18th March 2008 Archive

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  • HP wants to get physical with virtual servers

    We'll touch you in one, special place

    Virtualization 18 00:04

  • IBM dreams of optical chips with tiny light pulse device

    Your server will be all 'bew bew bew bzzzap'

    Servers 18 00:21

  • Handango shakes on Carphone Warehouse deal

    You can't do everything on the internet

    Mobile 18 06:02

  • Sweet, sweet smell of comments in code?

    Extreme Programming breeds overreaction

    Software 18 06:02

  • DVB-H is the official mobile-TV standard

    Business model still AWOL though

    Mobile 18 07:02

  • ISPAs 2008: Music can save broadband

    Feargal applies a Positive Touch

    Broadband 18 07:02

  • Captain Cyborg plans to milk you, human scum

    'You'll be a subspecies, like cows are now'

    Science 18 09:51

  • Sage settles on US head

    Telecoms player gets the nod

    The Channel 18 10:39

  • Children should get keys to their data when they come of age

    Data protection working party weighs in

    Law 18 10:42

  • Space robot goes operational at ISS

    Canadian droid puts astro-vet out of work

    Science 18 10:44

  • Intel tweaks SSE 4 to speed text processing

    String theory

    Hardware 18 10:52

  • Red Green Ken v Porsche in battle of the polls

    It's as though you could buy the results you wanted

    Government 18 11:04

  • Panasonic punts submarine camcorder

    Rambo's camcorder?

    Hardware 18 11:08

  • Retro-style phone mixes VoIP, Dect

    Hardware 18 11:08

  • Why would someone toss $1.35m at Wikipedia?

    Jimbo Wales catches VC from Bono on Mexico City rooftop

    Financial News 18 11:21

  • Vodafone axes 450 at Newbury HQ

    Never mind, have some Hard Candy

    Mobile 18 11:37

  • Ex-MS staffer to demo Vista smart card hack

    Hot Fuzz

    Security 18 11:38

  • Facebook says occupied territories are Israel

    Or Palestine...

    Applications 18 11:47

  • Cambridge brain touts wind-n-server combo farms

    Thin-client spinoff bizprof spins skinny as green

    Servers 18 11:54

  • Adobe pulls bug-riddled Photoshop update

    Lightroom users plunged into darkness

    Applications 18 12:35

  • Teachers cower in face of cyberbullies

    Bring back proper beatings, say corduroys

    Law 18 12:43

  • Nintendo scores zero on e-waste responsibility

    Philips, Panasonic still in the red on green issues

    Science 18 13:19

  • First supersonic swingwing synthi-fuel flight tomorrow

    A foretaste of scumjet or mushroom zoom-boom to come?

    Science 18 13:28

  • AMD 780G integrated DirectX10.1 chipset

    Leaves Nvidia and Intel standing?

    Hardware 18 13:29

  • Wacky Apple patent application shows dual-screen 'iPhone 2.0'?


    Hardware 18 13:35

  • Microsoft signs assemblers to boost Xbox 360 output

    Tight supply blamed for PS3 sales surge

    Games 18 13:52

  • Online banking payment system aims to reduce fraud

    Cunning Aussie fix for online payments

    Small Biz 18 13:58

  • Nvidia rolls out 'world's fastest' graphics card

    GeForce 9800 GX2 takes fight to AMD's 3870 X2

    Hardware 18 15:02

  • Supermarket loses 4.2 million credit card details

    Supermarket identity sweep

    Security 18 15:11

  • Tom Cruise does splits in birthday boogie vid

    'It's a blast, it's a blast'

    Bootnotes 18 15:16

  • Brainchipped flesh-cloak cyborg bug-bug passes milestone

    Early hosts successfully cored, control snags remain

    Science 18 16:00

  • HP to ship SuSE on India PCs

    No plans for EMEA... yet

    The Channel 18 16:02

  • Ofcom to hold operators responsible for dodgy dealers

    Voluntary code of practice not working

    Mobile 18 16:36

  • eBay scripting trick used to boost seller ratings

    Shockwave redirection ploy in mystery auction attack

    Security 18 17:04

  • Pentax compact pulls out all the stops

    Megapixels? Check! LCD display? Check!

    Hardware 18 17:15

  • Nokia's N82 comes back in black

    Now there are two shades to pick from

    Phones 18 17:18

  • Microsoft rolls out Vista SP1

    You win some. You break some

    The Channel 18 18:21

  • Intel and Microsoft dump $20m on researchers to avert software crisis

    To your Ivory Towers!

    Hardware 18 18:42

  • Google's riches rely on ads, algorithms, and worldwide confusion

    'Please ignore the cash machine behind the curtain'

    Small Biz 18 18:44

  • P2P highwayman gets four years for ID theft

    Dodgy downloader sent down

    Security 18 18:54

  • Vyatta blows out Cisco routers with study

    The OPEC of networking

    Data Networking 18 19:03

  • Google warns third parties on GData mashups

    We can fiddle if we want

    Software 18 19:52

  • Dell quads up single-socket rockets

    SMB sampler

    Servers 18 20:06

  • US court protects Craigslist from housing suit

    Don't call it immunity, though

    Small Biz 18 20:34

  • NASDAQ delists Bell Micro for late filing

    Shares sink like a stone

    The Channel 18 22:04

  • Nike readies alternative to own iPod workout kit

    Nike+ SportsBand to challenge... er... Nike+ iPod

    Hardware 18 22:21

  • Brocade puts file virtualization in a pricey box

    StorageX gets metallic coating

    Storage 18 23:07

  • Ohio voting machines confiscated in criminal investigation

    'Candidate withdrawn'

    Government 18 23:31