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Intel sales chief promises Atom bombing

Intel's sales and marketing boss Sean Maloney has vowed to fix the Atom mobile processor supply issues - only he won't commit to a time line.
Ashlee Vance, 02 May 2008

Vodafone bundles mobile data

Vodafone has decided to bundle net access with its monthly service packages, whether the punters want it or not.
Bill Ray, 02 May 2008

YouTube rolls out Scientology double standard

It seems that YouTube has one set of rules for The Church of Scientology and another set for Scientology's critics.
Cade Metz, 02 May 2008

Swiss start-up re-broadcasting UK TV channels

An internet start-up is re-broadcasting UK television from Switzerland without the stations' permission. It is re-broadcasting all five UK terrestrial channels online, but claims it is not breaking the law.
OUT-LAW.COM, 02 May 2008

Microsoft to punt pensioner-proof PC

Miss Daisy will soon be able to drive herself around a PC, because Microsoft has announced plans to build a senior-citizen friendly PC.
James Sherwood, 02 May 2008
For Sale sign detail

Mag-lev flywheel UPS firm says shipments speeding up

A company making magnetically-levitated composite fibre flywheels spinning in vacuum bottles at 50,000 rpm claims it has just shipped its 500th unit. Pentadyne Power Corp also announced proudly that a mag-lev whirlywheel it sold to NASA in March 2004 - one of its first deals - has now racked up 35,000 hours operational.
Lewis Page, 02 May 2008
Creative Zen Stone MP3 player (black)

Creative settles MP3 player capacity clash

Creative has been successfully brought to book over the way it previously calculated hard drive-based MP3 player storage capacities.
Tony Smith, 02 May 2008

Motorola partners with Kodak on cameraphone

Images have emerged of what's claimed to be an upcoming Motorola handset which features a five-megapixel camera from photography heavyweight Kodak.
James Sherwood, 02 May 2008

Is the earth getting warmer, or cooler?

AnalysisA paper published in scientific journal Nature this week has reignited the debate about Global Warming, by predicting that the earth won't be getting any warmer until 2015. Researchers at the Leibniz Institute of Marine Sciences have factored in cyclical oceanic into their climate model, and produced a different forecast to the "consensus" models which don't.
Steven Goddard, 02 May 2008
HSBC logo

HSBC foils '£70m fraud'

An HSBC worker has been charged after police were called in to investigate an alleged attempt to defraud the bank out of a whopping £70m.
John Oates, 02 May 2008

Blu-ray-for-Xbox 360 rumours restoked

The Xbox 360 rumour mill is churning again thanks to fresh claims that the Microsoft has placed orders for consoles with Blu-ray Disc drives, allegedly in partnership with a subsidiary of PC manufacturer Asus.
James Sherwood, 02 May 2008

Legal blow to secret government lobbying

The Department of Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR) has lost an appeal to keep secret its meetings with business lobbying group the Confederation of British Industry.
John Oates, 02 May 2008

BOFH: The Boss gets Grandpa Simpson syndrome

Episode 16
Simon Travaglia, 02 May 2008

Lenovo ThinkPad X300 sub-notebook

ReviewThe launch of the Lenovo ThinkPad X300 attracted plenty of comment from Register Hardware readers. ‘Pah,' you said, ‘who cares how thin a laptop is?’
Leo Waldock, 02 May 2008

Frustration and joy - Microsoft's CTP in action

Project Watch: Microsoft 2008OK, so choosing and installing the hardware - that was easy. I wish I could say the same for the software.
Mark Whitehorn, 02 May 2008

Robot aircraft 'sense and avoid' gear in flight tests

US aerospace titan Northrop Grumman has commenced flight tests of new "sense and avoid" technology which could be fitted to existing and future unmanned aircraft - or indeed to the long-awaited flying cars - allowing them to fly routinely in civilian airspace. At present, planes which don't carry qualified pilots are subject to special time-consuming bureaucracy before they can make such flights.
Lewis Page, 02 May 2008

Dell revamps liquid-cooled gaming rig

Dell has rolled out its latest XPS gaming desktop - much to the chagrin of its Alienware subsidiary, we expect, which we're sure would prefer it's parent would leave the gaming stuff to the specialist.
Tony Smith, 02 May 2008

Liven up poker games - with storage!

