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Adware slips between pages of e-book

An adware package has turned up on the latest e-book devices from iRex, and will install itself automatically onto a connected PC if it gets the chance.
Bill Ray, 31 Mar 2008
Windows Vista teaser

Build and manage large-scale C++ on Windows

John Lakos wrote the book on Large-Scale C++ Software Design more than 10 years ago, but it remains a must read for any serious C++ developer today.
Dan Clarke, 31 Mar 2008

Elpida hikes DRAM prices 20 per cent

The last time DRAM chip prices fell into a money pit, in 1999, the big four memory makers dug themselves out by working as a team over the next three years.
Drew Cullen, 31 Mar 2008

Euro 2008 sales site in drive-by download attack

Hackers have successfully planted malware on a website selling tickets for the upcoming Euro 2008 Championships.
John Leyden, 31 Mar 2008
clock teaser

Poisoned websites staying contaminated longer

Compromised websites are staying infected longer. Some infected sites stay up and running for as long as two months, according to an annual report from web security firm ScanSafe.
John Leyden, 31 Mar 2008

Ohio man cuffed for shagging picnic table

An Ohio man has admitted to four felony counts of public indecency after a neighbour caught him on camera having sex with a picnic table, local news outfit WTOL11 reports.
Lester Haines, 31 Mar 2008

Apple lags MS in security response

Apple is trailing way behind Microsoft in security patch responsiveness, according to a study by security researchers.
John Leyden, 31 Mar 2008

Apple 'most successful world brand'

Apple is the most successful brand in the world, according to an international online poll of marketers.
Richard Thurston, 31 Mar 2008

Assyrian clay tablet points to 'Sodom and Gomorrah' asteroid

A Cuneiform clay tablet which for over 150 years defied attempts at interpretation has now been revealed to describe an asteroid impact which in 3123 BC hit Köfels, Austria, leaving in its wake a trail of destruction which may acccount for the biblical tale of Sodom and Gomorrah.
Lester Haines, 31 Mar 2008

Credit crunch hits finance sector - small biz next?

The much-embarrassed finance sector will keep a tight rein on IT spending this year as it prepares to jettison as many as 10,000 workers, according to the latest research from the CBI.
Joe Fay and John Oates, 31 Mar 2008

Jules Verne creeps up on ISS

The European Space Agency's "Jules Verne" Automated Transfer Vehicle is slowly but surely creeping up on the International Space Station prior to a docking scheduled for 3 April.
Lester Haines, 31 Mar 2008

Sony's 'energy saving' TV

Instead of switching your TV off when it isn’t in use, Sony advocates leaving it on and watching pretty pictures instead. The electronics giant has launched an HD TV series that displays still images on-screen when you’re done watching Eastenders.
James Sherwood, 31 Mar 2008
homeless man with sign

OOXML approved as international standard?

Microsoft looks almost certain to have got its Office Open XML (OOXML) file format passed as an international standard but the ballot has been tarnished by accusations of voting irregularities.
Kelly Fiveash, 31 Mar 2008

Japanese boffins could save UK from economic doom

Japanese boffins believe they may have developed a means of reversing cirrhosis of the liver among rats and perhaps people, in a development with far-reaching consequences for professional cricketers, hellraising movie stars, layabout drunks, politicians, economists, Catholic priests, journalists and others whose jobs require them to drink heavily.
Lewis Page, 31 Mar 2008

Sage annexes construction software firm

Biz management software provider Sage Group PLC has bought construction software company Tekton Group Ltd for £21m.
Kelly Fiveash, 31 Mar 2008

Virgin Media in talks to trial three strikes regime against P2P

Virgin Media could soon become the second major ISP to attempt to implement a "three strikes" system against illegal filesharers in partnership with the record industry.
Christopher Williams, 31 Mar 2008

US allows visual inspections of nipple rings

The US's Transportation Security Administration has announced some good news for aficionados of nipple piercings - they will no longer have to remove them with pliers before boarding internal flights.
Lester Haines, 31 Mar 2008

Mobile phone stress stalks quivering nation

That racing pulse and those stabbing pains in your chest may not be the fault of all those fried breakfasts. Mobile phones now cause untold amounts of stress in our daily lives, according to a survey.
James Sherwood, 31 Mar 2008

3rd Space FPS gaming vest

ReviewYou've always felt you haven't got the full gaming experience, right? You wanna wear the armour, carry the weaponry... that kind of thing. The 3rd Space FPS sensory gaming vest might be of interest then.
Scott Snowden, 31 Mar 2008

LiveLeak pulls anti-Koran documentary

Video-sharing website LiveLeak has removed the anti-Koran documentary Fitna by Dutch MP Geert Wilders after receiving threats. "We stood for what we believe in, the ability to be heard, but in the end the price was too high," a statement reads. No details were given, except that the threats were "of a very serious nature".
Jan Libbenga, 31 Mar 2008

