1st May 2008 Archive

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  • Cloud computing hysteria paralyzed by bolt of reality

    Compliance? No, we do Cmplynz

    Servers 01 00:22

  • HP pulls memory Missing Link from bottle of beer

    Better than flash

    Servers 01 00:41

  • Adobe lifts Flash and AIR development restrictions

    Handsets go royalty free

    Applications 01 04:02

  • Google readies for action against Dutch smut site

    We're not googling, we're ogling

    Law 01 06:02

  • Regulator slams MoS premium rate promo

    Entering competition trickier than Super Sudoku

    Law 01 07:02

  • Get an A+ on your A+ with Register Books

    Come top of the class

    Developer 01 07:02

  • Whitehall kick starts digital strategy

    Minister juggles responsibility for e-inclusion and Wales

    Government 01 08:54

  • Texas man tries to cash $360bn cheque

    Cue cops, cuffs, etc

    Bootnotes 01 08:56

  • 'Space gemstone' meteorite crashes at auction

    Buyers shun $2m rock for dino dung

    Science 01 08:58

  • Every Italian's tax bill published online

    Makes UK government look like amateurs

    Government 01 09:20

  • iTunes to offer movie downloads on day of disc release

    Apple brings almost all major studios on board

    Hardware 01 10:28

  • Watchdog bares teeth at mobile premium rate scams

    Text 'STOP', 'STOP', oh please just 'STOP'

    Mobile 01 10:31

  • Holes in London Mayor websites leave them open to 'e-gaffes'

    New levels of XSS for Boris'n'Ken

    Security 01 10:34

  • RIM clamshell BlackBerry spied on web

    Ready to 'Kickstart' sales?

    Mobile 01 10:35

  • How many staff has HMRC caught snooping on records?

    Noses out of our tax files, please

    Government 01 10:43

  • MS misses restart button on desktop auto-updates

    Vista SP1 auto distribution downed by bug too

    Applications 01 10:56

  • NFC fails to find its killer app

    Competition generates ideas, but not Eureka!s

    Mobile 01 10:59

  • Micro Focus buys NetManage

    Berkshire goes to Cupertino

    Applications 01 11:01

  • Converting Groovy to Ruby

    A different spin on Java

    Applications 01 11:02

  • Kodak EasyShare M893 IS compact camera

    Cheap cheerful compact

    Hardware 01 11:02

  • AT&T goes with the FLO for mobile TV

    Service goes live this Sunday

    Mobile 01 11:59

  • Pain ray really killer ray gun, many goats dead, says 'expert'

    Pentagon, liberal media to blame, apparently

    Government 01 12:21

  • Shell pulls out of Thames Estuary mega-windfarm

    Project could supply a thousandth of UK's energy

    Science 01 12:34

  • HD media future may be Blu, but it's not rosy

    Blu-ray demand low despite format war win

    Hardware 01 12:45

  • 3G LG clamshell opened for scrutiny

    LG keeping mum

    Phones 01 12:48

  • BSI faces High Court challenge over OOXML U-turn

    No formal appeal to ISO yet, though

    Applications 01 13:02

  • 30 years of Spam - and we ain't finished yet

    Many unhappy returns

    Security 01 13:31

  • Motorola movie-making banana phone arrives in UK

    Mobile movie madness

    Phones 01 13:33

  • Nokia puts brave face on 'Comes Without Profits'

    It does make money, really

    Mobile 01 13:35

  • Police likely to ignore Brown's cannabis changes

    Left hand meet right hand

    Government 01 14:59

  • DARPA reveals 2009 hyperplane test schedule

    NZ weekend getaways to spread choc-cheese slice fad worldwide?

    Science 01 15:04

  • Songwriters score victory over AOL, Yahoo! and Real

    Pay up

    Media 01 15:06

  • GTA IV PS3 fights off resolution woes in the UK

    PS3 or Xbox? 630p or 720p?

    Games 01 15:09

  • Boffins develop OLED screen life extender

    New film dramatically reduces oxygen penetration

    Hardware 01 15:17

  • Virgin Media distances itself from Phorm 'adoption' claims

    Memorandum of (mis-)understanding?

    Broadband 01 15:40

  • US warez sitemaster jailed for 30 months

    Big Fish hooked

    Security 01 15:45

  • EMC's Mozy storage service is going global

    A cloud on the move

    Storage 01 15:59

  • Linux-guru's conviction fuels ReiserFS debate

    Can software live without its maker?

    Operating Systems 01 17:42

  • eBay declassifies classifieds-happy Craiglist suit

    Tainted Love

    Financial News 01 17:56

  • Storm worm botnet turns into April shower

    Shrinking away

    Security 01 19:25

  • Ballmer's board broaches beefier bid

    For you know what

    Financial News 01 20:35

  • Your personal data just got permanently cached at the US border

    Fact or fiction? US Feds won't say

    Government 01 21:11

  • Intel puts another foot into 10GbE

    Punts server adapter that supports 1Gb and 10Gb speeds

    Data Networking 01 22:12

  • Sun cushions slumping Q3 with layoffs

    America (and possibly Reverend Wright) to blame

    Servers 01 23:28