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Warning: fire

Rent-a-bot gang rises from the DDoS ashes

A notorious malware gang that rented out botnets by the hour has resurfaced after being knocked off line two months ago by a rival band of criminals.
Dan Goodin, 13 Mar 2008

Nortel widens telecom tubes with 40Gb/s optical cards

Nortel is showing off some new optical networking gear for telecoms, made to push bandwidth-clogging applications at a blazing 40Gb/s without an infrastructure overhaul.
Austin Modine, 13 Mar 2008

Bloggers are rantier, more self-loathing than thou

And if you ever need self validation / Just meet me in the alley by the railway station - Morrissey
Andrew Orlowski, 13 Mar 2008
Microsoft .NET logo

Quick scripting for .NET with IronPython

Hands on, part 1While Ruby and Groovy seem to get all of the attention, there's one scripting language that has been around for a lot longer and that has quietly been picking up in popularity over the long run. That language is Python, and, according to the TIOBE Programming Community Index Python was the language of the year for 2007.
Dr Pan Pantziarka, 13 Mar 2008

Nathan Barleys mourn Great Lost Quango

Soho's Nathan Barleys were in mourning yesterday after Ofcom chief Ed Richards abandoned his shape-shifting flagship, the "Public Service Publisher" quango.
Andrew Orlowski, 13 Mar 2008

Terry Pratchett donates £500k to Alzheimer's charity

Terry Pratchett has announced he will donate £500,000 to the UK's Alzheimer's Research Trust, three months after he was diagnosed with a rare form of the disease.
Lester Haines, 13 Mar 2008

The 'green' car tax grabs that don't add up

Budget CommentAlistair Darling has missed his big chance to show that he's both serious about climate change and that he understands the arguments. He's delayed the previously announced 2p per litre rise in fuel duty and then added that it will rise 0.5 p per litre each year thereafter. This simply isn't acceptable, it's putting us all at risk, for what he should have done is cut fuel duty by 12p per litre.
Tim Worstall, 13 Mar 2008

Apple sued in server-to-iPod song shift patent clash

Apple has been sued again, once more by a company claiming ownership of technology embedded in the iPod and iTunes Music Store.
Tony Smith, 13 Mar 2008
PC World's £1000 Wii

Quick cash-by-text deals slammed for sending Swedes into debt

Cash-hungry people can already apply for loans in the High Street, online or over the telephone, but the addition of text messaging services to the list of lenders is now being blamed for pushing hordes of Swedes into the red.
James Sherwood, 13 Mar 2008

Lip-like loudspeaker touts the pout

Rockers the Rolling Stones used giant lips as their trademark, so what better way to proudly display your musical credentials than with a portable speaker shaped like a lover’s buccal embrace?
James Sherwood, 13 Mar 2008
Warning: roadworks

Extreme Programming in risky position, says co-creator

As the celebrated 2.0 incarnation of the web lures an increasing number of organizations into the cloud, enterprise IT managers are warming to the quick-and-dirty capabilities of PHP, JavaScript, Perl, Python, and Ruby for developing database-driven web apps. And a new generation of tools is elevating scripters to the status of go-to guys for trimming development backlogs.
John K Waters, 13 Mar 2008

Disney doesn't want AOL either

Disney has joined the list of companies not interested in AOL, as chief executive Robert Iger yesterday put his rejection on the table.
John Oates, 13 Mar 2008

US woman spends two years on boyfriend's toilet

US authorities are trying to work out why a Kansas woman spent two years on her boyfriend's toilet - so long that by the time he called emergency services her skin had grown around the lav's seat.
Lester Haines, 13 Mar 2008

Please don't call us, begs German VoIP phone outfit

You've got to feel a bit sorry for German VoIP phone outfit snom, which has asked customers not to call it following an evidently troublesome office relocation.
Lester Haines, 13 Mar 2008

US firm demos 'thought into speech' neckband

A US firm has demonstrated a "thought into speech" neckband which converts nerve signals to the vocal cords into a computer-generated voice.
Lester Haines, 13 Mar 2008

Analysts call for secure Facebook access for workers

Number crunchers at Gartner have decided that businesses should allow their workers to access Facebook and all manner of web guff "securely", via the company network.
Christopher Williams, 13 Mar 2008

Horizon admits takeover talks

Horizon Technology Group - the Irish reseller company - told the Stock Exchange this morning that it has been approached by a possible buyer for the firm.
John Oates, 13 Mar 2008

BBC calls DRM cops on iPlayer download party

UpdatedThe BBC has swooped to close a loophole in its recently-launched iPhone streaming service that allowed Linux, Windows and Mac users to grab a high quality DRM-free download.
Christopher Williams, 13 Mar 2008
Warning: biohazard

Mass compromise powers massive drive-by download attack

More than 10,000 web pages have been booby trapped with malware in one of the largest attacks of its kind to date.
John Leyden, 13 Mar 2008

Sony Ericsson Walkman W890i mobile phone

ReviewSony Ericsson turned heads last year with its ultra-slim Walkman W880i. Now its successor, the W890i, aims to play to an even wider audience with improved handling and upgraded features.
Phil Lattimore, 13 Mar 2008

Antarctic meteorite points to smashed dwarf planet

Two pieces of meteorite found in 2006 in the Graves Nunataks area of Antarctica are likely fragments of a dwarf planet destroyed in the solar system's youth, New Scientist reports.
Lester Haines, 13 Mar 2008

