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Adaptec makes low-end RAID gear ROC hard

Adaptec is launching a new line of entry-level unified serial RAID controllers today, using the revamped design of its top-tier Series 5 gear announced in March.
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SMS costs more than using Hubble Space Telescope

A British boffin has calculated that text messages are a horrendously expensive method of handling information, costing many times more than it does to access data from the Hubble Space Telescope.
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Wireless can be good for your health

With an aging population there's going to be bundles more cash to splash on health care in years to come, if you believe UK regulator Ofcom and this year's edition of its future technology report, the Wireless World of Tomorrow.
Bill Ray, 14 2008
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MoD begins full UFO-files public release

The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has begun releasing its voluminous files regarding unidentified flying objects, aerial phenomena, possible alien visitations etc. The documents will all become available to the public via the National Archives over the next three years.
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NASA bites nails over Phoenix landing

NASA's Phoenix Mars Lander is on its final approach for a slated touch-down on the Red Planet's Arctic region on 25 May amid a certain amount of nail-biting as to whether it will survive the landing.
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Craigslist gets personal with eBay countersuit

Craigslist has filed a blistering countersuit against rival and shareholder eBay, accusing the auction giant of a range of transgressions including abusing its role on classified ad site's board.

Google trials Street View face-blurring tech

Google has begun to roll out Street View images with the faces of innocent bystanders to its drive-by captures suitably blurred - a response to increasing privacy concerns over the service's indiscriminate broadcasting of the unwashed masses.

Dell denies death of XPS to aid Alienware

Dell has denied that it plans to kill off the XPS gaming PC brand and promote its Alienware gaming PC subsidiary instead. Both names will "live on", it said last night.

Asimo conducts symphony orchestra

Video Honda’s famous white robot has given the first musical performance of its life – conducting the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.

Domed projection screen promises immersive gaming

The dream of totally immersive videogaming could soon become reality, thanks to one gaming geek’s efforts to create a full-field-of-vision display system.
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MySpace wins record $230m judgement against spammers

MySpace has won a $230 million anti-spam judgment against notorious spammer Sanford Wallace and his partner Walter Rines. US District Judge Audrey Collins made the order - reckoned to be the largest ever in an anti-spam case - after the duo failed to appear in court.

Touchscreen BlackBerry 'Thunder' to storm to market in Q3?

Stormclouds could be forming over Research in Motion's headquarters - and for once we're not referring to the 3G iPhone. It has been claimed that the company will unveil a touchscreen BlackBerry in Q3.

O2 XDA Orbit 2 smartphone

Review What we have here is basically a traditional Windows Mobile smartphone loaded to the gunwales with Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, 3.6Mb/s HSDPA, quad-band GSM/GPRS/Edge, three-megapixel camera, FM radio, 8GB-capable MicroSD slot and a touchscreen.
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Supermarket goes hi-tech to stop kids buying booze and cigs

Supermarket chain Budgens has begun trialling facial-recognition technology in one of its London stores in a bid to thwart attempts by the city’s teenagers to buy alcopops and smokes illegally.
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Music coalition takes on Microsoft, Google and pals

A coalition representing the American music industry has petitioned the FCC - with typically understated claims - to prevent exploitation of white-space frequencies, claiming that such use will interfere with wireless microphones.
Bill Ray, 14 2008
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Vatican star watcher says aliens may be out there

The Catholic Church’s top astronomer has said there is no contradiction between the one true faith and believing in aliens.
Joe Fay, 14 2008
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Dimension Data makes cloud free forecast

Computer services firm Dimension Data Holdings Plc saw first half group revenue climb 23 per cent to $2.17bn and expects the good news to keep coming.

Giant Eee PC menaces London

A man dressed as a huge Asus Eee PC terrified shoppers on London's busy Tottenham Court Road earlier this month, recently released footage of the incident has revealed.
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Bell Canada chokes P2P and privacy?

What's worse than an ISP throttling your peer-to-peer traffic? An ISP throttling your peer-to-peer traffic while stepping on your privacy.
Cade Metz, 14 2008
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Icahn builds Yahoo! stake

Carl Icahn has quietly built up a four per cent stake in Yahoo! since Microsoft withdrew its offer for the company.
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Royal Navy warships could run on sunflower oil - if fresh

A study by marine engineering experts has set out the likely effects of using biodiesel fuel in Royal Navy warships. As British warships are mostly powered by gas turbines derived from aircraft jet engines, the results are also interesting in the context of future biofuelled aviation and power generation.

Sony: world PS3 sales pass 12.8m consoles

Strong sales across all of Sony’s PlayStation hardware range over the past financial year have left the electronics giant feeling confident that it can still fend off Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

Nvidia completes absorption of physics chip maker

Nvidia has now absorbed Ageia, the developer of physics processing chips it acquired earlier this year. It's busily separating Ageia's silicon from the accompanying software.

HP leaves Dell with an EDS-shaped hole

Analysis Dell looks like being one of the losers after HP’s buy of EDS yesterday.
Joe Fay, 14 2008

Bulletproof quantum crypto dinged by implementation weakness

Security researchers have identified possible weaknesses in quantum cryptography implementations. A team from Linköping University in Sweden has also come up with suggestions about how the attack could be blocked.
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True Group deploys near-field from the SIM

TrueMove, the mobile arm of Thailand's media conglomerate the True Corporation, is deploying near-field payments and ticketing, but they're not waiting for compatible handsets as they've managed to squeeze the technology into their SIMs.
Bill Ray, 14 2008

Samsung to demo next-gen, 240Hz LCD TV tech

Samsung has developed what it claims its the world's first LCD panel with a 240Hz image frame rate - double that offered by top-end LCD tellies today.

Atari unveils Wii Fit rival

If you think Wii Fit is too physically taxing, then you’ll be glad to hear that Atari has developed a simpler version.

EC slaps Becta complaint on the Microsoft evidence pile

The European Commission (EC) will not treat Becta’s interoperability grumbles about Microsoft as a formal complaint.

MSI card-cooler 'inspired by weed'

MSI engineers have found stimulation in the briny depths for its latest graphics card innovation: a cooling fan with vanes modeled on seaweed.
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EU IT commissariat has lightbulb moment over green IT

The European Commission has decided that it is the information technology industry's job to lead the Euro Community into a greener future by reducing energy use and therefore carbon emissions.
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How to rescue Java from the men in suits

JavaOne Open source and Java developers are calling on Java's governing body - the Java Community Process - to open up beyond the big players.

Build a 1TB MacBook

MCE Technologies has a dual 500GB hard disk drive kit to produce 1TB MacBooks by using the SuperDrive optical disk drive bay.

Oracle substitutes previews for product

Exactly a year after releasing the first preview of version 11g of its JDeveloper Java integrated development environment (IDE), Oracle has quietly slipped out preview number four - yes, count 'em - four.

Spammers open new front on social networking sites

Social networking sites have become the new front in the war against spam, according to security watchers.
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Google kills Anonymous AdSense account

Exclusive Google has murdered the AdSense account run by one of the web's most influential anti-Scientology sites.
Cade Metz, 14 2008

IBM rejects deduplication for new VTL

IBM has revealed a new TS7530 virtual tape system with no deduplication capabilities at all, just hardware compression.
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Scientists discover galaxy's youngest supernova

Where have all the Milky Way's supernovas gone?

Botnet sics zombie soldiers on gimpy websites

The miscreants who have poisoned more than half a million web pages aren't the only attackers thinking big. People behind a botnet known as Asprox have recently rejiggered their army to infect websites in a similar fashion.