11th April 2008 Archive

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  • SanDisk warns that unsecured flash drives are coming to get you

    Nightmare at 20,000MB

    Storage 11 Apr 00:13

  • Network Solutions hijacks customer sub-domains for ad fest

    Your site. Their marketing filth

    Broadband 11 Apr 00:35

  • Spam busters blacklist MessageLabs and chums

    'Word on the street' says Hotmail downed too

    Security 11 Apr 01:15

  • London teen orders 'cab, innit'

    Retail display supplier duly obliges

    Bootnotes 11 Apr 07:46

  • Microsoft deploys protocol defense for IE

    'We can't do it on our own!'

    Security 11 Apr 07:50

  • Chinese spammers target 1,200 US, UK firms

    Database breaches put personal data at risk

    Security 11 Apr 07:51

  • World wants small, cheap PCs, say makers of small, cheap PCs

    Eee by gum

    Hardware 11 Apr 08:04

  • Is this the ultimate gaming keyboard?


    Hardware 11 Apr 08:11

  • Where were you when you learned e-voting was unreliable?

    'Baffle-gab and buzz words'

    Government 11 Apr 08:56

  • NASA's Phoenix closes on Red Planet

    Arctic touch-down on 25 May

    Science 11 Apr 08:58

  • Nvidia powers up GeForce 9800 GTX, nForce 790i

    Company makes three (graphics) card brag

    Hardware 11 Apr 09:04

  • Local council uses snooping laws to spy on three-year-old

    Spying laws used to check school applications

    Government 11 Apr 09:17

  • 'Jisus' Eee-alike sub-notebook to use Chinese Atom-smasher

    Mobile 'miracle', hails supplier

    Hardware 11 Apr 09:46

  • Billy Bragg: Why should songwriters starve so others get rich?

    Singing for the VC Supper

    Media 11 Apr 09:51

  • Controversial DNA profiling technique approved

    GeneWatch: Fundamental problems remain

    Law 11 Apr 09:59

  • US war robots in Iraq 'turned guns' on fleshy comrades

    Kill-droid rebellion thwarted... this time

    Science 11 Apr 10:10

  • French sites fined for linking to privacy-invading Kylie content

    Minogue/Martinez stories provoke lawsuit

    Media 11 Apr 10:19

  • Sony, MS want control of PS3, Xbox iPlayer, Beeb boss claims

    Our platform, our iPlayer

    Games 11 Apr 10:30

  • RM ties up IT school deal with Newham council

    Worth about £53m over next decade

    The Channel 11 Apr 10:38

  • Microsoft updates Xbox 360 HD DVD add-on

    What's the point?

    Games 11 Apr 10:39

  • Apple MacBook Air Early 2008

    Style over substance - and thank God too

    Hardware 11 Apr 11:02

  • Area 51 drug test victim crashes flying car

    'The government made me do it'

    Bootnotes 11 Apr 11:32

  • BOFH: Lift laughs

    Someone's gonna pay for this...

    BOFH 11 Apr 12:20

  • BAE aims to keep all-u-can-eat ticket at MoD pie-shop

    Wanna boost market value? Hire some economists

    Government 11 Apr 12:32

  • Blockbuster to release Apple TV set-top box rival?

    Yes, claims report

    Hardware 11 Apr 12:40

  • STMicro and NXP tie-up in wireless joint venture

    Together we stand (divided we fall)

    Mobile 11 Apr 12:41

  • No sense of humour? Avoid Bootnotes

    Fridays: A warning from history

    Bootnotes 11 Apr 12:54

  • Malware still malingering for up-to-date anti-virus users

    Panda links into the hive mind to fight zero-day viruses

    The Channel 11 Apr 13:07

  • PS3 owners game iPlayer

    'Wii want BBC streaming too'

    Media 11 Apr 13:23

  • Earth to Ofcom: They're our airwaves. Give them back

    A better Public Service Broadcasting

    Media 11 Apr 14:21

  • The full-frontal iPhone case

    Touchscreen protection

    Hardware 11 Apr 14:24

  • Met police plans to track cops by GPS

    Robo-cops? More like PC Tom-Tom

    Law 11 Apr 14:29

  • Swedish lag's wooden todgers fail to impress

    Going-away prezzies not well received by female prison staff

    Bootnotes 11 Apr 14:50

  • Top-end Fords will be watching your rear

    Blind-spot radar comes to wing mirrors

    Broadband 11 Apr 15:08

  • World Bank chief: Ethanol cars run on human misery

    Fill up with E85, starve a child

    Government 11 Apr 15:18

  • Truphone picks up Sim4Travel

    You ain't no one if you can't issue your own SIMs

    Mobile 11 Apr 15:51

  • A week in the life of Open XML

    Norway protests, German says 'ban it', Microsoft says 'Disco'

    The Channel 11 Apr 16:16

  • Gadget to bring relief bubble-wrap-less bubble-wrap addicts

    Once you pop...

    Hardware 11 Apr 16:17

  • Sony preps 'gunmetal' grey PS3 for MGS4

    Metal Gear Solid 4 awaits

    Games 11 Apr 19:02

  • AMD evaporates CTO post

    Hester out. No one in

    The Channel 11 Apr 19:14

  • Google pays for Affero ban

    Others to test SaaS license

    Applications 11 Apr 20:59

  • The rise of the Malware Mafia

    New laws 'a waste of paper'

    Security 11 Apr 21:19

  • Google data centers snub Africa, Oz, and anything near Wyoming

    Or do they?

    Servers 11 Apr 23:34