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DHS chief goes nuclear on cyber security

RSA The US government is to shut thousands of points from which outsiders can access federal computer networks to about 50, Homeland security chief Michael Chertoff revealed today (Tuesday).
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Demo shows how web attack threatens fabric of the universe

RSA Showing how the web's underpinnings can be abused to attack assets presumed to be secure, a researcher unveiled a website that can log into a home router and change key settings, such as administrator passwords and servers used to access trusted web destinations.

O2 says 128Kb/s is all its 3G customers need

Updated: O2 has admitted its 3G customers are limited to 128Kb/s connections, with business users being automatically upgraded to 384Kb/s if they are deemed to warrant it.
Bill Ray, 09 2008
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UK child database is 'not fit for purpose'

The government is pressing ahead with its "Integrated Children's System" despite a review of four pilot projects which call into doubt the database's design and its benefits - if any - for care workers.

Hardware vendors primed for FCoE love-in

A Fibre Channel over Ethernet standard hasn't even been accepted yet, but such a trifle hasn't stopped the hype from reaching a fever pitch today at Storage Networking World in Orlando.
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Nokia coughs up €200m over axed German workers

Nokia will pay €200m to compensate workers for the closure of its mobile phone plant in Germany. It will also establish a transfer company to help staff for at least one year. Some 2,300 employees will lose their jobs at Bochum.
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Anti-trust looms over major labels legal blitz

Serial entrepreneur Michael Robertson is embroiled in a legal fight against the recording business - and not for the first time. His MP3Tunes locker service has raised the ire of EMI in a case that continues this week. But isn't it weird, he asks, how the Big Four divvy up the litigation against music start-ups between them so neatly?
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Japan turning itself into Cyberman machine civilisation

Enormous numbers of people are being replaced by (or perhaps converted into) robots, reports suggest, and the trend is set to continue.
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Apple rewards developers with bricked iPhone

Developers who eagerly downloaded Apple's beta release of the iPhone developer's kit found themselves without a connection this morning, as the package timed out before a replacement was issued.
Bill Ray, 09 2008
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IPS wants ID card service pilots

The Identity and Passport Service is discussing a round of pilots that use identity cards to join up service delivery.
Kablenet, 09 2008

Asus unwraps media centre mini PC

No, it's not the desktop version of the Eee PC. Instead, Asus' Essentio CS5110 mini PC is a multimedia powerhouse in a stylish small form-factor design. According to Asus, at any rate...
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Transcript disappears minister's 'hack-proof' ID register claim

At the end of February Home Office minister Meg Hillier explained the UK ID scheme security system to the Home Affairs Committee. "The National Identity Register, essentially," she said, "will be a secure database; ...hack-proof, not connected to the Internet... not be accessible online; any links with any other agency will be down encrypted links."

Pioneer pitches hybrid hi-fi satnav

Pioneer has just discovered that satnavs can do media playback too. This week it highlighted its Navgate AVIC-F500BT as the "first hybrid navigation system that combines the power of an in-dash device with the convenience of a portable system".

ActiveX update stars in Patch Tuesday critical quintet

Microsoft released five critical patches on Tuesday as part of its latest Patch Tuesday update. The release also included three bulletins over security flaws rated by Redmond as "important".

Dell readies Asus Eee PC, HP Mini-Note rival

An unnamed executive at Taiwanese contract manufacturer Compal has coughed to constructing an Eee PC rival for PC giant Dell.
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Ofcom reins in TV psychics and adult chat

Ofcom is proposing new rules for TV and radio shows which use premium-rate phone lines to raise revenue, with a view to ensuring that editorial and advertising are kept separate.
Bill Ray, 09 2008

Adobe launches 'free' Flash-only media player

Adobe Systems today released its cross-platform Adobe Media Player (AMP) as a free download.
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'Patricia Hewitt' donates £6m to charity

In case you were wondering why your granny couldn't get a hip replacement back in 2006, when Patricia Hewitt was Secretary of State for Health, we reckon we might have discovered where the NHS non-urgent surgery budget ended up:
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BBC vs ISPs: Bandwidth row escalates as Tiscali wades in

Outspoken broadband provider Tiscali has crossed swords with Ashley Highfield, the BBC's top technology executive, over calls he made for ISPs to lump the potentially devastating effect of the iPlayer on their business.

Firewire chip maker touts 1.6Gb/s silicon

Chip maker Symwave has claimed the crown for the world's fastest desktop data transfer now that it has begun sampling a Firewire S1600 chip.
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HSBC e-payments system limps back online

HSBC UK managed to get its beleaguered e-payments system back online yesterday evening after the second extended outage in less than a fortnight.
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Global space spending hits $251bn

Global spending on space-related projects hit $251bn last year - with the US accounting for 81 per cent of the worldwide spend.

