30th April 2008 Archive

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  • Watchdog demands MSN Music mea culpa

    Run some Google ads, Steve

    Media 30 Apr 00:35

  • SpringSource claims first 'proper' application server

    Test and maintenance relief

    Applications 30 Apr 04:02

  • Blue Coat vows to fund the heck out of PacketShaper

    Jewel of WAN acceleration firm's $268m purchase

    Data Networking 30 Apr 07:14

  • MS pulls plugs on XP SP3 mass launch

    'Compatibility issues' delay Windows update

    Applications 30 Apr 09:04

  • Radiohead diss freetards

    No repetition of In Rainbows 'honesty' experiment

    Media 30 Apr 09:12

  • Discoverer of LSD dead at 102

    Albert Hofmann takes his final trip

    Science 30 Apr 09:14

  • Welsh blogger fined over 'menacing' plod blog

    Said he was just letting off steam

    Law 30 Apr 09:21

  • Anti-Israel hackers deface central bank site

    Security doesn't roll on Shabbat

    Security 30 Apr 09:21

  • Graphics biz shows first Q1 growth for six years

    Market share shuffle continues

    Hardware 30 Apr 09:42

  • UK physics chief next for the chop in funding bloodbath?

    Select committee evidence 'inaccurate, unconvincing and unacceptable'

    Government 30 Apr 09:45

  • Grand Theft Auto 4 queue man stabbed in head

    Revenge assault attempted

    Games 30 Apr 09:52

  • Hafta Man and the threat to agile design

    Pragmatism, not grand plans

    Software 30 Apr 10:02

  • Mao to run 3Com from China

    Can new boss deliver great leap forward?

    Data Networking 30 Apr 10:04

  • AT&T to slash 3G iPhone price to beat unlockers?

    Making it cheaper to stick with the official network

    Phones 30 Apr 10:23

  • MP launches ten minute rule bill on in-UK roaming

    How much per minute?!?

    Mobile 30 Apr 10:25

  • Police nick 460 a day for using mobiles while driving

    'Hi honey, I'm wrapped round a tree'

    Mobile 30 Apr 10:54

  • How scanners and PCs will choose London's mayor

    Can e-counting technology get it right this time?

    Government 30 Apr 11:02

  • LG GGW-H20L Blu-ray HD DVD combo drive

    Ready to run any HD disc on your PC

    Hardware 30 Apr 11:07

  • Microhoo! what's! going! on?

    Possible announcement likely maybe today

    Financial News 30 Apr 11:14

  • Lesbians turn on lesbians in battle of Lesbos

    We want our name back, demand irate islanders

    Bootnotes 30 Apr 11:15

  • Wristwatch packs Wi-Fi sniffer, also tells time

    No wind-up

    Broadband 30 Apr 11:16

  • Is there a router I can connect a USB 3G modem to?


    Hardware 30 Apr 11:47

  • US beak pecks at RIAA's 'making available' filesharing attack


    Media 30 Apr 11:56

  • Samsung digital TV phone en route to Blighty

    Turn on, tune in, slob out

    Phones 30 Apr 11:56

  • Slashdot website down

    Suffering from the self-Slashdot effect?

    Bootnotes 30 Apr 11:59

  • MS supplies cops with DIY forensics tool

    Cybercrims? They'll never get their hands on one...

    Security 30 Apr 12:19

  • Vultures crash out of the Indian skyscape

    Could be extinct in a decade

    Science 30 Apr 12:50

  • Ian McKellen to reprise Gandalf

    Back for The Hobbit

    Bootnotes 30 Apr 12:56

  • BBC iPlayer continues platform sluttiness with Virgin Media launch

    Satellite of love resentment

    Broadband 30 Apr 13:08

  • LG telly launch gulls Tinseltown stars

    New TV series - or a new series of TVs?

    Hardware 30 Apr 13:40

  • Telco spending will flatline in 2008

    Alcatel-Lucent dials down forecast

    Financial News 30 Apr 13:46

  • SAP reports profits drop, delays ByDesign rollout


    The Channel 30 Apr 13:53

  • Time Warner to amputate cable tentacle

    'Anyone want AOL too?'

    Media 30 Apr 14:35

  • Plasma TV components applied to password cracking

    Bluetooth crypto blown in eight seconds

    Security 30 Apr 14:39

  • School crossing guards join CCTV panlollycon

    Lollicams for all

    Law 30 Apr 14:43

  • Brits vote for useless gadgets

    Manufacturers run scared

    Hardware 30 Apr 14:47

  • Sony Ericsson puts a Flash into Java

    Why have only one development platform?

    Mobile 30 Apr 15:42

  • Game rating to confound censor, trade body chief claims

    ELSPA and BBFC tough it out

    Bootnotes 30 Apr 15:54

  • Toffs' phone maker goes loco over Rococo

    A monetary masterpiece?

    Mobile 30 Apr 16:18

  • Why have Radiohead broken freetards' hearts?

    One or two things you didn't know about In Rainbows...

    Media 30 Apr 18:22

  • Nigerian duped gullible NASA employee

    Looking for love in all the wrong places

    Security 30 Apr 18:54

  • KVM funder takes a swing at desktop virtualization

    Qumranet wants you hooked on SolidICE

    Virtualization 30 Apr 20:03

  • Citrix boss wants data center 'dinosaurs' to evolve

    Service-oriented mammalians to survive IT recession

    CIO 30 Apr 20:08

  • Dubya archives White House email by hand

    When a system is not a system

    Storage 30 Apr 20:27

  • Zango's adware fox desperate to guard net henhouse

    'Kaspersky's got nothin' on us'

    Security 30 Apr 21:55

  • Stanford grabs $6m to shape the future of software

    Virtual worlds, robots and huge databases covered

    Servers 30 Apr 23:47