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Is SOA getting boring?

At IBM’s annual Impact SOA bash last week, software group head Steve Mills stated that the next frontier for SOA is really not a frontier at all: it’s the basic blocking and tackling of getting Enterprise Service Bus backbones to deliver the high levels of ACID reliability and fault recovery now taken for granted with OLTP transaction systems.
Tony Baer, 15 2008
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Brown fingerprints wanted as Phorm bungles again

Comments In an effort to calm the European Union's anti-trust concerns, Microsoft has released 14,000 pages of coding secrets. The documentation for the first time publicly shows the underlying protocols for Office 2007, Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Exchange Server 2007.

Canon punts portable printer portfolio

Canon has updated the PIXMA iP90v portable printer with a next-generation model that’s claimed to be equally handy, while producing virtually grain-free prints.

Hitachi updates Wooo TV line with removable storage tech

Hitachi has updated its existing Wooo HD TV range with a selection of super-slim models suitable for all your programme recording requirements.
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Regulatory compliance 'irrelevant' to security

Companies who get hung up on regulatory compliance are developing a false sense of security which leaves them just as open to malware attacks the chief exec of tools vendor Protegrity has warned.
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Information watchdog raps Government over access to data

The Department of Health is not dealing with freedom of information (FOI) requests properly because of a lack of staff, the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has said. The ICO has rebuked the Government department over its FOI behaviour.
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London borough lost children's data three times

The London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea has revealed that staff have had data on children stolen on three occasions, including twice in pubs.
Kablenet, 15 2008
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Regulator warns of increasing data demands

Competition Commissioner Peter Freeman is warning UK companies to expect more demands for data and a more formal and combative approach to regulation.

Seagate lawsuit targets solid-state drive maker

Seagate has fired off its first lawsuit at a maker of solid-state drives since CEO Bill Watkins hinted last month that the company might be forced into taking such action.

Germany to get Eee PC 900-like laptop

Little-known German supplier Datacask has begin touting what appears to be a custom Asus Eee PC 900 - this one with a 60GB hard drive on board.
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Penguin goes electronic

Pearson, the publishing company that owns Penguin books, will be releasing e-book versions of all Penguin, Dorling Kindersley, and Travel titles from September this year.
Bill Ray, 15 2008
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CPW broadband targets feel the crunch

Carphone Warehouse has disappointed investors by reporting lower than expected broadband connections in the last three months. Its shares tumbled more than eight per cent this morning.

Japanese geeks offered smaller-than-Eee little laptop

Japanese laptop maker Kohjinsha has rolled out a pair of Eee PC challengers, taking on the elfin sub-notebook with a pair of similarly sized tablet-style units incorporating 80GB hard drives.

Citrix goes storage light with XenDesktop

Citrix is throwing its hat into the desktop virtualization ring.
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The BBC, the UN, and climate bullying

Andrew's Mailbag It's been a fascinating week for climate reporting and the BBC. On Tuesday, an astonished Jeremy Paxman was heard asking Global Warming advocate Chris Rapley on Newsnight to confirm that the Earth's temperature hasn't risen this century.

Panasonic touts 'world's most efficient' domestic fuel cell

Panasonic has begun pitching fuel-cell technology as a new way to provide homes with electricity and cut their consumption of mains-sourced power.

Computacenter snubs Dell in SME hunt

Computacenter has rejected the possibility of adding Dell to its vendor lineup as it launched a revamped effort to reel in SME customers yesterday.

HTC S730 Windows Mobile smartphone

Review The successor to the S710, the S730 is a dull but hard-working member of the HTC clan. It's neither quite so ubiquitous as its big brother the TyTn II nor quite as fashionable as its sisters Touch, Dual and Cruise.
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Tesla Motors in dirty-tricks suit against Valley electrocar rival

Electrocar poster-child company Tesla Motors, fresh from internecine boardroom battles last year, is embroiled in a new dispute. The company has mounted a lawsuit against a bodywork design outfit it hired to work on a new model, alleging that proprietary information was stolen and the planned Tesla car deliberately sabotaged in order to clear the field for a rival.
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American Apparel's tags start tracking your pants

Iconic clothing store American Apparel is to start putting radio tags into every item of clothing, tracking it from factory to stockroom to store shelf and possibly beyond.
Bill Ray, 15 2008
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Monroe BJ film goes for $1.5m

An unnamed New York businessman has paid $1.5m for a silent, 15 minute black-and-white film of Marilyn Monroe administering oral pleasure - allegedly to John F Kennedy.
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Pro-Tibet rootkit Trojan poses as cartoon

Malware writers have passed the baton in the race to take advantage of the Olympics with the second attempt to load malware onto PCs in a week.
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Fasthosts' dedicated servers go titsup

Updated Gaffe-prone web hosting outfit Fasthosts has suffered another major outage today, this time taking down many of its customers' dedicated servers.

