20th March 2008 Archive

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  • Colonel EMC...in the data center...with a Quantum software?

    The Cluedos appear to follow

    Storage 20 00:19

  • Next Eclipse platform in two years

    Abandonment issues for 3.x

    Applications 20 00:25

  • HP CEO asks investors to do more

    Be rich like me

    Financial News 20 00:25

  • Woman accuses RIAA of killing dolphins

    'You treated me like a dead person'

    Media 20 00:50

  • Mega-mortuary creaks open its doors in Westminster

    Not ominous in the least

    Law 20 06:02

  • Robo spy-zeppelin prototype in test flight

    Loitering-peeper Pinky-Ponk droid gets high

    Science 20 07:02

  • FSA acts as rumours send bank shares crashing

    Dealers dealing, traders trading

    Financial News 20 09:56

  • Ericsson CMO says Wi-Fi hotspots' days are numbered

    'The telephone boxes of the broadband era'

    Data Networking 20 10:10

  • Panasonic punts Wi-Fi snapper

    Snap, store, send

    Hardware 20 10:13

  • Philips sees green with backlight-balancing Eco TV

    Watch programmes about melting ice caps

    Hardware 20 10:25

  • Police tech agency rewinds on smartphone CCTV

    BlackBerrys for boys in blue?

    Law 20 10:31

  • Sony pledges Blu-ray Profile 2.0 PS3 update this month

    BD Live online content links coming to console

    Games 20 11:04

  • Ofcom says yes on more TV ads

    Cillit Bang! Bang! Bang!

    Government 20 11:15

  • V-22 Osprey combo-copter hits fresh tech snags

    Speedy chopper now has TOSS option, too

    Government 20 11:20

  • Endeavour accompanied by Rocket Man

    NASA gets Nano'd up

    Science 20 11:24

  • AMD readies third Radeon HD 3800-series GPU line

    3830 to take on Nvidia's 8600 GTS and 9600 GT

    Hardware 20 11:25

  • Critical bugs bite Kerberos

    Hell's fire

    The Channel 20 11:44

  • BBC Micro creators meet to TRACE machine's legacy

    IF .. THEN .. ELSE

    Vintage 20 12:28

  • HP and Microsoft plan Taiwanese R&D centre

    Going where the partners are

    The Channel 20 12:28

  • Virgin Media in premium rate U-turn

    25p per minute tech support to be dropped

    Broadband 20 12:35

  • DroboShare network storage 'robot'

    Can network storage really be this easy to use?

    Storage 20 12:53

  • Famous Five film lined up

    Now with 30% less bigotry

    Bootnotes 20 13:12

  • Anglophone cybercops team up to fight fraud

    Anglo-saxon attitudes

    Law 20 13:27

  • BBC races away with five-year F1 rights deal

    Ad-free Grand Prix motor racing from 2009

    Bootnotes 20 13:28

  • Pentagon says sat-smash smithereen cloud almost gone

    Orbital turkey blitz 'added value', seemingly

    Science 20 13:38

  • Nokia passes buck over Greenpeace eco rating reduction

    Third-parties to blame

    Phones 20 13:49

  • EU wants data sharing network for driving offences

    Just shut up and drive

    Law 20 14:51

  • ECS spills more beans about 'super 3G' Eee PC rival

    Hardware 20 15:26

  • Asterisk mauled by buffer overflow bug

    Are IP PBXs the next hacking battleground?

    The Channel 20 15:42

  • Philips shows gadgets galore

    Docking stations ago-go

    Hardware 20 15:43

  • Vista SP1 launched as Phorm declared illegal

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    Business 20 16:21

  • E-Plus kills i-mode service

    German mobile operator bangs in penultimate nail

    Mobile 20 16:36

  • Vista SP1 downloaders bite back

    'I've gained an update and lost my drivers'

    Operating Systems 20 16:50

  • Caribbean firm circumvents BD+ copy protection

    Blu-ray bitchslap poses problems for Hollywood

    Hardware 20 17:16

  • SIIA slaps lawsuits on eight eBay Adobe sellers

    'Aggressive new campaign'

    The Channel 20 17:52

  • Cisco-baiting security co goes titsup

    Lockdown shutdown

    The Channel 20 18:03

  • Esther Dyson clones self

    'Genetics just got personal'

    Media 20 18:09

  • Apple's Time Machine now works as advertised

    USB drive backup from Airport base station

    Storage 20 18:33

  • HP stuffs XenServer into ProLiants

    iThe iVirtualization iIdentity

    Servers 20 19:02

  • Sequoia attack dogs kill review into e-voting discrepancies

    'Your investigation into fair democracy infringes our rights'

    Government 20 20:07

  • Eclipse learns how to let go

    Swapping IBM for Sun and Microsoft

    Software 20 21:01

  • Dell flees sinking US economy on quick boat to China

    PCs tailored for migrant workers

    The Channel 20 21:14

  • Ex-FCC chair vows government control over the Google Brain

    Wrapping the cloud in red tape

    Servers 20 22:09

  • AT&T and Verizon thrash rivals with $16bn spectrum swipe

    FCC Chair pleased with lack of diversity

    Broadband 20 23:53