6th May 2008 Archive

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  • Ex-Navy SEAL and nanny 'Otter' does bird over Broadcom

    Kindergarten cop, shmindergarten shmop

    Data Networking 06 01:05

  • Vodafone sews up iPhone distribution

    Ten-country deal feeds Apple's world-domination plan

    Mobile 06 09:10

  • Franco robbed Sir Cliff of Eurovision win

    Spanish dictator's 1968 vote-rigging outrage

    Bootnotes 06 09:11

  • Grand Theft Auto 4 maker sues Chicago transport chiefs

    Game ads pulled, free speech rights violated. Apparently

    Games 06 09:48

  • 'Mad Scientist' developing powered suits for US military

    Will dominate everywhere within reach of a power socket

    Government 06 09:59

  • Apple tops tech support success poll

    But HP support 'inferior', says Consumers Union

    Hardware 06 10:17

  • Sony demos 'commercial design' fuel cell for mobiles

    Ready for prime time?

    Hardware 06 10:40

  • NASA invites you to travel to the Moon

    Well, your name at least

    Science 06 10:51

  • Interpol publishes pic of another suspected child abuser

    Operation IDent

    Law 06 11:12

  • Sony Ericsson Z770i mobile phone

    Waving the flag for flip-phones

    Phones 06 11:20

  • Intel and chums target 450mm wafer fabs

    'It's only a tiny little thin one'

    The Channel 06 11:44

  • SplashPower splashes down in Fulton Innovation

    Consolidating the drips for induction charging

    Mobile 06 11:46

  • Winehouse cans Bond theme project

    'Not ready to record any music'

    Bootnotes 06 11:47

  • Top cop brands CCTV a 'fiasco'

    No deterrent, no good as evidence

    Law 06 11:59

  • Defra steps up probe into honeybee wipeout

    UK hives hit hard

    Science 06 12:00

  • Google questions Verizon 'open network'

    A closed door is not open

    Broadband 06 12:02

  • Cops demand more time in marathon OiNK investigation

    BitTorrent admin probe continues

    Law 06 12:06

  • Motorola board faces down a hostile crowd

    Pledges to be flexible and focused - at the same time

    Mobile 06 12:18

  • Independent dubs El Reg lesbian

    Biting the jub that feeds IT

    Bootnotes 06 12:19

  • Battery shortage leaves Compal forecast flat

    Q2 power down

    The Channel 06 12:53

  • Freesat launches in UK

    Many channels, more coming, but not much HD yet

    Hardware 06 13:20

  • Cybercrims dump swag on open botnet server

    Health data found on hacker data dump

    Security 06 13:37

  • HTC’s Diamond iPhone rival unwrapped

    But does it shine?

    Mobile 06 13:38

  • Microsoft rebuts Blu-ray Xbox 360 rumours - again

    Blu-ray? US? Never!

    Games 06 13:57

  • Hyundai and Kia's latest pitch to US drivers - Windows

    Microsoft's exclusive with Ford finishes soon

    Applications 06 14:55

  • ISP reporting network to pierce bandwidth smokescreens

    Your broadband needs you

    Broadband 06 15:03

  • Americans offered smart footwear

    Do they have souls?

    Hardware 06 15:55

  • Microsoft slings multiple sue balls at resellers

    Claims customers were 'deceived'

    The Channel 06 16:13

  • Sun juggles love of code with need for cash

    Don't attack us... attack them!

    Applications 06 16:41

  • Rackspace flies storage on CloudFS

    Tap into our data ether

    Storage 06 17:33

  • Yahoo! greenlights search security warnings

    Beta tests McAfee SiteAdvisor

    Security 06 19:28

  • HP strokes web 2.0 with immense NAS

    'Extreme' appliance for multi-petabytes

    Storage 06 19:29

  • Canadian toddler dies after VOIP 911 call

    Ambulance dispatched to wrong city

    VoIP 06 19:39

  • Google launches security group for open source

    oCERT to make the world safe for GPL

    Security 06 19:50

  • Sun's JavaFX to hoover-up user data

    Spirit of McNealy lives

    Applications 06 20:43

  • Intel wants to own the weather prediction business

    EVP Maloney in charge of 'Operation Kill Groundhog'

    Servers 06 21:24

  • DHS grilled over uber secret cybersecurity plans

    Too much confusion, senators say

    Government 06 21:56

  • Windows XP SP3 leaps into the tubes

    Second verse, same as the first

    Operating Systems 06 22:32

  • Yahoo! shareholders thump Yang in the fiduciaries

    Detroit gets nasty

    Financial News 06 22:42

  • NASA ditches Itanic for new Xeon-based SGI giant

    20,480 cores on the Moon

    Servers 06 23:04