26th March 2008 Archive

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  • Spyware 'scammer' sued over PC pop-up invasion

    Washington state cracks down

    The Channel 26 00:56

  • Wikipedia scores $3m donation

    Which is nice

    Financial News 26 01:48

  • Intel slims low-power Xeon chips to 45nm

    New 50W chips bump clock speed and cache

    The Channel 26 01:53

  • Yahoo! cuddles Google's bastard grid-child

    Gets 'butt kicking' from Microsoft

    Servers 26 02:02

  • Big cheeses rolled into Vista-Incapable lawsuit

    Intel, Dell, IBM, HP, Wal-Mart etcetera etcetera

    The Channel 26 05:29

  • Ahoy! What's the best in-boat TV streaming system?


    Hardware 26 07:02

  • Mobile snap murderer jailed for life

    'Gross levels of depravity', says sentencing judge

    Mobile 26 07:02

  • Microsoft tries to talk its way into VoIP

    What's that? Speak up

    The Channel 26 08:16

  • The Guardian ditches Phorm

    Newspaper dumps its data pimping Valentine

    Broadband 26 08:59

  • Reg readers want to work for Google

    Salary survey results are in

    Reg Technology Panel 26 09:43

  • Virgin taps Boeing for 787 compensation

    Rattles tin over Dreamliner delays

    Science 26 09:44

  • Seagate CEO flips patent finger at SSD makers

    But now's not the time for lawsuits, apparently

    Hardware 26 10:02

  • Teachers crucified by coughing pupils

    I'm Spartacus. No, I'm Spartacus

    Mobile 26 10:52

  • Laser designated step'n'fetch wrinkle-robutler shown

    In-home pachyderm tech enters grey lifestyle sector

    Science 26 10:55

  • Four 1TB hard drives on test

    A quartet of desktop drives compared

    Hardware 26 11:02

  • Citigroup jacks up Yahoo! rating

    And social networking gets open API

    Financial News 26 11:24

  • Samsung shifts 22-vibrate-mode handset

    Throbbing technology with lots of useful applications

    Phones 26 11:40

  • Pork and politics energise the biofuel delusion

    Costly, counter-productive, eats all your food. What's not to like?

    Government 26 12:12

  • Ofcom hits green on in-flight calling

    EU price caps won't apply 3km up

    Mobile 26 12:17

  • Laptop vendors burned in battery plant blaze

    HP, Dell and Asus struggle to plug supply hole

    Hardware 26 12:19

  • UK's biggest meteorite impact rocked Scotland

    Prehistoric Ullapool enjoyed 'quite a show'

    Science 26 13:00

  • BAA boots Vulture from T5 frequent flyer club

    You are not suitable - step this way please

    Policy 26 13:24

  • Canadians go out clubbing

    Annual seal cull provokes annual protests

    Science 26 13:26

  • UK.gov urged to adopt web-friendly legislation format

    'We can't let you parse XML, Dave Cameron'

    Government 26 13:32

  • Army says farewell to UK's 'bugger-off' airbag drone

    Droid suicide flotilla wiped itself out in 7 years

    Government 26 13:33

  • Bladerunner and biometrics: Heathrow T5 unveiled

    No bag or being knowingly under-scanned

    Law 26 13:35

  • Keyboard PC design recalls Amiga era


    Hardware 26 13:42

  • Asus admits big global Eee supply-demand imbalance

    Only 30 per cent of customers able to buy one

    Hardware 26 14:07

  • Motorola cuts off gangrenous right arm

    Mobile division left to fend for itself

    Mobile 26 14:27

  • Kids brought up by technology not parents, quango claims

    Robaux pairs, anyone?

    Media 26 14:52

  • Domain hijackers forced to return numeric names

    007.nl is taken

    Broadband 26 15:00

  • iPhone to get haptic feedback, sort of

    Phones 26 15:13

  • Attackers hose down Microsoft's Jet DB Engine

    Cabbages decided no patch needed

    The Channel 26 15:13

  • Boeing faces jumbo problem over US aerial raygun fleet

    Airbus A380s with frikkin' lasers on them?

    Government 26 16:17

  • Premium rate watchdog primes 'Miss Bimbo' probe

    PhonepayPlus thinks of the children

    Mobile 26 16:21

  • EU marks Visa's cards for anti-trust probe

    Formal proceedings launched

    Financial News 26 16:24

  • World's slimmest 256GB SSD unveiled

    Lose pounds, not gigabytes

    Hardware 26 16:39

  • UK to fly the flag for OOXML

    Source: BSI gives file format thumbs up

    The Channel 26 16:47

  • BAA grounds Heathrow T5 fingerprinting system

    Data protection forces 11th hour climbdown

    Law 26 17:04

  • Sony confirms Son of Connect

    Antitrustware, or third time lucky?

    Media 26 18:17

  • Parallels pads hosting play with ModernGigabyte buy

    AntiqueGigabyte already taken

    Virtualization 26 19:20

  • Apple forbids Windows users from installing Safari for Windows

    First they mock web security. Then EULAs

    The Channel 26 19:31

  • Atrato unveils super fast SAID storage unit

    Cleans up after itself

    Storage 26 19:43

  • WiMAX has 'failed miserably'

    Aussie pokes WiMAX bubble

    Broadband 26 20:09

  • US Navy sails the open seas

    To empower the fleet, our networks must empower Sailors

    Policy 26 21:45

  • Dump IE 6 campaign runs afoul of dump IE 6 campaign

    Accusations, denials, tee-shirts

    Applications 26 22:12

  • Sun's chip boss fertilizes budding Juniper branch

    David Yen enters the bush

    Data Networking 26 23:22

  • Bell Canada chokes BitTorrent traffic on someone else's ISP

    Rocky VII: The Throttling

    Broadband 26 23:46

  • IBM's cloud computer drifts over Georgia and Ohio

    Future of admin sanity at stake

    Servers 26 23:47

  • Rambus wins big in monopoly ding-dong

    But must still overturn FTC ruling

    The Channel 26 23:56