  • Developing world buoys up software pirates

    BSA spots emerging markets problem

    The Channel 15 May 10:50

  • Brennan JB7 Micro Jukebox

    Sounds great, looks great

    Hardware 15 May 11:15

  • Top-slicing the Beeb: Clueless execs get busy

    Smelling the Ovaltine, swirling down the drain

    Media 15 May 11:24

  • Slimmer Xbox 360 en-route?

    Console company cuts the flab

    Games 15 May 11:40

  • IM represents 'new linguistic renaissance'

    Teens flex their chat muscles

    Bootnotes 15 May 11:41

  • Spotigo promises Wi-Fi mapping within 5 metres

    'It says we're...in the airport'

    Broadband 15 May 11:45

  • Verizon shuns Android for LiMo

    'Google don't know open'

    Mobile 15 May 12:02

  • Chinese boffins show off unbelievably tight ring

    Golden monomolecular nano wedding-band is largest ever

    Science 15 May 12:47

  • Life a mess? The Moderatrix can help

    El Reg launches Agony Aunt service

    Bootnotes 15 May 13:02

  • Asus' Atom-powered Eee PC spied on web

    Elfin laptop gets curves

    Hardware 15 May 13:30

  • Videogames cut physical violence levels, claims report

    Take your anger out on a PS3

    Games 15 May 13:37

  • LG displays world's largest circular LCD

    A massive 1.4in screen

    Hardware 15 May 13:47

  • Billg bigs up SharePoint and Touch Wall

    No future for keyboards though

    Software 15 May 13:53

  • CBS saves CNet from activist investors

    Billion dollar buyout

    Financial News 15 May 13:56

  • Sony's Alpha 300 DSLR lands in UK

    Jessops wins sales exclusivity

    Hardware 15 May 13:59

  • SOCA says: We are hitting serious criminals

    UK's FBI goes after crims, and their cash

    Law 15 May 14:15

  • Triumph eco-bra brings Reg editors excuse to publish pants pic

    Hardware 15 May 15:08

  • Yahoo! faces battle for the board

    Icahn! launches! proxy! war!

    Financial News 15 May 15:33

  • Koreans tout standard for US mobile TV

    LG and Samsung have just what you need

    Mobile 15 May 15:52

  • Wake up and smell the Doritos™ - Avril Lavigne's manager

    Mmm. Doritos.

    Media 15 May 17:14

  • Apple okay with Safari 'carpet bombing' vuln for now

    'Eh. Don't expect much from us'

    Security 15 May 19:23

  • Adobe lands Sun Java rich-client CTO

    Swings for Flex-based RIA

    Applications 15 May 19:34

  • RIAA ordered to shell out $100k for P2P witch hunt

    Pigopolists pay for 471 hours

    Media 15 May 21:13

  • Overstock's Patrick Byrne battles New York Sith Lord

    'I will not pay the Amazon Tax'

    The Channel 15 May 21:56

  • American cable giant joins data pimping club

    Charter member

    Broadband 15 May 22:38

  • Rootkits on routers threat to be demoed

    Networks own3d

    Security 15 May 22:42

  • MySpace fraudster indicted in teen's suicide

    Cyber-bully 2.0

    Security 15 May 23:02