US airforce looks to buy Californian garbage jet fuel

An American tech-licencing company says it is in negotiations with the US Air Force - and unnamed airlines - to supply jet fuel made from Californian household waste. A combination of high oil prices, a military push to find secure fuel sources, and governmental incentives are expected to make the business case viable.
Lewis Page, 13 Mar 2008

32nd Carry On film is go

Fans of the splendidly silly Carry On franchise will be delighted to learn that the 32nd film in the series - tentatively dubbed Carry On London - "could be in cinemas by the end of the year", according to the Beeb.
Lester Haines, 13 Mar 2008

MS said to have delayed Euro Zune debut to 2009

Microsoft is keeping mum over the European release date of its Zune portable media player, despite reports that the software giant has pushed back the release to 2009.
James Sherwood, 13 Mar 2008

AOL buys a friend for $850m

AOL will acquire yoof social networking site Bebo for $850m cash, the web 0.1 mastodon announced today.
Christopher Williams, 13 Mar 2008
Evesham Technology

Evesham Technology redundancy claims outstanding

Many Evesham Technology Ltd workers who lost their jobs when the British computer maker fell into administration last August appear to still be waiting for their redundancy claims to be fully realised.
Kelly Fiveash, 13 Mar 2008

LG goes LCD shopping at Sharp

The popularity of outsourcing LCD panel production between manufacturers is growing, with LG now confirming that it plans to buy 32in and 52in LCD panels from Sharp.
James Sherwood, 13 Mar 2008

Sony touts tasty portable DVD player

Watching movies on a laptop doesn't suit every location, and you may find portable media player screens too small. So what's the alternative for watching films on the go? Portable DVD players, says Sony, which has unveiled a sexy model for the mobile movie addict.
James Sherwood, 13 Mar 2008

Google tests ad platform and inventory manager

Google is beta testing Ad Manager - the software aimed at making running ads on websites easier for smaller businesses.
John Oates, 13 Mar 2008

A third of online shops undermine consumer rights

Nearly a third of retail websites surveyed by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) are breaking laws designed to protect shoppers.
OUT-LAW.COM, 13 Mar 2008
Redhat logo

Red Hat releases Enterprise Linux OS beta

Red Hat has released a beta version of the latest update to its Enterprise Linux OS, touting significant improvements to the desktop and virtualisation.
Richard Thurston, 13 Mar 2008

Apple patents reveal Apple TV DVR plan?

Readers with long memories may recall rumours a few years back that Apple was planning to fit an updated version of the Mac Mini with an integrated iPod dock. Newly published patents suggest the idea may yet emerge - as a DVR-oriented version of the Apple TV.
Tony Smith, 13 Mar 2008

Digital TV sales soar as Brits flock to Freeview

What did you get the missus for Christmas? An iPhone? A Wii? Or perhaps like millions of other Brits, you got her a Freeview-enabled telly or set-top box? Sales of Freeview-branded hardware rose to 3.8m units during the Christmas quarter.
James Sherwood, 13 Mar 2008

Set your Nunchuck free

Since the Wii’s arrival, gamers have moaned about that little wire connecting the console's main Remote to the Nunchuck. Gaming peripherals manufacturer Nyko has cut the cord and created a wireless alternative.
James Sherwood, 13 Mar 2008

Free software lawyers warn over Microsoft patent pledge

The Software Freedom Law Center (SFLC) has warned that promises made by Microsoft over its Office Open XML (OOXML) document formats could leave open source software developers at risk of legal action.
Kelly Fiveash, 13 Mar 2008

RedTen snags lifeboat after being cut adrift by BT

Customers of RedTen Internet could have their connections restored next week after being left high and dry when the ISP had its connection cut by BT.
Richard Thurston, 13 Mar 2008

Azul star DeWitt runs to HP

Last September, we revealed that then Azul Systems CEO Stephen DeWitt planned to bail on the start-up. Six months later DeWitt confirmed the move by popping up at HP.
Ashlee Vance, 13 Mar 2008

Patricia Hewitt joins BT as non-exec director

Patricia Hewitt is to join BT later this month as a non-executive director, boosting her salary by a healthy £60,000.
Richard Thurston, 13 Mar 2008

Cuba lifts ban on computer sales

Cuban president Raul Castro has lifted the country's ban on the sale of petit bourgeois merchandise like computers, DVDs, video players and other consumer electronics goods.
Austin Modine, 13 Mar 2008

Surveillance immunity bill for telecoms tries livin’ la vida loca

Only the paranoid survive. But which ones - the kind who choose to live in solitude, à la Unabomber Ted Kaczynski, patiently loading and unloading their weaponry to protect themselves from the dystopian techno-state? Or the kind living in Washington, who yearn for proto-totalitarian surveillance authority, all the better to protect us from ill-defined archetypal foreign threats and solitary lunatics living in the middle of nowhere?
Burke Hansen, 13 Mar 2008

Google claims 'non-existent' Android beats everything but the Jesus Phone

eCommOne day, Google believes, software developers will love its "non-existent" Android handset just as much as they love the iPhone - and maybe more.
Cade Metz, 13 Mar 2008

Trend Micro gets slashed in attack of the killer iframes

Trend Micro, please put down your bricks and step away from the glass house.
Dan Goodin, 13 Mar 2008

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