25th March 2008 Archive

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  • US government cools on Real ID threats

    That's Uncle Sam in the corner

    Law 25 00:30

  • FCC opens curtain on Google puppetmaster

    Verizon plays the puppet

    Broadband 25 00:38

  • VMware and Dell on the road to India

    Like Sulekha Yellow Pages, they're Bangalore bound

    The Channel 25 00:50

  • Juniper acquires Sun's chip chief with one Yen

    Routers prepare for delays

    Data Networking 25 02:02

  • AJAX patent threat to giants under the hammer

    IP 101 for Web 2.0

    Software 25 06:02

  • UK CCTV numbers 'may be overstated'

    Police seek electronic access to council cameras

    Law 25 07:02

  • Network Solutions pulls anti-Koran website

    Breaches Ts and Cs of course

    Media 25 10:00

  • Reg Jobs gets a facelift

    Nip and tuck for a fresh new employment outlook

    Site News 25 10:27

  • Endeavour undocks and heads for home

    Touchdown tomorrow

    Science 25 10:33

  • LG's slider promises 'feel of human skin'

    Well, silicone...

    Phones 25 11:08

  • US airline pilot pops a cap in cockpit

    'Accidental discharge' of terror-busting pistol

    Law 25 11:11

  • MoD opens pork incubator in UK 'Golden Triangle'

    Incubate, unlock, harness, gorge - your taxes at work

    Government 25 11:33

  • Dear Hull, all your typos are belong to Karoo

    Something fishy about DNS hijacking

    Broadband 25 11:33

  • Turkey bans Facebook app

    Insults to Ataturk not welcome

    Government 25 11:37

  • US Wi-Fi piggybacking won't put you in pokey

    Proposed bill likely to be blown down

    Law 25 11:53

  • Majority of NHSmail accounts are inactive

    And few employees even have one

    Government 25 12:00

  • Oregon man stripped by Craigslist looters

    Fake ads provoke giveaway stampede

    Bootnotes 25 12:10

  • Civil Serf blogger faces disciplinary action

    Suspended pending investigation into conduct

    Law 25 12:22

  • Cuba, India vote no on OOXML

    Aligning up against Microsoft

    The Channel 25 12:38

  • China unbans the Beeb

    English language news available for first time

    Government 25 12:46

  • Sony rocks en route with Bluetooth car stereo

    In-car audio

    Broadband 25 12:48

  • IBM chips into EnterpriseDB love fund

    GridSQL for all

    Applications 25 13:02

  • VuPoint Solutions FS-C1-VP slide scanner

    Bring your old snaps out of the analogue era

    Hardware 25 13:12

  • Israel won't buy US laser cannons to defend borders

    Toxic-waste 'Nautilus' raygun plan dumped again

    Government 25 13:21

  • Awed fraudsters defeated by UK's passport interviews

    No fakes detected - terrorists all move to Belgium

    Government 25 13:23

  • Fujitsu fetes 'first' 320GB, 7200rpm laptop drive

    Or will a rival ship first?

    Storage 25 13:33

  • WD touts 320GB 'elite' pocket hard drive

    Status warranted by encryption app and capacity readout

    Storage 25 13:56

  • Yes! It's the handgun camcorder!

    Point-and-shoot photography given new meaning

    Hardware 25 14:08

  • Chinese drivers get rear-view satnav

    It's got audio too!

    Science 25 14:15

  • Wanted: AMD Athlon upgrade advice


    Hardware 25 14:27

  • Religious MPs get free vote on hybrid embryos

    Brown compromises following Church pressure

    Government 25 14:48

  • Dell enters PAN Manager's Labyrinth

    Egenera makes a new friend

    Servers 25 14:59

  • American tech spy gets 24 years in cooler

    It's a family affair

    Law 25 15:25

  • Vista SP1 customers get free support

    Microsoft responds to grumbles

    The Channel 25 15:34

  • BT 'security upgrade' causes email headaches

    If your domain's not down, you're not sending mail

    Broadband 25 15:52

  • Wii Remote controller gets cradle

    Clear the clutter

    Games 25 16:03

  • Soot almost as bad as CO2 for global warming

    Smoke gets in eyes of climate boffins

    Science 25 16:30

  • IT Culture In Business Performance

    Got plans on April 2nd? Cancel them.

    Site News 25 16:46

  • US mistakenly sent nuke-ICBM parts to Taiwan in 2006

    They only wanted some batteries, apparently

    Government 25 16:47

  • Dell signs Croma to sell PCs in India

    From US gloom to Asian bloom...

    The Channel 25 17:01

  • Facebook security hole exposes Paris Hilton's . . . um, pics

    Zuckerberg's private moments on display too

    Security 25 17:16

  • NetApp and Halliburton: going further, faster, together

    But there can be only one

    Storage 25 19:28

  • Laptops and developing countries drive strong PC growth (maybe)

    Gartner reads the entrails

    The Channel 25 19:46

  • Microsoft and JasperSoft connect on Excel

    On-demand service taps power of desktop

    Applications 25 21:59

  • Red Hat criticizes 'lousy' open source participation

    CEO wants to define 21st century

    Operating Systems 25 22:06