8th April 2008 Archive

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  • Scientology threatens Wikileaks with injunction

    You say 'Bible.' We say 'Advanced Technology'

    Media 08 00:59

  • Seagate ships first 1TB HDD of the SAS persuasion

    Server quality auto encryption disks coming too

    Storage 08 01:01

  • Content management titles at Register Books

    Get cosy with Joomla

    Developer 08 05:02

  • HP sells cloud vision amidst economic downpour

    Will customers get soaked on transformation journeys?

    Management 08 06:02

  • Loudspeaker T-shirt joke turns true

    April Fool no more

    Hardware 08 07:02

  • Oracle scans BEA code for GPL and LGPL

    'Business-friendly' OK

    Applications 08 07:02

  • BT hands top job to Retail chief

    Chairman praises journey from troubled to troubling

    Broadband 08 08:38

  • Liverpudlians decapitate Ringo Starr

    Pays the price for dissing home town

    Bootnotes 08 08:42

  • Surrey Satellite to be bought by EADS Astrium

    UK space spinoff joins Eurofighter/Airbus combine

    Financial News 08 08:59

  • Biologists flush out bad breath bug

    Solobacterium moorei - a real stinker

    Science 08 09:14

  • HP launches Linux-loaded Eee PC rival

    VIA powered

    Hardware 08 09:33

  • Plans to jail data thieves shelved

    But threat remains

    Law 08 09:55

  • Fresh blood - the new fight for open source

    Send in the committers

    Developer 08 10:02

  • The trinity of RIA security explained

    Of servers, data and policies

    Applications 08 10:02

  • London Olympics drives dash for terrestrial HDTV

    Digital telly group sounds warning against rush job

    Media 08 10:03

  • EU demands Google slashes cookie retention times

    Six months is more than enough

    Law 08 10:09

  • DAB: The View From the Bubbling Mudbath

    In defence of British digital radio

    Media 08 10:11

  • Phorm admits 'over zealous' editing of Wikipedia article

    Send in the clowns

    Broadband 08 10:31

  • Asus avoids Atom to get next Eee PC out early?

    HP has same scheme

    Hardware 08 10:43

  • Xbox 360 'Wii Remote' in development?

    Microsoft keeping mum

    Games 08 10:57

  • Compromised legit sites power hack attacks

    Trust no one

    The Channel 08 10:59

  • Apprentice contestant to offer Zeppelin trips above London

    Insert 'you're fired' joke here

    Science 08 11:02

  • Nokia confirms 'iPhone killer' handset in pipeline

    Codename 'Tube'

    Phones 08 11:09

  • Toshiba samples Cell-based HD GPU

    PS3-sourced video-oriented chipage

    Hardware 08 11:45

  • Defra moves to protect UK honeybees

    Consultation first step to concrete strategy

    Science 08 11:52

  • Loopy Vista pre-SP1 update fixed with pre-pre-SP1 update

    Known unknowns squared

    Software 08 12:01

  • US cops taser groom, cuff drunken bride

    A wedding night to remember

    Bootnotes 08 12:05

  • Blog bully crows over BBC climate victory

    Emergent Truthiness

    Science 08 12:07

  • HSBC e-payments system goes titsup (again)

    Calls for compensation from bungling bank

    Security 08 12:09

  • Icahn wins seat on Motorola board

    Motorola gives it up

    Mobile 08 12:15

  • Is Europe's war on Islamist terror running out of terrorists?

    UK can still find plenty, but the rest seem to be losing interest

    Law 08 12:43

  • Korea's first astronaut heads for ISS

    Historic 10-day gig

    Science 08 12:44

  • Alienware Area 51 ALX CrossFireX gaming PC

    How much does it cost..?!

    Hardware 08 12:45

  • Doctors confirm 'Wii-itus' is a real condition

    Warning: prolonged gaming may damage your health

    Games 08 13:13

  • Tag Heuer handset pictures leaked on web

    About time

    Phones 08 13:19

  • Naomi Campbell banned from BA flights

    Grounded following T5 rumpus

    Bootnotes 08 13:28

  • Dongles power 3's data surge

    Mobile broadband's magic stick masterplan

    Mobile 08 13:56

  • Adobe stitches units together, circulates fresh blood

    Shake the bottle, wake the drink

    The Channel 08 14:33

  • Boffin builds sex-selecting email analysis software

    Is it really from Glenda? Or Glen?

    Software 08 15:14

  • Japanese carrier to test smell-o-vision phone kit

    The handset that gets up your nose

    Phones 08 15:24

  • Online spousal spying widespread in the UK

    Who did you text last night?

    Security 08 15:44

  • Jimmy Wales to chair World Economic Forum on the Middle East

    Alongside the Duke of York

    Business 08 16:20

  • Montalvo's x86 chip struggling to be an x86 chip

    Running out of things to go wrong

    Servers 08 17:17

  • Google opens private cloud to coders

    Revs App Engine

    Storage 08 17:55

  • E-passport security flaw allows remote ID of nationality

    Hi-tech Fagin flaw

    Government 08 18:29

  • Microsoft discloses 14,000 pages of coding secrets

    Tech documentation for all

    Software 08 18:49

  • Verari spins ultra-dense networked storage blade

    Unified NAS/iSCSI appliance with 24TB

    Storage 08 19:00

  • Microsoft preaches togetherness for online security

    Let's touch people together

    Security 08 21:12

  • Cisco to buy Nuova and sell its FCoE switch

    Get rich quick spin-in comes home

    Data Networking 08 21:27

  • EMC whisks Iomega away from Chinese suitor

    Sprouts consumer brand

    Storage 08 21:49

  • IBM smacks rivals with 5.0GHz Power6 beast

    Then pours water on them

    Servers 08 22:10

  • IBM offers 4,000 frequent flyer miles per core to abandon HP

    Dump a Superdome. Go to the Bahamas

    Servers 08 23:05