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And now it's time for Data Warehouses as a Service

Poor old Teradata - the data warehouse kingpin and lord over real-time global toaster inventory information. First it gets attacked by a host of data warehouse appliance makers, trying to undercut it on price. And now it's being hit by buzzword-based business models from those firing up DaaS (data warehouse as a service) systems.
Ashlee Vance, 27 Apr 2008

Build a 14.5 watt data center in a shoebox

Those supercomputing guys love to build their massive data centers full of hardware and high-end cooling systems. They make you feel like a real man or at least a real geek, which is important.
Ashlee Vance, 27 Apr 2008
Ubuntu teaser

Ubuntu man says Microsoft's about to 'swallow a hand-grenade'

InterviewWell, here I am just a few miles from Yahoo!' headquarters and Microsoft's Silicon Valley residence. It's Sunday, and I've yet to hear screams from either camp. So, it seems that Microsoft's call to action deadline around the Yahoo! buy is passing with a lack of fanfare. Yahoo! may surprise us yet by leaking something to the New York Times or perhaps Steve Ballmer will call up his buds at the Wall Street Journal, but in lieu of such actual movements, I'm left wanting.
Ashlee Vance, 27 Apr 2008

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