21st April 2008 Archive

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  • Microsoft: Finding flaws on our website is OK

    'Hate the vuln, love the finder'

    Security 21 Apr 06:02

  • Chinese hackers call off CNN attack

    Keeping the flame alive

    Security 21 Apr 08:17

  • P2P searches touted as tool against child abuse

    Senator places blind faith in Fairplay

    Security 21 Apr 08:54

  • ISS Expedition 16 crew back on terra firma

    Soyuz capsule touches down in Kazakhstan

    Science 21 Apr 08:57

  • Prime yourself for security on the web

    Food for thought on how to approach web security

    Security 21 Apr 09:11

  • Anti-paedophile police treble arrest figures

    Dedicated online unit gets results

    Law 21 Apr 09:28

  • Aussie gov to treat laser pointers like knives and guns

    Red for show, green for a pro?

    Law 21 Apr 09:30

  • MSI to waft Wind Westward in June

    Another Eee PC rival announced

    Hardware 21 Apr 09:46

  • Don't like your phone's look? Then build your own

    Dial It Yourself

    Mobile 21 Apr 09:51

  • Friends Reunited killer gets life

    Midsummer murder

    Security 21 Apr 09:57

  • Microsoft beta tests Office subscription software

    Albany arrives

    The Channel 21 Apr 09:58

  • Europe moves against Internet's 'virtual training camps'

    Incitement, training and recruitment offences added

    Law 21 Apr 10:09

  • Samsung fêtes 'first' HSUPA phone

    High-speed upload slider

    Phones 21 Apr 10:27

  • Biofuel backlash prompts Brussels back-pedal

    Corn-based fuel becoming a hot potato

    Science 21 Apr 10:53

  • D-Link touts telly as remote PC screen

    Windows over the WLAN

    Broadband 21 Apr 10:59

  • AudioEngine AW1 wireless music system

    Transmission impossible?

    Broadband 21 Apr 11:02

  • Why is Ruby on Rails so darn slow?

    'Weird and hard to understand'

    Software 21 Apr 11:02

  • Sony pooh-poohs Amazon PS3 PlayTV pre-order posting

    E-tailer shows release date, price

    Games 21 Apr 11:16

  • Shrinking patch windows hit by automated attacks

    Quick and dirty exploit peril

    Security 21 Apr 12:33

  • US crunch hits India

    Satyam lowers guidance

    The Channel 21 Apr 12:54

  • Scottish Government scuppers Lewis wind farm plan

    Island's wetlands spared the turbines

    Science 21 Apr 13:01

  • US watchdogs threaten vanity gene testers

    Crack down on DNA crackers

    Science 21 Apr 13:19

  • Korean astronaut recounts 'ballistic' Soyuz re-entry

    'At first I was scared', admits Yi So-Yeon

    Science 21 Apr 13:21

  • Ruckus and Terranet rewire Mesh Wi-Fi dream

    No longer just for socialist dreamers

    Broadband 21 Apr 13:39

  • In-flight calling given lukewarm reception

    'It sounds like I'm talking to a small robot'

    Mobile 21 Apr 14:48

  • Xbox 360 burns house down

    Fire fighters blame console's power brick

    Games 21 Apr 15:05

  • Motorola invests in virtual mobiles

    Can't pick an OS? Have them all

    Mobile 21 Apr 15:07

  • Satyam ups the ante for World Cup tech

    1966 and all that

    The Channel 21 Apr 15:09

  • Leaked picture points to upcoming HTC phones

    Future models?

    Mobile 21 Apr 15:15

  • Levi's sews together 3G phone

    No twisted cover though

    Phones 21 Apr 15:16

  • Console superhero WiiMan flies in

    A gaming god?

    Games 21 Apr 15:20

  • Orange signs up testers for mobile newspaper service

    Trialling electronic newspapers

    Mobile 21 Apr 15:53

  • Delayed Debian developers get thumbs up

    Door open to further delays

    Software 21 Apr 18:40

  • Western Digital uncages ferocious VelociRaptor data hunting drive

    Clever girl...

    Storage 21 Apr 19:54

  • Microsoft kicks out third Windows XP service pack

    That Vista/Server 2008 look

    The Channel 21 Apr 19:58

  • Blue Coat pockets Packeteer for $268m

    I'll get my...

    Data Networking 21 Apr 21:57

  • Oz to get satnav cemetery for Down Under dead

    X marks the spot

    Science 21 Apr 22:02

  • Lessig leads Net Neut charge in Stanford inquisition

    Tripping the light Comcastic

    Broadband 21 Apr 23:26