Guitar Hero III goes mobile

Rock music has several different forms, such as punk rock, hard rock or god rock. But now mobile rock has been added to that list, now that one developer has ported Guitar Hero III to a range of phones.

O2 to slash 8GB iPhone pricing tomorrow?

O2 will cut £100 off the price of the Apple iPhone tomorrow, it has been claimed. Carphone Warehouse is said to be planning to match the move.

Nokia waves in near-field phone

The latest 3G handset from Nokia could make device-to-device data transfers even easier, because the phone incorporates near-field communications (NFC) technology.

Google offers tools to find victims of child abuse

The US-based National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) is adopting custom-made Google technology to combat the sexual abuse of children.
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O2: We didn't know we were capping 3G data speeds

O2 admitted today it has been capping speeds for its 3G customers, but claims that this is all down to a "provisioning error" rather than a deliberate policy of profiling its subscriber base.
Bill Ray, 15 2008
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Pano Logic gives VMware case of VDS 2.0

Fledgling desktop virtualization player Pano Logic has found time to dish out a fresh version of its flagship software.
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Downing Street removes Labour Party link

Downing Street gave its website a quick makeover yesterday after coming under fire for including a link straight to the front page of the Labour Party website calling for support in the local elections.

Schmidt and Benioff try to rain on Microsoft parade

Google’s Eric Schmidt and Salesforce’s Marc Benioff took to the stage at the Four Seasons in San Francisco yesterday to dismiss Microsoft old software biz models at the official launch of Salesforce for Google Apps.

How a pair of American spies created the Soviet Silicon Valley

Radio Reg Few stories in computing history come close to matching the tale of Zelenograd – the Soviet Union's attempt at creating something along the lines of Silicon Valley.
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IT depts under threat as City braces for 20,000 job cuts

The City of London could lose 20,000 jobs in the next two years as the credit crunch starts to bite.
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Virgin Media mops up CEO's 'boll*cks' outburst

Virgin Media (VM) today moved to calm fears that it will start throttling web video from providers who refuse to hand over a levy to deliver their content.
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Patent holders take 4G pledge of allegiance

The owners of the patents underpinning LTE, the fourth generation mobile technology, have agreed to only charge each other "reasonable" licence fees.
Bill Ray, 15 2008
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Monroe BJ film - world exclusive still

NSFW The news earlier today that a New York businessman stumped $1.5m for a 15 minute film apparently showing Marilyn Monroe administering oral pleasure to JFK provoked a veritable speculationfest as to what exactly the footage contained.
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Tesco piles into MP3

Does Tesco know something the rest of us don't? The supermarket has announced that it's opening an online store of MP3 music, with all 3.3 million tracks DRM-free by the end of the year. Movies and TV shows will follow, says Tesco. It seems odd for two reasons.

IBM and chums offer wafer-thin 32nm detail

A semiconductor coalition led by IBM said yesterday that OEM customers can now start designing future products around the group’s jointly developed 32 nanometer (nm) microprocessor production technology, but it remained vague on the finer technology details.

Google's cookie crumbles under scripting attack

Security researchers have unpicked a flaw in Google spreadsheets that allows cookie stealing. The cross-site scripting vulnerability enables attackers to use stolen cookies to access any Google service a user has registered, including accessing a victim's Google mail account.

Sun abuses IPTV with Xeons, Opterons, switch and small dog

Sun Microsystems continues to go after streaming media types with a shedload of hardware.

Official: O2 and Carphone Warehouse to slash 8GB iPhone price

Carphone Warehouse and O2 have announced that they will each knock £100 off the price of Apple's 8GB iPhone tomorrow, as predicted earlier today.

Acer's E-Ten shows latest smartphones

Taiwanese smartphone company E-Ten has unveiled some of its first handsets since the company was bought by Acer last month.
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DNS lords expose netizens to 'poisoning'

More than a decade after serious holes were discovered in the internet's address lookup system, end users remain vulnerable to so-called domain name system cache poisoning, a security researcher has warned.

Chipzilla counters Wall Street doomsayers

Updated Intel reassured jittery market watchers by posting better-than-expected first-quarter revenue and forecasting sales for the current period that could exceed analyst expectations. The report, which contrasted sharply with preliminary results posted last week by AMD, sent shares up 8 percent in after-hours trading.

Sun promises agenda-free MySQL development agenda

MySQL User Conference MySQL owners past and present opened the annual user's conference to re-assure them Sun Microsystems has no hidden agenda for the open source database.