4th April 2008 Archive

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  • Creative climbs down over home brew Vista drivers

    Daniel-K slams 'arrogant and sarcastic' company

    Hardware 04 00:03

  • Sun sues NetApp, take three

    NetApp needs a c-c-c-combo breaker!

    Storage 04 00:42

  • People say Google will buy Skype and Expedia and, and, and, and

    The Reg plays telephone

    Financial News 04 00:44

  • BlackBerry rival Visto pushes job cuts

    A third of London office gets the chop

    Mobile 04 07:02

  • New banking code cracks down on out-of-date software

    Customers liable for losses

    Security 04 07:02

  • Blue Dasher seeks customers for street-level photographs

    Technology looking for application?

    Mobile 04 08:02

  • UK.gov password protects Aryan Governance Summit site

    'Promoting Prosperity' through National Socialism

    Bootnotes 04 08:54

  • Business rival makes highest ever online libel payout

    £119,000 in damages - costs to be decided

    Law 04 09:26

  • US teen cuffed for disposable camera 'Taser'

    Felony charges over 'homemade weapon' shocker

    Bootnotes 04 09:27

  • Carphone Warehouse stares down BPI and UK.gov on three strikes

    'File-sharing is a right, not a privilege'

    Broadband 04 09:43

  • Brown ignores scientists and pushes pot reclassification

    Papers? What scientific papers?

    Science 04 10:02

  • MS keeps admins busy with critical Vista patches

    QuickTime and Opera updates make for heavy workload

    Security 04 10:27

  • EC probes OOXML standards-setting process

    It's not over and they're still shouting

    Applications 04 10:42

  • The peroxide and fruit drink plan to down seven airliners

    UK liquid bomb trial begins

    Law 04 10:50

  • T-Mobile slashes iPhone cost

    I'll take two!

    Phones 04 10:55

  • UK.gov will force paedophiles to register email addresses

    Can anyone spot a flaw in this law?

    Law 04 11:00

  • GPS tracking fights teenage trauma

    I was at the sweet shop, honest

    Bootnotes 04 11:21

  • MySpace Music leaves creators cold

    Sing for your supper

    Media 04 11:28

  • Microsoft lines up with the good guys on identity tech

    Brands and Cameron pitch the fix for government's Big ID problem

    Government 04 12:01

  • Royal Mail sites hit by downtime cock-up

    Someone's going to get the sack

    Management 04 12:06

  • Boost your iPhone's network coverage

    And protect it's looks too

    Hardware 04 12:08

  • BOFH: The London Underground vending machine conspiracy

    No crisps for you

    BOFH 04 12:30

  • How BA handles lost luggage complaints: Shock picture

    T5 enraged passenger suppression caught on camera

    Bootnotes 04 12:38

  • Top cop: e-crime is the new drugs

    'We need to terrify politicians... appropriately'

    Law 04 13:06

  • Nokia N-Gage goes global

    Mobile-based gaming

    Games 04 13:28

  • Ofcom tempts bidders for 2.6GHz auction

    How much high-speed wireless can you eat?

    Mobile 04 14:03

  • DHS ponders microwave raygun missile defences at airports

    Electropulse blasters will keep skies safe

    Government 04 14:06

  • Al Gore's green job bonanza - can we afford it?

    Watch out for the real costs of the benefits

    Government 04 14:45

  • US cybercrime losses reach $240m

    Auction fraud means record high

    Security 04 14:46

  • Videogame retailers support Byron Review, says Byron

    BBFC set for classification expansion?

    Games 04 15:08

  • IBM back on Federal bid list

    Agreement reached with EPA? That was quick

    The Channel 04 15:52

  • HTC Touch Dual smartphone

    Good to see HTC back on track

    Phones 04 15:59

  • New code strategies to fight side-channel attack

    Car keys, phone, laptop - all hacked

    Security 04 16:32

  • Ban using mobiles while crossing street, says US legislator

    Quit your jibber jabber, fool

    Mobile 04 19:02

  • Google cops to puppeting Great American Wireless Auction

    Verizon slates 4G for 2010

    Networks 04 19:48

  • HP adds encryption gear for storage systems

    Tape and virtual tape get algorithmic

    Storage 04 21:53