31st March 2008 Archive

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  • Adware slips between pages of e-book

    Iliad reader carries unwelcome surprise

    Security 31 Mar 06:02

  • Build and manage large-scale C++ on Windows

    DLLs versus shared objects

    Software 31 Mar 06:02

  • Elpida hikes DRAM prices 20 per cent

    Will others follow?

    Servers 31 Mar 06:02

  • Euro 2008 sales site in drive-by download attack

    Caught offside with Trojan downloader code

    Security 31 Mar 08:59

  • Poisoned websites staying contaminated longer

    Booby trap threat

    Security 31 Mar 09:01

  • Ohio man cuffed for shagging picnic table

    Furniture-based public indecency caught on camera

    Bootnotes 31 Mar 09:08

  • Apple lags MS in security response

    Fear of a Black Hat

    Security 31 Mar 09:16

  • Apple 'most successful world brand'

    Cillit Bang doesn't get a look in

    Financial News 31 Mar 09:53

  • Assyrian clay tablet points to 'Sodom and Gomorrah' asteroid

    29 June 3123 BC starts with a bang

    Science 31 Mar 09:56

  • Credit crunch hits finance sector - small biz next?

    Bankers slash IT spend

    Small Biz 31 Mar 10:14

  • Jules Verne creeps up on ISS

    Space truck struts its stuff prior to docking

    Science 31 Mar 10:18

  • Sony's 'energy saving' TV

    Power down, not off

    Hardware 31 Mar 10:33

  • OOXML approved as international standard?

    But voting process slammed

    Software 31 Mar 10:37

  • Japanese boffins could save UK from economic doom

    Bacon sarnie'n'beer induced rat liver failure reversed

    Science 31 Mar 10:56

  • Sage annexes construction software firm

    Tekton lays new foundations

    Financial News 31 Mar 11:05

  • Virgin Media in talks to trial three strikes regime against P2P

    Second time lucky for the BPI?

    Broadband 31 Mar 11:07

  • US allows visual inspections of nipple rings

    TSA ditches pliers after Texas airport piercing rumpus

    Law 31 Mar 11:09

  • Mobile phone stress stalks quivering nation

    Press one for heart attack

    Mobile 31 Mar 11:28

  • 3rd Space FPS gaming vest

    Could've been a great gaming accessory, but came up short

    Hardware 31 Mar 11:59

  • LiveLeak pulls anti-Koran documentary

    But movie has gone viral

    Media 31 Mar 12:14

  • Pentagon in QuEST for quantum-teleport spooky IT

    Well, some crypto-cracking hardware anyway

    Servers 31 Mar 12:21

  • Exec sounds death knell for games consoles


    Bootnotes 31 Mar 12:33

  • Tory tackles Whitehall on Wiki-updating spooks

    And exposes Adonis amending himself

    Government 31 Mar 13:33

  • Need a new duster? Avoid Woolies

    Spring cleaning filth and fury shakes Middle England

    Bootnotes 31 Mar 14:12

  • HSBC e-payments system goes titsup

    Banking bamboozled for whole weekend

    Servers 31 Mar 14:41

  • Blighty's Museum of Computing forced to go mobile

    Down and out and about in Swindon

    Data Centre 31 Mar 14:47

  • LG's ice cream phone

    Sundae dialer

    Phones 31 Mar 14:56

  • GTA IV coming to the DS Lite?

    Stylus at the ready

    Games 31 Mar 14:58

  • Creative threatens developer over home-brewed Vista drivers

    Fans say 'give the man a job'

    Hardware 31 Mar 16:07

  • Adobe cuddles up to Linux Foundation

    Slings out AIR test version

    Applications 31 Mar 16:25

  • Shell waves goodbye to 3,000 IT staffers in $4bn outsourcing gig

    Oil-y company

    CIO 31 Mar 17:31

  • Vivitar unveils N93i-esque camcorder

    A few specs released

    Hardware 31 Mar 18:02

  • Early calls to simplify Eclipse

    Do it or lose it to NetBeans

    Software 31 Mar 18:21

  • Snitching is less than golden for piracy informers

    We're in the money. Not really

    Software 31 Mar 18:43

  • Everyone's a winner in the Comcast - BitTorrent detente

    Everyone except the Neutralists?

    Broadband 31 Mar 18:59

  • Tengu - the PC pal

    You talk, it grins back

    Hardware 31 Mar 20:02

  • Citrix debuts XenServer 4.1 with simpler pricing

    Per server pricing outpaces punctuality?

    Servers 31 Mar 20:25

  • Microsoft EULA lands it with $175m Indian tax headache

    Words are cheap, until the lawyers get to work

    The Channel 31 Mar 21:24

  • Amazon smacks little people with BookSurge

    On-demand Battle of the Bulge

    Small Biz 31 Mar 21:29

  • HP intros midrange, easy-on-the-grid servers

    Energy efficient rack and blade, plus Linux love

    Servers 31 Mar 22:30

  • IBM blackballed in US federal ambush

    One way to find out your customer has an issue

    Government 31 Mar 23:17