29th April 2008 Archive

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  • Homeland Security takes pity on terror list Ted Kennedys

    Birthdays free namesakes

    Law 29 00:20

  • Chernobyl coverage blows up in Radio Free Europe's face

    DDOS bomb

    Security 29 00:27

  • Linux guru Hans Reiser convicted of first-degree murder

    Estranged wife's body never found

    Security 29 00:42

  • NetBeans 6.1 packs welcome additions

    Script and polish

    Applications 29 06:02

  • Adobe veteran joins Microsoft media camp

    Corporate raider

    Developer 29 07:05

  • BAE lands US Army minidroid horde contract

    It's not who you know, it's who you buy

    Government 29 08:56

  • Netgear gets a crush on SMBs at Interop

    Bats eyes, offers new switches, WAPs, and NAS systems

    Storage 29 09:16

  • Amy Winehouse pitches for Bond theme

    Quantum of Rehab

    Bootnotes 29 09:17

  • Lords defy Government by proposing criminalisation of data rogues

    Disclose our info and you'll pay

    Law 29 09:34

  • AMD to intro 45nm quad-core Phenom this quarter

    Moles spill roadmap beans

    Hardware 29 09:35

  • Data sharing could have stopped killing

    Justice system 'lackadaisical or nonchalant'

    Government 29 09:37

  • Web jukebox sued

    Project Playlist slapped for copyright infringement

    Media 29 09:37

  • HSBC plugs hole that exposed site directory

    John Lewis Partnership site rather too open for comfort

    Security 29 09:49

  • Mel Gibson to star in Edge of Darkness

    Martin Campbell revisits 1985 TV classic

    Bootnotes 29 10:18

  • Brown opts for morality over science on 'lethal skunk'

    Takes to the sofa to defend drug reclassification

    Government 29 10:18

  • Nokia Maps to gain real-time traffic updates

    Congestion beater

    Science 29 10:38

  • Financial firm wags finger, warns youngsters to watch gadget spending

    Yeah, wha'evah...

    Hardware 29 10:58

  • IBM, Rational & Telelogic: and now for something completely different

    Software gets really complicated

    Software 29 11:02

  • Nokia 3110 Evolve eco-friendly mobile phone

    Green + gadget = ?

    Phones 29 11:02

  • SEC targets Google director over Pixar options backdating

    Schmidt comes out in support of Mather

    Financial News 29 11:05

  • MySpace wins lawsuit against Spamford Wallace

    Serial nuisance fails to defend case

    Security 29 11:12

  • Web 2.0 bloat trebles web's waistline

    Go on, embed my widget... it's only waffferr thiiin

    Applications 29 11:13

  • BT bundles MS Office with Linux laptop

    Eees are good, Eees are good

    Hardware 29 11:37

  • Spyware targets frustrated GTA IV gamers

    Drive-by spam attacks blight carjack game launch

    Security 29 11:49

  • Sony slips out sleek, sexy home cinema set

    Hardware 29 11:50

  • Cash, blow-up dolls and mime artist star at spyware knees-up

    Cybercrims launch Bacchanalia 2.0

    Security 29 12:02

  • Men could have kids with chimpanzees - gov must act

    Religious bioethics hardliner's amazing claim

    Science 29 12:13

  • French punters offered petite Eee PC rival

    Vive La Révolution?

    Hardware 29 12:26

  • Dogs reduce allergies in kids

    The benefit of mutts as pets

    Science 29 12:54

  • Microsoft slings sack of green at US universities

    Goes into hyper-greenery overdrive

    Servers 29 12:55

  • Samsung shows off fourth-gen Blu-ray player

    Vows to beat PS3

    Hardware 29 13:06

  • TomTom updates One, XL satnavs

    New suckers all round

    Science 29 13:19

  • UK government websites out of control

    How many sites? We're sorry we haven't a clue

    Government 29 13:28

  • Chip makers unite to define unified home network tech

    All your cables are belong to us

    Broadband 29 14:27

  • Astroboffins moot massive Moon-mirror heliograph

    How to catch ET's eye

    Science 29 14:30

  • Israeli spyware-for-hire PIs jailed

    Watching the detectives

    Security 29 14:36

  • MySpace stripped of myspace.co.uk domain victory

    Nominet elections feel the hand of Rupert Murdoch

    Broadband 29 14:40

  • US Army hands out $3.5m for portable fuel-cell powerpack

    Bullets, beans, Band Aids and batteries methanol

    Government 29 15:27

  • Dell swings axe at five per cent of EMEA staff

    The lucky ones will be 'redeployed'

    The Channel 29 16:09

  • 11-year-old Sun mascot beats up NetApp

    Ten minutes to open storage bliss

    Storage 29 18:34

  • Whitehats tackle The Great Botnet Dilemma

    Remove Kraken? Or leave it be?

    Security 29 18:50

  • White space fillers are hospital system killers

    Spectrum analysis

    Broadband 29 20:28

  • US Department of Justice banned from Wikipedia

    CAMERA and The Electronic Intifada

    Media 29 20:42

  • Dell busts out appliance baby for OEMs

    Google search box may go on diet

    Servers 29 21:18

  • Microsoft embraces and extends server promiscuity

    It’s a heterogeneous, cross-platform, multi-platform, multivendor world

    Servers 29 23:32

  • McAfee 'Hacker Safe' cert sheds more cred

    Rubber stamp factory exposed

    Security 29 23:50