9th April 2008 Archive

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  • DHS chief goes nuclear on cyber security

    Digital bomb them back to the Stone Age

    Government 09 02:52

  • Demo shows how web attack threatens fabric of the universe

    All hail the power of DNS rebinding

    Security 09 03:16

  • O2 says 128Kb/s is all its 3G customers need

    Well, nearly all

    Mobile 09 06:02

  • UK child database is 'not fit for purpose'

    Researchers reveal Government dirty smalls

    Government 09 06:02

  • Hardware vendors primed for FCoE love-in

    Intel, QLogic, EMC, Emulex, Cisco...

    Servers 09 06:02

  • Nokia coughs up €200m over axed German workers

    Agreement on transfer company

    Financial News 09 08:54

  • Anti-trust looms over major labels legal blitz

    'They only did it for the fame. Who?'

    Media 09 09:02

  • Japan turning itself into Cyberman machine civilisation

    Three million converted to undying robotoids by 2025

    Science 09 09:03

  • Apple rewards developers with bricked iPhone

    SDK timeout leaves fans up connection creek

    Mobile 09 09:11

  • IPS wants ID card service pilots

    Joining up services

    Government 09 09:27

  • Asus unwraps media centre mini PC

    Hardware 09 09:44

  • Transcript disappears minister's 'hack-proof' ID register claim

    So who hacked Hansard?

    Government 09 09:52

  • Pioneer pitches hybrid hi-fi satnav

    Science 09 10:17

  • ActiveX update stars in Patch Tuesday critical quintet

    It's that time of the month again

    The Channel 09 10:34

  • Dell readies Asus Eee PC, HP Mini-Note rival

    Contract manufacturer mole spills beans

    Hardware 09 10:49

  • Ofcom reins in TV psychics and adult chat

    I'm sensing... new rules to ensure separation of editorial and ads

    Broadband 09 10:58

  • Adobe launches 'free' Flash-only media player

    Apes YouTube, iTunes with AMP

    The Channel 09 11:20

  • 'Patricia Hewitt' donates £6m to charity

    From a net café in Lagos

    Bootnotes 09 11:22

  • BBC vs ISPs: Bandwidth row escalates as Tiscali wades in

    'We don't take business advice from civil servants'

    Broadband 09 11:28

  • Firewire chip maker touts 1.6Gb/s silicon

    Quick, get it out before USB 3.0 arrives!

    Hardware 09 11:34

  • HSBC e-payments system limps back online

    Mystery database glitch blamed for extended outage

    Management 09 11:49

  • Global space spending hits $251bn

    GPS and satellite TV drive increased investment

    Government 09 11:50

  • Buffalo makes big noise over tiny terabyte NAS box

    A sliver of a server

    Storage 09 12:15

  • BBC to launch iPlayer for Wii

    The Apprentice tops the charts

    Broadband 09 12:34

  • Metal Storm reveals pocket bunker-buster test outcome

    Grenade-gasm gun couldn't shoot load on hot, wet range

    Government 09 12:43

  • AMD shoves delayed Barcelona chip out of the door

    Arrives six months after official launch

    Servers 09 13:19

  • Ofcom slaps Beeb for Live Earth swearing

    Naughty, naughty

    Media 09 13:22

  • Information Commissioner: Phorm must be opt-in only

    Data protection probe into secret trials too

    Broadband 09 13:42

  • Olympus µ1010 compact camera

    Silly name aside, this is a quality camera

    Hardware 09 14:08

  • Max Mosley loses battle to get sex video off web

    NoTW reposts 'orgy' footage

    Media 09 14:12

  • O2 PR calls Reg readers 'techie nerds'

    Mouthpieces say only 'muppets' would ditch O2 for 3

    Mobile 09 14:16

  • Sony picture frame-style HD TVs a work of art?

    Pretty as a picture?

    Hardware 09 14:40

  • Faces give away giveaways - psych profs' amazing claim

    Also: women don't fancy studs who get lots of sex

    Science 09 14:52

  • Music starts again at Motorola

    David Dorman steps up to plate as non-executive chair

    Mobile 09 15:41

  • Only one man can save Motorola

    You need Hans, to brush away the tears

    Mobile 09 15:57

  • Atos Origin board candidate blasts 'scandalous' talks

    Stunned by management pay-off chatter

    The Channel 09 16:02

  • US Army cyber colonel in call to network arms

    'We need to be faster than megabytes'

    Government 09 16:04

  • Revived cableco alliance could save Xohm...

    ...and Sprint

    Broadband 09 16:54

  • Sun's UltraSPARC T2+ servers ship full of Niagara Viagra

    128 threads make data centers, kittens happy

    Servers 09 18:25

  • Intel CEO confronts OEM grumbling around direct chip sales

    The Google Conundrum

    Servers 09 21:37

  • AMD refreshes slot machine CPU lineup

    Offers Storage Bridge Bay spec kit

    The Channel 09 21:39

  • WiMAX takes its place in the mobile broadband patchwork

    Motorola takes the lead

    Broadband 09 22:10

  • Yahoo! to post Google ads on Yahoo!

    Take that, Ballmer

    Financial News 09 22:34

  • Kraken stripped of World's Largest Botnet crown (maybe)

    Is it new or is it Bobax?

    Security 09 22:56

  • RSA'08 Unlocked

    Security coverage

    Security 09 23:59