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eBay sues Craigslist as family squabble goes public

eBay has taken a family squabble with eBay public and it could get messy.
Dan Goodin, 23 Apr 2008

Modern 'primitive' could ease the pain of encrypting massive amounts of data

Researchers have devised an encryption scheme that could simplify the protection of sensitive information by allowing banks, hospitals and other organizations to lock files using keys that are based on specific attributes, such as an employee's position or geographic location.
Dan Goodin, 23 Apr 2008

IT bankrolls all-India ambulance service

An IT industry backed non-profit is rolling out an ambulance service across India, giving the vast continent a single emergency number for the first time.
Joe Fay, 23 Apr 2008

Sun backs Java-on-iPhone 'quick fix'

Tiny Innaworks has emerged as the temporary savior of a red-faced Sun Microsystems and thousands of developers itching to get their applications running to Apple's iPhone and Touch.
Gavin Clarke, 23 Apr 2008

Facebook Troll sends mob against Cluley

Security personality Graham Cluley has become the target of a hate campaign after a "troll" criticising the British army posted a picture of the anti-virus expert in his Facebook profile.
John Leyden, 23 Apr 2008

FCC tells Comcast to unblock P2P

US Federal Communications Committee chairman Kevin Martin realises that Comcast has its very own definition for the word "delay."
Cade Metz, 23 Apr 2008

Google tips hat to St George - finally

We're delighted to announce that Google has, after several years of nagging, finally got its act together and acknowledged the patron saint of hoodies, speed cameras, overvalued property, and binge drinking.
Lester Haines, 23 Apr 2008

Samsung shares Soul shipment secret

If you want to get down and boogie, then you’ll need plenty of soul. Luckily, this week Carphone Warehouse will be dolling out bucket loads of it - Samsung's Soul, that is.
James Sherwood, 23 Apr 2008

Tira Wireless shares device database

Want to develop a mobile app, but unsure which devices support the APIs you want to use?
Bill Ray, 23 Apr 2008

Google starts Street View in Europe

Google has started recording the streets of its first non-US city for its Street View service. Google vans with mounted cameras have been spotted on the streets of Rome and Milan.
OUT-LAW.COM, 23 Apr 2008

Apple buys chip maker

Apple is to buy a microprocessor design company founded by one of the key minds behind the ARM chip design that went on to become Intel's erstwhile XScale family.
Tony Smith, 23 Apr 2008

Sony Ericsson punts HSDPA handsets for web browsing

Web, web and more web is the latest message from Sony Ericsson. The handset manufacturer has launched two HSDPA 3G handsets with the simple aim of getting more customers hooked on compulsive on-the-fly email checking.
James Sherwood, 23 Apr 2008
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Smut blocking? We're more bothered about Bebo

Travel, webmail, and social networking sites are more commonly blocked by businesses than gambling and adult content sites.
John Leyden, 23 Apr 2008

AMD market share down in Q4 '07

AMD may have regained some lost market share between Q3 and Q4 2007, but it was down year on year, the latest figures from market watcher iSuppli reveal.
Tony Smith, 23 Apr 2008
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BBC should not pay for fibre, Ofcom tells MPs

The dog and pony show over whether the BBC should contribute to distribution costs for iPlayer rolled into Westminster yesterday, with Ofcom chief executive Ed Richards telling MPs he doesn't believe forcing Auntie to cough up for a fibre network is the best plan.
Christopher Williams, 23 Apr 2008

HD DVD sales still solid despite format's failure

Toshiba may have canned production of HD DVD hardware, but that didn't stop US consumers buying into the format last month, new market stats reveal.
Tony Smith, 23 Apr 2008
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Acer Q1 profits down, revs revved up

Acer Inc today reported a drop in first quarter net profit after one-off investment gains this time last year.
Kelly Fiveash, 23 Apr 2008

UK Reaper drone wrecked in Afghanistan

A Reaper unmanned combat aircraft has crashed in Afghanistan. According to reports, restricted technology aboard the wrecked roboplane was salvaged by British special forces and the remains were then destroyed by a bomb from a manned jet.
Lewis Page, 23 Apr 2008

