7th April 2008 Archive

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  • Sun fixes Java SE for a fee

    Java SE 1.4 to graft until 2017

    Applications 07 Apr 04:02

  • HMRC tax credit database takes the week off

    'We always do maintenance at the end of the tax year'

    Government 07 Apr 06:02

  • French won Waterloo, says Italian telecoms chief

    Shock YouTube revelation rewrites history

    Bootnotes 07 Apr 08:16

  • Influential tech pundit says iPhone 'will be 3G in 60 days'

    Mossberg claim

    Phones 07 Apr 08:42

  • US census ditches handhelds for clipboards

    Back to pen and paper

    Government 07 Apr 08:57

  • AMD makes big gains in graphics

    Q4 2007 numbers in

    Hardware 07 Apr 09:19

  • LG slides out Shine-successor specs

    Phones 07 Apr 09:25

  • Australia to restrict laser-pointers - Minister

    Pry my presentational aid from my cold dead fingers

    Government 07 Apr 09:39

  • Global-warming scientist: It's worse than I thought

    Only Peak Oil can prevent 'guaranteed disaster'

    Government 07 Apr 10:05

  • Wanted: Gordon Brown's fingerprints, £1,000 reward

    No2ID and PI get after the Smith & Jones Brown ID heist team

    Government 07 Apr 10:07

  • NZ man uses hedgehog as ninja star

    Teen punctured in flying spine ball assault

    Bootnotes 07 Apr 10:39

  • IBM's EnterpriseDB stake: not what you think

    Look out Oracle

    Applications 07 Apr 11:02

  • Rethink code cohesion

    Emergent Design: time to relate

    Software 07 Apr 11:02

  • HSBC pops thousands of customer details in the post

    Guess what happened next?

    CIO 07 Apr 11:06

  • Disaster recovery bug hangs up Cisco comms kit

    Failover falls over

    Data Networking 07 Apr 11:08

  • Nvidia nForce 790i Ultra SLI chipset

    Powerful but very pricey

    Hardware 07 Apr 11:08

  • Plugs pulled on satellite paedo tracking after pilot flops

    Blunkett's 'prison without bars' plan finally fizzles

    Law 07 Apr 11:31

  • Sony touts 'world’s first' digital noise cancellation cans

    Sounds good...

    Hardware 07 Apr 11:44

  • FIPR: ICO gives BT 'green light for law breaking' with Phorm

    Wikipedians smell a rat on Phorm-friendly edits

    Broadband 07 Apr 11:46

  • Yes! It's the Playboy phone!

    Dial S for Sexy

    Phones 07 Apr 11:48

  • So what could the MoD learn from the Stasi?

    Headspace: Olfactional infighting

    Law 07 Apr 12:02

  • EU sets cellphone users loose in aircraft

    Will you shut the f**k up

    Mobile 07 Apr 12:34

  • Sony bullish on Blu-ray dominance

    Sales to bloom?

    Hardware 07 Apr 12:52

  • Move over Storm - there's a bigger, stealthier botnet in town

    400,000 machines get Kraken

    Security 07 Apr 13:02

  • Yahoo! to Microsoft: No surrender!

    84 Charing Cross Road without the affection

    Financial News 07 Apr 13:44

  • BBC vs ISPs: Readers blame monkey, organ grinder escapes

    Relief for Ofcom, Highfield

    Letters 07 Apr 14:24

  • Hackers target outsourced app development

    Who's got your code?

    Security 07 Apr 14:46

  • Right idea, wrong time: Snocap's corpse washes up at Imeem

    Coulda been a contender

    Media 07 Apr 15:07

  • Gamers punted performance-enhancing pills

    Keep on going like a mad trucker

    Games 07 Apr 15:32

  • Samsung G810 shipping next week

    Carphone Warehouse only

    Phones 07 Apr 15:36

  • Gates teases bankers with Windows 7 dates

    There's something big over the horizon, boys

    The Channel 07 Apr 15:42

  • HP Proliant USB key riddled with worms


    Security 07 Apr 18:00

  • Stay focused on fuzzy tests, warn security experts

    Stop when you get that warm feeling

    Security 07 Apr 18:56

  • Sun primes de-dupe for VTL lineup

    VTL Prime: eliminate redundancies and roll out!

    Storage 07 Apr 19:32

  • Google to launch database service from Campfire

    Eating S'mores on a cloud

    Storage 07 Apr 19:39

  • AMD will cut 10 per cent of global workforce

    Decimation by Q3 or bust

    Financial News 07 Apr 21:30

  • MokaFive pumps virtual PCs through the cloud

    All the buzzwords and Bible studies covered

    Virtualization 07 Apr 23:34