29th March 2008 Archive

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  • Meet Datallegro's database crushing appliance

    Where $1.1m equals a cheap box

    Servers 29 00:52

  • Fujifilm bugs backup tapes with LoJack device

    Mishandled data phones home - 'I fell off the truck'

    Storage 29 00:56

  • Boss puts development team on Craigslist

    Web programmers meet web jobs market

    Management 29 02:01

  • Boffins battle over oldest European woman

    Old girl causes archaeological dust-up

    Science 29 07:02

  • World+Dog tosses orb in public on Byron Review

    Supporters to the left, protagonists to the right

    Games 29 09:02

  • MOAB and the pain ray - Iraq's war-missing wonder weapons

    Only the media were shocked, awed and pacified

    Government 29 10:02

  • Ubuntu chief picks panda over penguin, while Microsoft rolls Novell

    Wimpy open sourcers worked by Delta pilots

    Open Season 29 15:27

  • Only Ubuntu left standing, as Flash vuln fells Vista in Pwn2Own hacking contest

    Contestant overcomes bout of 'hacktile dysfunction'

    Operating Systems 29 21:27