EU plans to boost organ donor numbers

The European Parliament is calling for a Europe-wide donor card in order to reduce the shortage of organs available for transplant.
Bill Ray, 23 Apr 2008

Samsung M110 Solid rugged phone

ReviewTake a look at the specifications of the new Samsung M110 and you could be forgiven for thinking that you were looking at the details for a handset made a decade ago rather than something fresh off the drawing board.
Alun Taylor, 23 Apr 2008

ASA raps Paddy Power over gambling dwarf ad

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ordered online gambling outfit Paddy Power "not to repeat" the approach it adopted in a newspaper ad which showed a "short man" in the back of stretch limo flanked by women under the title "Who says you can't make money being short?"
Lester Haines, 23 Apr 2008

Google sued for ad fraud

Google has been hit with a class action suit in California over its AdSense system.
John Oates, 23 Apr 2008

Sun plans JavaFX RIA tease for JavaOne

Sun Microsystems is planning demonstrations but little by way of final code for its JavaFX rich-internet application challenge to Microsoft and Adobe Systems at next month’s JavaOne.
Gavin Clarke, 23 Apr 2008

Congo lynch mobs attack penis-snatching sorcerers

Police in the Democratic Republic of Congo earlier this week cuffed for their own protection 13 "suspected sorcerers accused of using black magic to steal or shrink men's penises", Reuters reports.
Lester Haines, 23 Apr 2008

A requiem for the mobile web

VCs have spunked $1.5bn on useless Web 2.0 companies in recent years. And millions more in capital will be wasted in deals at Tim 2.0'Reilly's webfest over the next few days. So why can't one of the most promising start-ups, that potentially brings the web to over a billion new surfers, get funding?
Andrew Orlowski, 23 Apr 2008

Honda harness to take the strain out of strolling

Honda has developed a wacky walking gadget designed to making walking much less of an effort.
James Sherwood, 23 Apr 2008

Wake me up when Global Warming's over

It looks like Al Gore is going to need every cent of the $300m war chest he's amassed for climate persuasion. Americans polled by Gallup for 'Earth Day' value "traditional", bottom-up environmental issues such as pollution and conservation as being more worrying than Global Warming. Remarkably, the level of concern about greenhouse gas emissions has barely wavered in a generation. Recklessness, or Huck Finn-style American common sense?
Andrew Orlowski, 23 Apr 2008
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Microsoft rolls out Live Mesh preview

Microsoft has officially unveiled a preview of Live Mesh, the web services platform seen as a key plank of the company's aggressive software plus services strategy.
Kelly Fiveash, 23 Apr 2008

Judge issues arrest warrant for Darth Vader

A judge has demanded a Darth Vader impersonator be dragged before him after he succumbed to the Dark Side, attacked two Jedi with a metal crutch, and failed to show up for the resulting court appearance on an assault rap.
Lester Haines, 23 Apr 2008
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Hidden card fraud taxes UK.biz

Headline losses from credit card fraud are only part of the problem facing UK ecommerce firms. Chargeback costs from failed transactions are also costing them dear.
John Leyden, 23 Apr 2008

Girl-only fish species survives by cloning

Researchers are pondering how an exclusively-female fish species has survived without genetically self-destructing itself into extinction, the BBC reports.
Lester Haines, 23 Apr 2008

West Yorks rolls out cop cams, ignoring plod nod probs

West Yorkshire police are to spend £160,000 equipping their coppers with head-mounted video cameras, despite Dorset police finding that nodding police officers make shoulder-mounting more effective.
Bill Ray, 23 Apr 2008

Verizon calls itself 'innovative'

SOFCON 2008Verizon continues to insist that its wireless network will soon be open.
Cade Metz, 23 Apr 2008

US Navy hands out $1bn robo-plane contract

The US Navy has made a long-awaited decision and awarded a billion-dollar development contract for the autonomous spyplane which it will use for ocean surveillance in future. The so-called BAMS (Broad Area Maritime Surveillance) craft will be developed by Northrop Grumman using its existing, small-airliner-sized Global Hawk roboplane.
Lewis Page, 23 Apr 2008