Buffalo makes big noise over tiny terabyte NAS box

NAS boxes generally too bulky for you? Then how about Buffalo's new LinkStation Mini? Announced yesterday, the compact server packs in 1TB of storage capacity using a pair of RAID-configured 2.5in hard drives.

BBC to launch iPlayer for Wii

The BBC is set to launch a version of its popular streaming iPlayer catch-up service for Nintendo Wii owners in the UK today.
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Metal Storm reveals pocket bunker-buster test outcome

Australian deathtech firm Metal Storm, which uses a centuries-old idea to produce amazing weapons which can empty themselves with exceptional suddenness, has announced tests of a new handy-size thermobaric bunker buster man-cannon. The company has also issued half a million Aussie dollars' worth of new shares.

AMD shoves delayed Barcelona chip out of the door

AMD at last began shipping its delayed quad-core Opteron server processor chips in volume to channel partners today.
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Ofcom slaps Beeb for Live Earth swearing

Ofcom has administered the BBC a stiff dressing-down over unexpurgated, pre-watershed swearing during its coverage of Live Earth on 7 July last year, and has directed Auntie to broadcast a summary of its findings on both BBC1 and 2.
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Information Commissioner: Phorm must be opt-in only

Updated The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has issued a major revision to its statement on Phorm, insisting that the ad tracking system must be deployed on an opt-in basis to comply with the law.

Olympus µ1010 compact camera

Review The curiously named Olympus µ1010 is also known as the mju 1010, which doesn’t make it any easier to pronounce. It comes in three groovy - or garish - colours, silver, black and metallic blue.
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Max Mosley loses battle to get sex video off web

Formula One boss Max Mosley has lost a High Court bid to stop the News of the World from putting a video of him and five prostitutes back on its website.
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O2 PR calls Reg readers 'techie nerds'

Mobile phone companies are notorious for absurd customer segmentation schemes, but a mis-placed phone call by O2's PR department yesterday showed exactly what they think of The Register and its readers.
Bill Ray, 09 2008

Sony picture frame-style HD TVs a work of art?

Should the TV be the centrepiece of a living room or blend in among the artwork and scatter cushions? Sony suggests the latter - its latest HD Bravia line-up has been designed to look like picture frames.
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Faces give away giveaways - psych profs' amazing claim

In today's pseudoscience news, the quality press is alive with the findings by UK psych researchers that people can fairly reliably tell how slutty someone is merely by looking at a picture of their face.
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Music starts again at Motorola

David Dorman, latterly CEO of AT&T, will take over as non-executive chair at Motorola on 5 May. He'll be replacing Ed Zander, the Motorola CEO who was eased out last year.
Bill Ray, 09 2008
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Only one man can save Motorola

Column Whose fault is it Motorola is in the mess it is in now? In some ways it is impossible to point a finger, but if you want a name it's Geoffrey Frost.
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Atos Origin board candidate blasts 'scandalous' talks

A potential Atos Origin candidate for the French IT services firm's supervisory board has labelled management pay-off talks as "scandalous".
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US Army cyber colonel in call to network arms

The officer in charge of US Army efforts in network warfare has issued a resounding call to battle for American cyber warriors.
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Revived cableco alliance could save Xohm...

Comment Former Sprint Nextel CEO Gary Forsee may have made a massively bad job of managing the carrier's merger and other operational challenges, but he left three major innovations as his positive legacy, which may still be the key to a Sprint turnaround.

Sun's UltraSPARC T2+ servers ship full of Niagara Viagra

Sun Microsystems is today officially debuting its two new "massively threaded" servers based on the UltraSPARC T2+ processor.

Intel CEO confronts OEM grumbling around direct chip sales

CEOs of the major server and PC makers have proved reluctant to complain in public about Intel's very substantial "distribution" business where it moves processors and white boxes directly to customers. But pull one of these executives away from the microphones, and you may well hear a minor tirade on the topic.

AMD refreshes slot machine CPU lineup

AMD is launching three new low-power, dual-core processors for embedded chip systems, such as point of sale devices, gaming machines, kiosks, and entry-level storage boxes.
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WiMAX takes its place in the mobile broadband patchwork

Much of the 4G picture remains cloudy, but one thing is clear – the next generation of wireless networks will be based on the OFDMA/MIMO/IP combination shared by the most prominent contenders, LTE and Mobile WiMAX.
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Yahoo! to post Google ads on Yahoo!

Microhoo The next time you search Yahoo!, you may see a Google ad. And Steve Ballmer isn't too happy about it.
Cade Metz, 09 2008
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Kraken stripped of World's Largest Botnet crown (maybe)

RSA If you're looking for a good reason why security professionals might want to pool their research about botnets and other cyber threats, look no further than findings released earlier this week about a botnet dubbed Kraken.
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RSA'08 Unlocked

Old people can sabotage software too 10/04/08 Software teams must act to protect systems and development projects from revenge attacks by disgruntled current and former employees.