3rd April 2008 Archive

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  • By the Power of Power, IBM goes Power System

    P and I letter makers saddened

    Servers 03 00:00

  • Symantec drops Microsoft lawsuit

    Best storage buddies all over again

    Storage 03 00:11

  • Intel confirms Centrino 2 brand

    Even though it's actually version 5

    Hardware 03 01:00

  • Intel demos 'Nehalem' chips clocked to 3.2GHz

    Penryn beater?

    Hardware 03 02:31

  • XtremeData swaps precious modily fluids between FPGAs and Xeons

    Preps data warehouse appliance too

    Servers 03 03:53

  • Intel still telling Yorker corker

    Leap into the queue

    Hardware 03 04:49

  • Intel enrols second-gen Classmate PC

    OLPC rival revamped

    Hardware 03 05:30

  • Vodafone chief tells mobile users he knows where they live

    Brings WiMAX attack stateside

    Mobile 03 07:02

  • DDoS packets soak up to 3 per cent of net traffic

    That's 1,300 attacks per day

    Security 03 07:02

  • Yahoo! brings speech rec to mobile search

    A swan song before death

    Mobile 03 07:02

  • Rock rolls out 12in, 1kg sub-notebook

    MacBook Air beater?

    Hardware 03 08:02

  • Welsh couple cop Mosquito flak

    Neighbours demand buzz off

    Law 03 08:53

  • 'Diamondville' to shine as Intel's next Atom

    Inside the 'Silverthorne' architecture

    Hardware 03 08:55

  • BBC tells ISPs to get stuffed

    Sealed with a loving threat

    Broadband 03 08:58

  • Aussie laser-pointer dazzle attacks on airliners: Bad

    Politicos talk ban after six Sydney flights delayed

    Government 03 09:21

  • Dead wife contacts Lancs man via SMS

    Texts from the Other Side

    Mobile 03 09:29

  • Intel forces server chums to fend for themselves

    Have you heard about Tukwila?

    Servers 03 10:02

  • BlackBerry delivers bumper spring harvest

    Nowt grim for RIM

    Financial News 03 10:19

  • Upgrade outage hits Protx merchants (again)

    Transaction history repeating

    The Channel 03 10:22

  • DHS reckons US cops' access to sat-surveillance is go

    Chertoff feeling ready for warm standup

    Law 03 10:24

  • Thailand cracks down on cut-price castrations

    Juvenile ladyboys drawn to £65 quickies

    Bootnotes 03 10:31

  • Microsoft denies Lite-On Blu-ray rumour

    We did not have relations with Blu-ray

    Software 03 10:39

  • BT: 'We did not let anyone down over Phorm... it was not illegal'

    Director escapes grilling on BBC Breakfast

    Broadband 03 10:54

  • Rogue trader sues SocGen for unfair dismissal

    Bank 'failed to prove he did anything wrong'

    Financial News 03 10:56

  • Micron burned by cooling chip market in Q2

    Revenue falls 11% amid price attrition

    The Channel 03 11:18

  • Boeing's Honda-FCX-style fuel cell glider 'success'

    Electric plane in Spain seems mainly inane

    Science 03 11:32

  • Sony's dinky camcorder sets the bar

    Size zero films

    Hardware 03 11:34

  • James Bond menaced by red hot Chilean

    Motorised protest shakes Quantum of Solace

    Bootnotes 03 12:30

  • Carphone Warehouse mulls Tiscali bid, report claims

    Come on down

    Broadband 03 12:36

  • UK.gov delay means hacking laws are so last century

    Confusion reigns everywhere but Scotland

    Government 03 12:55

  • Coming soon: classifications for movie downloads

    Web-based films are the future

    Media 03 12:57

  • Third time lucky? Google seeks open access in white spaces

    Money in unexpected places

    Broadband 03 13:02

  • AT&T demos Microsoft Surface 'table'

    Use a coaster

    Hardware 03 13:58

  • Wicker Man sequel goes up in smoke

    'Financing problems' hit Cowboys For Christ

    Bootnotes 03 14:13

  • Dave Cameron pledges to Open Source UK.gov

    It's conservatism 2.0.1

    Government 03 14:24

  • Blu-ray awareness rising

    HD DVD dead...

    Hardware 03 15:29

  • Nokia 8800 Arte and Sapphire Arte handsets

    Aimed squarely at the money-is-no-object mobile buyer

    Phones 03 15:55

  • Let there be light, and music

    Shine on you crazy cats

    Hardware 03 16:11

  • China promises censor-free Olympic media

    Unmolested net and TV for foreign agencies

    Government 03 16:24

  • Jules Verne mates with ISS

    ESA hails successful docking

    Science 03 16:46

  • Trend, Sophos and McAfee flunk Vista SP1 anti-virus tests

    That would be a FAIL, then

    Security 03 16:52

  • Android alternative delivers partial Linux package

    Supporters spread bets

    Mobile 03 18:03

  • EDS buys Brit security shop

    Vistorm in an EDS teacup

    The Channel 03 18:26

  • Naomi Campbell cuffed in Heathrow Terminal 5

    Arrested 'on suspicion of assaulting a police officer'

    Bootnotes 03 18:54

  • MySpace trumpets music service

    Sony, Universal, and Warner sign on

    Financial News 03 19:29

  • iPhone unlock team strikes again

    SDK for unofficial code

    Mobile 03 19:38

  • WiMAX is more of a crawl than a Sprint

    Trials still not performing

    Broadband 03 20:24

  • 'Bullying' Aussie high school stops fingerprinting kids

    Pressganged into submission

    Law 03 20:47

  • Wikipedia-reading boffins jimmy keyless door to entire universe

    Your car, your garage, and your office unlocked

    Security 03 21:55

  • Google's Android 'designed to drive fragmentation'

    Qualcomm COO highlights Google strategy

    Mobile 03 22:32

  • Microsoft gives XP an extra two years to live (kinda)

    For bargain basement PCs only

    Operating Systems 03 23:14