25th April 2008 Archive

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  • Microsoft profits fall in Q1

    No more money for Yahoo! bid

    Financial News 25 Apr 02:43

  • Backlash starts against 'sexy' databases

    Blame your code, not the RDBMS

    Software 25 Apr 06:02

  • MS patch system poses 'significant risk', say researchers

    The fix could automate production of the attack

    Security 25 Apr 07:02

  • 'Safe' mobile phone battery firm goes titsup

    UK punters don't want protecting

    Mobile 25 Apr 08:02

  • Hellboy helmsman to direct The Hobbit

    Guillermo del Toro travels to Middle Earth

    Bootnotes 25 Apr 08:48

  • Q1 post-Xmas lull reverses iPhone growth curve

    Big names hit by seasonal dip too

    Mobile 25 Apr 08:49

  • Welsh student exposed to nude webcam operators

    'Disgusted' by kit-off job ads

    Bootnotes 25 Apr 08:52

  • Spike Milligan goes mobile

    Goon show ringtones

    Mobile 25 Apr 08:55

  • Developer leads buff the Ruby slippers

    Java lessons learned?

    Developer 25 Apr 09:02

  • Starbucks exits music biz

    Offloads Hear Music

    Media 25 Apr 09:13

  • Sony, Samsung LCD JV to double 8G panel production

    Big demand for big tellies

    Hardware 25 Apr 09:35

  • UK airports to trial face scan passport checks

    If your face fits, you're in

    Law 25 Apr 10:31

  • Carphone Warehouse cleared out of 8GB iPhones

    O2 sold-out online too

    Mobile 25 Apr 10:33

  • Sagem proffers classy caller

    Ice, ice, baby

    Phones 25 Apr 10:42

  • Senate outlaws genetic discrimination

    Gattaca UK

    Law 25 Apr 10:46

  • Do biofuels cause famine? EU President opens probe

    Culprit sought for higher food prices

    Science 25 Apr 10:58

  • Asus Eee PC 900 Linux Edition

    Bigger screen, bigger disk... but bigger price

    Hardware 25 Apr 11:02

  • BOFH: PFY's mum pays a visit

    You can choose your friends...

    BOFH 25 Apr 11:02

  • Prank callers crash Dublin Zoo phone system

    Stressed operators need Amanda Huggenkiss

    Bootnotes 25 Apr 11:18

  • Scotland Yard pokes crooks on Facebook

    Policing 2.0: From Flying squad to surfing squad

    Law 25 Apr 11:36

  • BAE to build DARPA's 'intrinsically secure' mobile net

    British industry money still on the cutting edge

    Government 25 Apr 11:40

  • Boris backs weed for pain relief

    Smoke away for chronic pain

    Law 25 Apr 11:42

  • Harman hack horror has blog backing Boris

    Official website hacked! Spoof posts blogged!

    Bootnotes 25 Apr 11:44

  • Securing cyberspace against war, terror and red tape

    DHS's Greg Garcia in the hot seat

    Law 25 Apr 12:02

  • P2P site cries traffic shaping foul at Canuck ISP

    A question of resets

    Broadband 25 Apr 12:02

  • Apple blocks cheaper UK iPod sales

    Grey skies loom over 'grey' iPods

    The Channel 25 Apr 13:03

  • LG to mass-produce 32in OLED TVs by 2011

    Sony, Samsung and Toshiba close behind

    Hardware 25 Apr 13:14

  • MP3 player looks like a cassette, is a cassette


    Hardware 25 Apr 13:28

  • DARPA wants microscopic atom clocks on chips

    To put inside brainchip zombie cyborg moths, of course

    Science 25 Apr 13:32

  • BBC defends iPlayer against Murdoch Jr's 'anti-competitive' claims

    Kitchenware blackness symposium to follow

    Media 25 Apr 13:35

  • EMC's love/hate relationship with thin provisioning

    'Mandatory' and 'Overplayed'

    Storage 25 Apr 13:42

  • 'Extreme porn' law could criminalise millions

    Here come illegal pictures of legal activity

    Law 25 Apr 14:19

  • Boffins ponder 100-year archive made of TOMES

    A MAID to preserve culture and decency

    Storage 25 Apr 14:22

  • El Reg obtains snap of OGC logo reveal

    Shock image of stunned staff

    Bootnotes 25 Apr 14:41

  • RIM reportedly delays 3G BlackBerry to avoid next-gen iPhone

    8900 en-route to AT&T in August?

    Mobile 25 Apr 15:02

  • Grand Theft Auto IV leaked online

    Surprise, surprise

    Games 25 Apr 15:13

  • Ad-funded mobile co gets advertisers...

    And punters too

    Mobile 25 Apr 15:16

  • France's €4.9bn rogue trader gets IT job

    Must be good with numbers...

    Bootnotes 25 Apr 15:40

  • Server makers snub whalesong for serious windmill abuse

    Crimes against clip art

    Servers 25 Apr 16:09

  • Motorised meat-smoker droid vigilante patrols Atlanta

    Vagrants live in fear of the 'Bum Bot'

    Science 25 Apr 18:52

  • Department of Homeland Security website hacked!

    Infected by massive attack sweeping the net

    Government 25 Apr 18:57

  • Nexan hopes to get rich off Beast and Boy wonders

    $81m SATA IPO to SEC

    Storage 25 Apr 19:21

  • Apple gets into mine-sweeping, missiles and storage

    General Jobs

    Storage 25 Apr 19:29

  • Anti-Spyware Coalition probes data pimping

    Phorm and the Phormettes

    Broadband 25 Apr 21:36

  • Solaris update woos elderly apps

    Intel's SpeedStep inside too

    Servers 25 Apr 21:47

  • Governator outs Dubya's global-warming 'time bomb'

    'I preempt your preemption'

    Science 25 Apr 22:46