12th March 2008 Archive

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  • Democrats refuse immunity for warrantless wiretappers

    Telco showdown with Bushie

    Broadband 12 00:33

  • Microscope-wielding boffins crack Tube smartcard

    The keys to London Underground, and plenty more

    Security 12 05:02

  • Steve Jobs rescues freetards from BBC iPlayer wilderness (for now)

    iPhone streams start DRM-free download party

    Hardware 12 07:02

  • Mac security site littered with malware

    Gamekeeper turned poacher

    Security 12 09:28

  • Home Sec: British rings to be tightened against intrusion

    The 39 Plods, by Jacqui Smith

    Policy 12 09:29

  • Triple play puts iPhone ahead of Android

    SDK, App Store, and the Holy phone

    Developer 12 09:36

  • Notts police seize mobile phone stun gun

    'This could potentially kill someone'

    Law 12 09:49

  • Rugby lock gets early bath for YouTube punch

    Fan's vid prompts three-week ban

    Bootnotes 12 10:03

  • iPod Nano electrical discharge sparks new battery fear

    Japanese player goes 'fzzzt'

    Hardware 12 10:17

  • Thumb-ring accessory points to handset harmony?

    A TAD silly?

    Hardware 12 10:26

  • iPhone emulator firmware jailbroken

    Paves way for unlocked iPhone 2.0?

    Mobile 12 10:48

  • Boffins demo OLED-on-a-roll production process

    Cheaper flat-panel TVs coming

    Science 12 11:17

  • Northamber announces £2.94m cash return

    Surplus to requirements

    The Channel 12 11:21

  • Critical Outlook and Excel bugs star in March Patch Tuesday

    Black Tuesday updates focus on MS Office

    Security 12 11:38

  • MoD loses 11,000 ID cards

    Is that good?

    Government 12 11:41

  • John Denver classic provokes Thai karaoke gun massacre

    'Take me home, country...'

    Bootnotes 12 11:47

  • 1&1 says sorry to one in ten

    Another outage, another apology

    Small Biz 12 11:48

  • American-German biometric database share deal inked

    No word on US access to polizei pong-print BO bank

    Government 12 11:55

  • Palm Centro smartphone

    Treo goes mainstream

    Phones 12 12:02

  • Hacking attacks can turn off heart monitors

    Lock up your grannies

    Security 12 12:05

  • Why I downgraded from Vista to XP

    More like an upgrade?

    Management 12 12:10

  • Bill Gates goes to Washington, again

    Pushes for education and immigration reform

    Government 12 12:36

  • Foreign losses jack UK plastic fraud up to £535.2m

    Negative cash flows

    Security 12 13:06

  • Qualcomm buys into Phorm-alike firm

    Data gathering on the hoof

    Mobile 12 13:14

  • Poland's ex-PM condemns online polling

    Internet just for porn, claims Kaczynski

    Government 12 13:16

  • Nyko beats Sony to PS3 rumble controller release

    Zero ships ahead of DualShock 3

    Games 12 13:43

  • Samsung kills second-gen Blu-ray, HD DVD combo player

    No release for the BD-UP5500

    Hardware 12 13:44

  • Wider London c-charge mooted as road pricing bounces back

    New tag tech makes paying easier, or maybe more frequent

    Policy 12 13:49

  • Darling talks, UK growth slows

    Global woes spread to Number 11

    Government 12 13:55

  • KontrolFreek pimps up Xbox 360 controller thumbpads

    Thumb-twitching fun

    Games 12 14:01

  • Chancellor props up SMBs with loans, gov work

    Helps the medicine go down

    Small Biz 12 14:07

  • Northrop: battlefield rayguns to demo this year

    Laser-cannon 'building block' test success

    Government 12 14:24

  • Darling budget fails to paint Brown government green

    Greenpeace sees red, despite hopes for 1m envirojobs

    Government 12 14:52

  • Beeb's DAB failfest 'costs £25 per set'

    20th time lucky?

    Media 12 14:58

  • Work and pensions IT projects £315m over budget

    As completion date slips from 2007 to 2011

    Government 12 15:23

  • Afghan networks start nightly shutdown

    Taliban threats turn into action

    Mobile 12 15:27

  • Top security firm: Phorm is adware

    Home Office advice suggests RIPA worries for webmasters

    Broadband 12 15:38

  • Devolo preps satellite TV-over-mains kit

    Coax out, powerline Ethernet in

    Broadband 12 16:07

  • Camera gets camcorder, MP3 player features and more

    Picture the Picto

    Hardware 12 16:12

  • IBM buys Encentuate to accumulate

    Lands security lab on Singapore

    Security 12 16:29

  • Hulu says hello

    Big TV muscles in on online video

    Media 12 17:22

  • Apple fans roast Apple fans

    Fix for overheating MacBook Airs

    Hardware 12 17:37

  • Unpatched RealPlayer bug paves way for drive-by downloads


    Security 12 17:59

  • Microsoft buys virtualization tot for help with Vista

    Get inoculated with a Kidaro injection

    Virtualization 12 18:01

  • Nine Inch Nails slam Radiohead's 'bait and switch'

    Industrial quality

    Media 12 19:21

  • HP punches reseller for lying over customers

    Discounting the truth

    The Channel 12 21:02

  • Skype blames eBay for killing 'our innovation buzz'

    'But now we rumble'

    Broadband 12 21:04

  • Wikileaks exposes Scientology's zeal to 'clean up rotten spots of society'

    A billion-year commitment

    Media 12 21:22

  • Back to batch with Java

    Putting a spring in your mainframe's step

    Software 12 22:10

  • New NetApp logo already used by lubricating genie shop

    'Our generic N is storage safe'

    Bootnotes 12 22:12

  • Desktop Support: The Hub of IT

    Attack your desktop support woes

    Site News 12 23:00

  • Twittercide results in banality bloodbath

    Witness: 'Ideas helpless against short attention spans'

    Applications 12 23:25