27th March 2008 Archive

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  • Gilded Perkins puts ego yacht up for sale

    Turns to phallic underwater craft for compensation

    Bootnotes 27 00:33

  • Endeavour space shuttle returns home

    Florida touchdown under cover of night

    Science 27 02:44

  • AMD announces tri-core, tweaked quad-core Phenoms CPUs

    But why buy an X3 now when faster ones are a month or so away?

    Hardware 27 04:02

  • Kent bloke buried under 3,000 congestion charge receipts

    Paper tsunami swamps Swanley

    Bootnotes 27 07:02

  • El Reg offers cut-and-paste comments service

    Click here for your rant of choice

    Bootnotes 27 08:02

  • LG brings 6x Blu-ray, HD DVD drive to Blighty

    Cure for format war hangovers

    Hardware 27 08:02

  • Asus Eee PC 900 flips one at MacBook Air with multi-touch input

    Two fingers to Apple

    Hardware 27 08:28

  • Spending slowdown hits Oracle third quarter

    Buy more companies!

    The Channel 27 09:47

  • Byron review calls for computer game ratings

    Which games ARE mad, bad and dangerous to play?

    Government 27 09:52

  • Royalties are the admission price, Microsoft tells freetards

    No free passes says Smith

    Developer 27 10:06

  • Hutton: UK must become world No 1 in nuclear power

    Gov's nuke push gets warm reaction from unions

    Government 27 10:19

  • DWP extends staff criminal record checks

    Will check all successful candidates

    Government 27 10:40

  • Cassini sniffs Enceladus's 'surprising organic brew'

    Saturnian moon spews building blocks of life

    Science 27 10:43

  • Privacy chief says biometric concessions not good enough

    'Kids and the elderly should be exempted'

    Government 27 10:43

  • First 'Facebook harassment' defendant cleared

    Friend request not proved

    Media 27 10:45

  • AMD readies two-GPU Radeon HD 3850 X2

    3870 X2's younger brother

    Hardware 27 11:20

  • Psychologist calls for movie-style ratings for games

    Games 27 11:22

  • XCOR challenges Virgin with the Lynx effect

    Suborbital tourist vehicle aloft within two years

    Science 27 11:27

  • Modern technology killing seaside postcards

    Open sauce

    Hardware 27 11:36

  • Ticked-off former Motorola 'insider' gives his two cents

    'If only you had listened to me'

    Mobile 27 11:46

  • China takes big (yard)stick to mapping websites

    Clandestine cartography threatens state security

    Government 27 11:52

  • Mozilla plugs 10 security holes in Firefox

    Thunderbird not go with latest updates

    The Channel 27 11:56

  • Wii 2.1 sound system

    Nothing wee about this sound system

    Hardware 27 12:01

  • Transgender man prepares to give birth

    Oregon couple redefine the division of labour

    Science 27 12:23

  • Cisco unleashes IOS patches

    Fixes five 'moderately critical' flaws

    The Channel 27 12:25

  • Cheap as chips wind-up MP3 player

    Batteries not included, or required

    Hardware 27 12:34

  • Boffin seeks US Blu-ray, mobile phone import ban

    Alleges mass infringement of blue-laser diode patent

    Science 27 12:40

  • MPs: Axe Nimrod subhunters to balance MoD budget

    Rogue dinosaur project for the chop?

    Government 27 13:07

  • DIY satellite TV installer shoots wife dead

    .22 handgun - not the best way to drill through walls

    Bootnotes 27 13:25

  • Brit TV company blamed for Peruvian tribal deaths

    Researcher carried flu, claim indigenous locals

    Science 27 14:03

  • Telly addicts developing web addictions

    Time to go cold turkey?

    Hardware 27 14:30

  • Tokyo 250Mbps mobile supernetwork speeds into life

    Did you see it? There it goes again....

    Mobile 27 14:40

  • MPAA copyright punch up knocks out TorrentSpy

    Former BitTorrent champ throws in the towel

    Media 27 14:43

  • Blu-ray 'to bloom', now HD DVD's dead

    Will you be one of the 18.8m people buying into BD this year?

    Hardware 27 14:44

  • Wii Remote raised to defuse explosive situations

    Robot loves WiiMote

    Games 27 14:50

  • Fayrewood gains pounds from new skinny look

    Lifts pre-tax profit out of the red

    The Channel 27 15:16

  • First permitted in-flight mobile call made

    Hello? Yeah, I'm on a plane...

    Phones 27 15:54

  • How safe is VMware's hypervisor?

    The debate rages on

    The Channel 27 16:03

  • T5 opening turns into Airplane 3.0

    Bags lost, flights cancelled, coffee runs out?

    Bootnotes 27 16:16

  • The Baying of the Hounds

    Headspace: How the state is leading us by the nose

    Law 27 16:19

  • Apple orders 10m 3G iPhones - analyst

    June release scheduled?

    Mobile 27 16:32

  • Picketers maul IBM in Sadville

    One virtually out - all virtually out!

    Media 27 16:39

  • Denmark signs up for wind powered electric car switch

    A double deck of green...

    Government 27 16:57

  • Apple grants Windows PCs the right to run Safari for Windows

    Except where it doesn't

    The Channel 27 17:05

  • Adobe opens Photoshop for freetards

    Express yourself, online

    Applications 27 17:45

  • Reality crashes Google hippie code fest

    Disappointing results, rejected projects

    Applications 27 19:56

  • Amazon's cloud now less prone to failure

    EC2 adds more elasticity and zonality

    Small Biz 27 20:08

  • Dutch MP releases anti-Islam movie

    NL gov in emergency talks

    Media 27 20:17

  • Buggy Flash code continues to plague the web

    Cost and laziness fuel Evilness' assault

    Security 27 20:40

  • Red Hat cheerleading purges Q4 profits

    Momentum isn't cheap

    Financial News 27 21:59