22nd April 2008 Archive

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  • PETA offers $1m for test tube chicken

    Cock without the a-doodle-doo

    Science 22 01:07

  • Behind the scenes with Apple's media browser

    Integrated advantage

    Applications 22 06:02

  • Google (re-)branded world's greatest brand

    Better than pigs' feet

    Financial News 22 06:02

  • Logica cuts 1,300 jobs

    UK services feel the pinch

    The Channel 22 09:06

  • Soaraway security spending keeps breaches in check

    UK.biz yet to plug leaks

    Security 22 09:10

  • Samsung chairman quits in corruption scandal

    Dynasty beheaded

    Law 22 09:19

  • eBay slams UK.gov touting ban

    'Crown jewel' list to prevent on-selling

    Law 22 09:42

  • Intel takes chopper to chip prices

    Up to 50 per cent off desktop parts

    Hardware 22 09:46

  • Atom-based Eee PC to hit UK in June

    Why buy a 900 now?

    Hardware 22 10:05

  • Were the snatched Brit sailors in 'disputed waters'?

    Renewed Iran matelot-napping brouhaha dissected

    Government 22 10:10

  • Evolution finds a home for recognition technology

    It's not a banana, it's a female aardvark

    Mobile 22 10:14

  • Nokia pumps out XpressMusic duo

    Sunny and Cher handsets?

    Phones 22 10:14

  • South Koreans clone sniffer dog

    Canadian labrador retriever x 7

    Science 22 10:15

  • Canon Digital Ixus 970 IS compact camera

    Could be your dad's camera

    Hardware 22 11:02

  • Sony delays PS3 virtual world Home - again

    Open beta test this autumn?

    Games 22 11:06

  • Microsoft and Novell to push SuSE Linux sales in China

    You're either with us or against us

    Software 22 11:19

  • Palm 'innovative Wi-FI device' invite points to Foleo revamp?

    Launched and killed before the Eee PC proved the concept correct

    Hardware 22 11:24

  • OSC spurns queries on London charge zone data export

    'Not appropriate to answer your questions...'

    Law 22 11:55

  • 'Virtual strip search' arrives at JFK and LAX

    Public exposed to electronic heavy patting

    Law 22 11:56

  • DARPA looking at 'Z-Wing' stratocruiser

    Solar wingship triad will dock together 17 miles up

    Government 22 11:57

  • Data pimping catches ISP on the hop

    Who ate all the cookies?

    Broadband 22 12:02

  • Six months on from HMRC, data losses still rising, says ICO

    Disappointed by apparent learning failure

    Law 22 12:10

  • UK Office of Government Commerce cracks one off

    Five-knuckle shuffle rebrand outrage

    Government 22 12:46

  • The American way of bioterror - an A-Z of ricin crackpots

    Homebrew poison of choice to the hard of thinking

    Law 22 13:09

  • Nintendo Wii 'like a virus', games boss sniffs

    Cough up some criticism

    Games 22 13:14

  • AVG revamps free security scanner

    Cost free scanner goes multi-lingual

    Security 22 14:15

  • I wouldn't park there, mate - Honda adds sat nav warnings

    'There's been four cars stolen here in five days'

    Law 22 14:18

  • Dubai mobe cracking demo barred by Heathrow boffin bust

    Authorities impound open source radio gear

    Law 22 14:32

  • Office 2007 fails OXML test

    The dog ate Microsoft's homework

    Software 22 14:57

  • Teradata puts feisty start-ups on notice with appliance charge

    Grand kit refresh and free 12.0 tester

    Storage 22 15:24

  • Microsoft's 'Vista Capable' appeal thrown out

    Class action lawsuit gets go ahead

    The Channel 22 15:46

  • Hitachi 35mm-thick LCD TV to come to Europe next month

    Will it mean less packaging?

    Hardware 22 15:53

  • PS3 to get movie downloads this summer?

    Sony exec gets gamers talking

    Games 22 16:09

  • Americans love wireless - and AT&T too

    Profits up $.7bn on last year

    Broadband 22 16:18

  • US court waves through border laptop searches

    Your laptop ain't your home and it ain't your mind, either

    Law 22 18:13

  • Violin tunes SSD memory appliance

    Ready to string up Flash job

    Storage 22 18:24

  • Futurist's music widget goes titsup 2.0

    Didn't see that coming...

    Media 22 18:50

  • EU may be lubricating IBM anti-trust probe

    Mainframe scuffle primed, yet muffled

    Servers 22 19:26

  • Ubuntu man Shuttleworth dissects Hardy Heron's arrival

    Will bird's flight usher in Linux peace?

    Servers 22 20:55

  • US court beats up FTC over Rambus 'patent ambush' ruling

    Back to the Monopoly board for new game

    Storage 22 20:58

  • Yahoo! pulls Alibaba out of hat, posts big Q1 profit jump

    Enough to fend off Microsoft?

    Financial News 22 21:45

  • Nokia predicts IBM 360 of mobile phones

    'I've seen that movie too'

    Mobile 22 22:01

  • Hitachi reveals greenest data center dream

    Gives planet an IOU for Earth Day

    Storage 22 22:37

  • VMware placates Wall Street with 70 per cent Q1 revenue surge

    Is there a Ginsu with that growth?

    Virtualization 22 23:43