17th April 2008 Archive

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  • eBay defies 'softening' economy

    Profits leap 22 per cent

    Financial News 17 00:56

  • IBM grows profits, raises outlook

    'We feel good'

    Financial News 17 01:00

  • The iPhone learns to read

    Let your fingers do the writing

    Mobile 17 06:02

  • Pump some IronPython with Studio IDE

    Visual Studio stripped for action

    Applications 17 06:02

  • Hauppauge pitches PC TV tuner at Freesat punters

    Freeview by satellite

    Hardware 17 07:02

  • eBay Australia faces competition probe

    PayPal only policy backfires

    Applications 17 09:01

  • French Colonial Marines to get Aliens medic-datalink

    Nukez-les de l'orbite - c'est la seule manière d'être sûr

    Government 17 09:05

  • Man proposes to prospective partner with games console

    Wii'll you marry me?

    Games 17 09:14

  • Intel: laptop/desktop crossover coming sooner than expected

    Small, Cheap Computers™ driving demand

    Hardware 17 09:32

  • Anti-paedophile group targets child abuse sites

    Calls for 'global attack'

    Government 17 09:52

  • BT's secret Phorm trials open door to corporate eavesdropping

    Government bumbling exposes oversight gap

    Broadband 17 09:54

  • US law makers seek ban on in-flight calls

    'Noisome disruption in search of further revenue'

    Government 17 10:05

  • Firefox and Safari updates tackle alternative browser bugs

    Mozilla garbage function gets trashed

    Security 17 10:38

  • Intempo Rebel DJ and ad-zapping FM radio

    Most definitely with a cause

    Hardware 17 11:02

  • Red Hat scurries away from consumer desktop market

    Pesky Microsoft just won't play ball

    Operating Systems 17 11:04

  • YouTube divorce rant vid wows the crowd

    Missus lays into Broadway exec, and then some

    Bootnotes 17 11:05

  • Pirate Bay offers uncensored, ad-backed blog hole

    Vows to protect 'uncomfortable thoughts'

    Media 17 11:24

  • Apple pushes past Toshiba in US

    But not on the world stage

    Hardware 17 12:10

  • Brit tourist blags his way onto Iron Man set

    Lands a scene with Gwyneth Paltrow

    Bootnotes 17 12:13

  • Orange eyes up TeliaSonera

    Superpower or super bloat?

    Mobile 17 12:30

  • Microsoft soothes Vista pain with Bossploitation flick

    Tired of being taken seriously

    Operating Systems 17 12:50

  • Miserly marks get smart to UK phishing fraudsters

    Attacks up, but losses down

    Security 17 13:13

  • Hitachi to go it alone on discs after all

    Hard driving to self-sufficiency

    Storage 17 13:24

  • Music biz proposes 'iPod tax' in return for format-shift freedom

    Pay for the CD, pay again to rip it

    Hardware 17 13:28

  • The telly's an Armani, dahling

    Smashing! Super! Sweetie!

    Hardware 17 13:49

  • Nokia's Comes With Music 'comes without profits'

    Has world's biggest paytard left brain in sauna?

    Mobile 17 14:06

  • Sony shaves OLED panel to 0.3mm

    Non-fattening TV

    Hardware 17 14:23

  • US courts erode protections for online publishers

    Liability for user-posted content in question

    Media 17 14:34

  • Oldham murders owl with whalesong

    Spunks £100k on 'circle of unity' logo

    Bootnotes 17 14:38

  • Nokia takes a Q1 tumble

    Blames everything it can think of for mobile woes

    Financial News 17 14:47

  • Harvard bitch seeks to strip Zuckerberg's Facebook trademark

    De-friending your classmates

    Media 17 15:13

  • Sun may shut off high-end MySQL features

    Pay-to-play fires up grassroots hoots

    Applications 17 15:31

  • Fujitsu and friends arm four-core Opteron servers

    Volume turned up

    Servers 17 16:19

  • Google and Yahoo! 'move closer' to ad wedlock

    Know Ballmer is watching

    Financial News 17 17:36

  • Yes! It's the sawed-off USB key!

    Practical IT jokes

    Hardware 17 18:37

  • This DVD will self-destruct in 48 hours

    It's smokin'!

    Media 17 20:07

  • Feds to collect DNA of every person they arrest

    Creepy mission creep

    Law 17 20:14

  • Truphone adds £16.5m to global operator hope chest

    I wish I were big

    Mobile 17 20:32

  • Microsoft teases mobile developers with 'big' Silverlight deals

    Proof/pudding scenario

    Mobile 17 22:24

  • SQL string in URL exposes sex offender data

    And much more, in Oklahoma coding fiasco

    Law 17 23:01