Pentagon in QuEST for quantum-teleport spooky IT

US military boffinry bureau DARPA*, which sees the bleeding edge as a blunt instrument, is getting into quantum effects. The Pentagon mad-science profs have offered government funding for researchers who can help them obtain Quantum Entanglement Science and Technology (QuEST).
Lewis Page, 31 Mar 2008

Exec sounds death knell for games consoles

A former Xbox executive has boldly declared that dedicated games consoles, such as the Wii, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, will become technological relics within 10 years.
James Sherwood, 31 Mar 2008

Tory tackles Whitehall on Wiki-updating spooks

A Conservative MP’s campaign to find out what civil servants are updating on Wikipedia suggests that Whitehall has no clue what its workers are getting up to on their taxpayer-funded PCs.
Joe Fay, 31 Mar 2008

Need a new duster? Avoid Woolies

NSFWIf you're in the market for a new duster to do a bit of light spring cleaning we'd advise you to nip out to your nearest hardware shop rather than pop down to the UK ecommerce tentacle of retail monolith Woolworths, where a search query for this most innocent of household items returns a nasty shock for innocent inhabitants of Middle England:
Lester Haines, 31 Mar 2008

HSBC e-payments system goes titsup

Angry retailers have launched a tirade against HSBC after its e-payments system fell over on Friday and stayed down for the whole weekend.
Richard Thurston, 31 Mar 2008
hands waving dollar bills in the air

Blighty's Museum of Computing forced to go mobile

The UK’s first museum dedicated to computing could be homeless by the summer if it doesn’t find a generous donor with a large, empty building in Swindon going spare.
Kelly Fiveash, 31 Mar 2008

LG's ice cream phone

LG has unveiled a tasty tech treat – a mobile phone designed to make users crave ice cream from morning until night.
James Sherwood, 31 Mar 2008

GTA IV coming to the DS Lite?

A stylus wouldn’t be Register Hardware’s weapon of choice for the upcoming videogame Grand Theft Auto IV. But as the title's rumoured to be coming to Nintendo’s DS Lite, this could become a reality.
James Sherwood, 31 Mar 2008

Creative threatens developer over home-brewed Vista drivers

Creative Labs has enraged customers by threatening a developer with legal action after he wrote drivers that allowed its products to run smoothly on Vista.
Richard Thurston, 31 Mar 2008

Adobe cuddles up to Linux Foundation

Adobe Systems has climbed into bed with the open source developer community by joining the Linux Foundation.
Kelly Fiveash, 31 Mar 2008

Shell waves goodbye to 3,000 IT staffers in $4bn outsourcing gig

Royal Dutch Shell today inked three outsourcing deals – worth $4.2bn over five years – to spin out IT and telecoms operations.
Kelly Fiveash, 31 Mar 2008

Vivitar unveils N93i-esque camcorder

Vivitar has aroused camcorder enthusiasts with details of an upcoming model that’s decked out with the styling of Nokia’s N93i.
James Sherwood, 31 Mar 2008
Eclipse teaser (lrg)

Early calls to simplify Eclipse

Improved usability and integration with other integrated development environments are the first features being called for in response to a request for feedback on the future Eclipse.
Phil Manchester, 31 Mar 2008

Snitching is less than golden for piracy informers

The SIIA (Software & Information Industry Association) calls it "whistleblowing." And we call it "disgruntled peons ratting on their bosses." But whatever label you use, dobbing on your own company for cutting corners on software licenses can be a lucrative sport.
Drew Cullen, 31 Mar 2008

Everyone's a winner in the Comcast - BitTorrent detente

AnalysisSo Comcast will stop shaping peer-to-peer seeding sessions with spoofed TCP RST commands. I caught up with the cable giant's CTO Tony Werner on Thursday for more details.
Richard Bennett, 31 Mar 2008

Tengu - the PC pal

If you’re in need of some conversation, but the missus is doing the washing up, then how would you feel about chatting to a PC-based buddy?
James Sherwood, 31 Mar 2008

Citrix debuts XenServer 4.1 with simpler pricing

After what would appear to be months of dragging its feet with the XenSource code, Citrix Systems today marched out the final version of XenServer 4.1.
Austin Modine, 31 Mar 2008

Microsoft EULA lands it with $175m Indian tax headache

"The Product is licensed, not sold."
Drew Cullen, 31 Mar 2008

Amazon smacks little people with BookSurge

Amazon has told print-on-demand book publishers that they better start using the retailer's print-on-demand service if they want their books sold on its website.
Cade Metz, 31 Mar 2008

HP intros midrange, easy-on-the-grid servers

Hewlett-Packard is expanding its midsection today, with various hardware and software additions made to its wares for those companies sized between the fantastic and wee.
Austin Modine, 31 Mar 2008

IBM blackballed in US federal ambush

IBM has been temporarily barred from bidding for new contracts with US Federal government agencies. The company blames the suspension on a dispute with the Environmental Protection Agency - of which it had no knowledge, until it read about the ban on a government website.
Austin Modine, 31 Mar 2008

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