Next time you’re playing poker over a few beers with the boys, you may want to look more closely at the chips. Because a USB flash drive has been invented that hides itself within a poker chip.
James Sherwood, 02 May 2008

EDS sharpens axe for another 90 UK staff

IT outsourcing giant EDS will axe up to 90 UK-based jobs by the end of this month as part of its "ongoing restructuring and re-skilling programme".
Kelly Fiveash, 02 May 2008

No-fly list grounds US Air Marshals

One aspect of the American response to air safety in the year after the September 11 attacks that generated relatively little controversy was welcome expansion of the Federal Air Marshal program - other than some concerns about what kind of weapons could be used safely within a pressurized cabin, really, who could complain about extra beat cops in the sky? Airport rent-a-cops, that's who.
Burke Hansen, 02 May 2008

The battle of Lesbos: Exclusive combat pic

The Battle of Lesbos - a bitter struggle between practitioners of the Sapphic arts and true Lesbians for the right to bear the name of the sun-kissed Aegean island - took a dramatic turn earlier this week as militant lesbians attempted a beach landing at the lightly-defended resort of Eressos, in the process outflanking militant Lesbian Dimitris Lambrou who'd expected to join battle in an Athens court this summer:
Lester Haines, 02 May 2008

Japanese council worker in 750k smut site pornathon

A Japanese council employee has set what is likely to remain an unbreakable record for surfing porn at work, after visiting an impressive 750,000 smut websites in just nine months at the rate of 20 pages for each minute he was sat at his desk.
Lester Haines, 02 May 2008

Customers give Dell the finger over keyboard screw-up

Dell has left customers shaking their fists this week after shipping an unspecified number of its Vostro 1310 and 1510 laptops in Europe with the wrong keyboard layout.
Kelly Fiveash, 02 May 2008

Phorm in phormulaic logo phorm storm

LogoWatchIt's come to our attention that "pimp my data" outfit Phorm may not have been as ground-breakingly creative as we'd have expected when knocking together its logo.
Lester Haines, 02 May 2008

Oz cops sound iPod road cross death warning

We didn’t realise it, but an MP3 player can kill you. According to Australian police, that is, who have launched a series of hard-hitting posters designed to stop people crossing roads while changing tracks.
James Sherwood, 02 May 2008

Nominet critic wins boardroom seat

Nominet members have elected one of its leadership's sharpest critics to the board in a divisive election that some feared could jeopardise the not-for-profit UK domain registry's future in its current form.
Christopher Williams, 02 May 2008
Intel logo teaser

Big Blue, Intel chat up little guys online

Intel and IBM are trying to drum up more trade in the small and mid-sized (SMB) market by separately launching online offerings that they hope will lure the little people.
Kelly Fiveash, 02 May 2008

Carphone Warehouse cleared out of 8GB iPhones

Carphone Warehouse has rid itself of the 16GB iPhone, having sold out of the 8GB model last week. So did O2, which is now said to be down to its last few 16GB iPhones.
Tony Smith, 02 May 2008

Indian electronics firm has Moto device biz in its sights

Indian consumer electronics supplier Videocon has been on the blower to Motorola with a view to taking control of the mobe co's devices division for an undisclosed price.
Bill Ray, 02 May 2008
Amazon logo 75

Amazon sues New York over Amazon Tax

Amazon has sued New York over an ingenious new law that would force the mega online retailer to collect taxes it doesn't like collecting.
Cade Metz, 02 May 2008

FISA warrants on a roll - but who needs a warrant?

CommentThe Honorable Richard B. Cheney...Dear Mr. President.....
Burke Hansen, 02 May 2008
Apple Safari logo

Apple update trick triples Safari share

In surreptitiously slipping Safari onto Windows by way of the Apple Updater, Steve Jobs and his minions have tripled the browser's market share.
Cade Metz, 02 May 2008
For Sale sign detail

Green data center threat level: Not green

Data centers are rampaging energy hogs. If you haven't been thoroughly beaten over the head with that fact already — you'll have to give us a tour of the underside of your rock some time. We're sure it's lovely.
Austin Modine, 02 May 2008

DoJ beats up tech firm for H-1B only job ads

A Pittsburgh computer consultancy is paying $45,000 in civil penalties over claims it discriminated against legal US residents by advertising only for developers on H-1B visas.
Gavin Clarke, 02 May 2008

Microsoft and Yahoo! renew their marriage talks

MicrohooMicrosoft and Yahoo! have pulled their chairs back up to the proverbial negotiating table.
Cade Metz, 02 May 2008

Open source software is murder

Radio RegIn Russia, they say the only way to untold software riches is to partner with Microsoft. Or at least that's what Microsoft's Russian operatives are telling people these days.
Ashlee Vance, 02 May 2008
SGI logo hardware close-up

Sun stock goes degenerate dwarf

Sun Microsystems' shares took a bath today, slipping nearly 23 per cent after the company surprised investors with its worst financial results in over a year. The market reaction sent Sun stock down to its lowest point in nearly six years.
Austin Modine, 02 May 2008

Broadcom shrinks Ethernet switching gear to 65nm

Interop 2008Broadcom has refreshed its lineup of Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet switches, bestowing them with smaller 65nm chips in time to show at Interop in Las Vegas.
Austin Modine, 02 May 2008

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