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Of laptops and US border searches

Recently, I was going through an airport with my shoes, coat, jacket, and belt off as well as with my carry-on bag, briefcase, and laptop all separated for easy inspection. I was heading through security at the Washington D.C., Ronald Reagan National Airport in Arlington, Virginia, or "National" as we locals call it. As I passed through the new magnetometer which gently puffed air all over my body - which to me seems to be a cross between a glaucoma test and Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes - a TSA employee absent-mindedly asked if he could "inspect" my laptop computer. While the inspection was cursory, the situation immediately gave me pause: What was in my laptop anyway?
Mark Rasch, 24 Mar 2008

The secret to evolutionary code

Book extract, part oneThe idea of building simple code that's easy to maintain generates debate at both a philosophical and a practical level. What to we mean by "simple", how do you get there – use a model with comments or just an economy of code - and, importantly, who the hell built this mess? That kind of stuff.
Scott Bain, 24 Mar 2008

Verizon makes nice with P2P

From an ISP’s point of view, P2P traffic can appear to be exceptionally daunting. If they choose to block it, as some have accused almost all of the major US ISPs of doing, then their networks would become ghost networks, with virtually no traffic in sight. But if they embrace it, their networks are fast moving crazy places, where suppliers have to sprint to keep their network surviving.
Faultline, 24 Mar 2008

ICO queries Heathrow T5's huge fingerprint scam scan

The government, the British Airports Authority and the Information Commissioner's Office are arguing over fingerprinting at Heathrow's new Terminal 5, which is due to open on Thursday. T5 is to use a 'count them all in, count them all out' biometric system to log entry and exit to the departure lounge, but the ICO thinks the move may breach the Data Protection Act, and has demanded an explanation from BAA.
John Lettice, 24 Mar 2008

DARPA funds Sun's optical chip chatter magic

Well, well, well, Sun Microsystems worked DARPA over for some SPARC funding after all. The server maker today celebrated a $44m contract to produce optical chip-to-chip connections technology for the Defense Department's R&D unit.
Ashlee Vance, 24 Mar 2008

Yahoo! outsources! India's! giant! supercomputer!

Yahoo! will start leasing computer scientists some quality time with the fourth fastest supercomputer in the world, courtesy of India-based Computational Research Laboratories (CRL).
Austin Modine, 24 Mar 2008

Enraged AT&T spam filter eats legitimate mail

Finding fewer emails in your AT&T spam folder? It may be a mixed blessing.
Dan Goodin, 24 Mar 2008
mozilla foundation

Mozilla CEO blasts Apple for putting security of the internet at risk

Steve Jobs is using Apple Software Update to slip his Safari browser onto Windows machines. And Mozilla CEO John Lilly is peeved.
Cade Metz, 24 Mar 2008

Marathon ships He-Man virtual machine protector

What happens when my physical machine collapses? That's what a lot of virtualization newcomers wonder about while considering the prospect of stacking tons of applications on a single, physical box.
Ashlee Vance, 24 Mar 2008

DOJ blesses XM/Sirius marriage

The US Department of Justice today is giving a nod of approval to the merger between satellite radio companies XM and Sirius, more than a year after the deal was first announced.
Austin Modine, 24 Mar 2008

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