Archos takes TV+ box up against Slingbox

Archos has unveiled a suction cup cradle to turn its 605 Wi-Fi PMP into a satnav. It's also launched an add-on for its TV+ to turn the media centre unit into a Slingbox-style TV streamer.
James Sherwood, 23 Apr 2008
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Standalone security industry dying, says guru

Security guru Bruce Schneier has renewed his attack on the IT security industry. A record number of attendees is visiting this week's Infosecurity trade show in London but nobody is buying anything, according to Schneier.
John Leyden, 23 Apr 2008
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Satyam's mood-detecting motor to run in-car disco

Satyam has promised to settle arguments over what radio station to listen to in the car when it launches its dot auto platform next year.
Joe Fay, 23 Apr 2008

EMC squares up to charges, sees profit fall

Storage vendor EMC Corp today reported a 14 per cent first quarter profit drop and blamed acquisition-related expenses for the fall.
Kelly Fiveash, 23 Apr 2008

IBM shakes up the server game with lean, cool iDataPlex

It is with some measure of awe that we introduce you to IBM's iDataPlex server.
Ashlee Vance, 23 Apr 2008
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Sysadmins get Quake tools

Managing a network just got a whole lot more fun - Aussie boffins have created a version of Quake which finally lets you deal with network problems with a shotgun.
Bill Ray, 23 Apr 2008

HP's hazy Upline data cloud defines SaaG model

HP's Upline cloud storage offering, introduced on April 7th, has crashed - badly.
Paul Roberts, 23 Apr 2008

Motorola unplugs Cambridge TTPCom unit

Less than 2 years after paying more than £100 million for Cambridge-based TTPCom Motorola is shutting down the offices and consulting with employees about their futures, the company confirmed in a statement.
Bill Ray, 23 Apr 2008

Only insanity would lead Apple to make a mobile chip play

CommentSo, here's the deal. If Steve Jobs can actually turn the acquisition of chip start-up PA Semi into a fruitful mobile endeavor, then he's an even more fantastic genius than the world has guessed to date. Because this deal seems to make almost no sense at first blush if you swallow the souped-up iPhone line.
Ashlee Vance, 23 Apr 2008

Man discovers his net wasn't neutered

AnalysisWe have very little idea of how a hysteria can grip sensible, rational people - until it strikes. After Orson Welles's War Of The Worlds radio broadcast, the public reported sightings of Martians. According to urban legend, a farmer's water tower was peppered with small arms fire, in the belief that it was a Martian spaceship. During the McCarthyite Red Scare, the FBI's snitch lines rang red hot with reports of suspected un-American activity. And in Hartlepool 200 years ago, the locals tried and hanged a monkey, suspecting it to be a Frenchman.
Andrew Orlowski, 23 Apr 2008

Novell strips SLES down to its undies

Stripped-down operating systems made specifically for virtual machine appliances have tickled the fancy of the Linux collective, and these types of systems are keeping commercial distributors busy pushing out their versions of the concept.
Austin Modine, 23 Apr 2008

Brain-plug weapons could provide war crime immunity

CommentAn American law student has published an analysis of international law regarding war crimes that might be committed using future brain-interface-controlled weapon systems.
Lewis Page, 23 Apr 2008
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Dell waves goodbye to 1100 Canadians

Dell is shutting down a call centre in Ottawa, with the loss of 1,100 jobs. The company told CBC news today that it has already issued 500 lay-off notices, and the rest of the jobs are to go in June. It is keeping on 100 sales support employees at the Ottawa site.
Drew Cullen, 23 Apr 2008
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Seagate ships 1 billionth drive

Seagate is celebrating the shipment of its one billionth disk drive after 29 years in biz. The storage giant reckons it will reach its second billion in less than five-years' time.
Austin Modine, 23 Apr 2008

Google and Yahoo fling earns Justice Department's evil eye

Yahoo's recent dalliance with Google's search advertising business may be getting a little adult supervision from US trust busters, who are concerned it could violate antitrust law.
Dan Goodin, 23 Apr 2008

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