11th March 2008 Archive

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  • LSI buys Infineon's disk biz

    Serves Hitachi with second-hand platter

    Storage 11 Mar 00:58

  • EMC buys web services startup Infra

    Washes down Iomega tears

    The Channel 11 Mar 01:01

  • EU investigates DOJ internet gambling tactics

    WTO case against the US on the way?

    Government 11 Mar 01:49

  • A better way to build OS X preferences

    Behind the interface

    Software 11 Mar 06:02

  • Space Shuttle Endeavour on its way

    Next stop, the ISS

    Science 11 Mar 06:50

  • 'Magnet boy' freezes Xbox

    Hair-raising gameplay

    Games 11 Mar 09:08

  • Equifax typo derails digital cert

    Minor glitch narks business customers

    Security 11 Mar 09:51

  • Cassini to surf Enceladus's icy plumes

    'In your face' flyby of Saturnian moon

    Science 11 Mar 09:52

  • Siemens kicked off UK government contract

    Man bites dog

    Government 11 Mar 09:55

  • Jodrell Bank offloaded on eBay

    RIP UK radio astronomy

    Bootnotes 11 Mar 10:02

  • Nvidia dual-GPU graphics card due next week

    GeForce 9800 GX2 first; 9800 GTX a week later

    Hardware 11 Mar 10:31

  • Minister wants more mashups

    'Wiki thinking is the way of the future'

    Government 11 Mar 10:47

  • Google red cards Privila for gaming search engine

    Articles of bad faith?

    Security 11 Mar 11:03

  • Wal-Mart stores drop cheap-as-chips Linux PC

    A glimpse of restocking? Only online...

    Hardware 11 Mar 11:07

  • Portsmouth student peeled in potato laptop scam

    £600 for a bag of spuds

    Bootnotes 11 Mar 11:13

  • Intel to launch 160GB Flash laptop drives in Q2

    Taking the fight to Samsung, SanDisk et al

    Hardware 11 Mar 11:47

  • Capita buys way into ComputerLand

    Two become one

    The Channel 11 Mar 11:58

  • Archos TV+ 250GB streaming media player

    Very, very disappointing

    Hardware 11 Mar 12:02

  • Computacenter plumps up revs, pre-tax profit

    Credit crisis? What credit crisis?

    The Channel 11 Mar 12:44

  • Virgin lags in scumjumbo race, bins airliner drag-start plans

    Clean green sheen less seen at beard-biz empire

    Science 11 Mar 12:44

  • Sexy touchscreen MP4 player for under a ton, anyone?

    Notes at the ready

    Hardware 11 Mar 12:46

  • Pitcairn Island relays most spam per person

    South Sea junk mail mutiny

    Security 11 Mar 12:52

  • Mobe software firm Picsel prunes 10% of workforce

    IPO off the agenda

    Mobile 11 Mar 12:58

  • CPW builds wall between customers and Phorm

    As US prepares 'welcome' party

    Broadband 11 Mar 13:13

  • Texas Instruments sounds alarm on 3G

    Someone's cutting back

    Mobile 11 Mar 13:17

  • Nokia turns to TV to push music service

    You are entering the Green Room

    Mobile 11 Mar 13:47

  • Microsoft admits big delay on Home Server bug fix

    Alert! Data corruption causes domestics

    Operating Systems 11 Mar 13:54

  • Pay lip service to loved ones with the KissPhone

    Gene Simmons' favourite blower?

    Hardware 11 Mar 13:58

  • O2 unveils XDA Atmos

    Second own-brand smartphone in two months

    Mobile 11 Mar 14:38

  • DARPA releases 'Blackswift' hyperplane details

    Runway roboplane will do porkbarrel roll at Mach 6

    Science 11 Mar 15:30

  • Belkin preps five-port music player-sharing widget

    Hardware 11 Mar 15:31

  • Intel's Otellini faces Brussels court

    Two-day hearing kicks off

    The Channel 11 Mar 15:52

  • Germany to Nokia: Give us back our subsidies

    €41m plus €18m interest, thanks

    Financial News 11 Mar 15:58

  • Euro regulators give Google-Doubleclick buy thumbs up

    Say deal won't stymie competition

    Financial News 11 Mar 16:01

  • Anti-trust committee checks out Windows 7

    As Microsoft wants 'Vista Capable' row put on ice

    Applications 11 Mar 16:52

  • Nokia N96 to land in August

    Carphone Warehouse leaks info

    Mobile 11 Mar 17:22

  • IBM shadow looms over next Eclipse

    Visibility, independence concerns on e4

    Applications 11 Mar 19:33

  • Mozilla reaches stage 4 of Firefox 3 beta endurance test

    Speed up, leaks plugged

    Applications 11 Mar 19:49

  • Fire extinguishes debate over historic IBM shop

    Disk and campus heritage disappear

    Storage 11 Mar 23:36

  • FCC chair unfazed by Comcast wall of nonsense

    'If you hide it, is it reasonable?'

    Broadband 11 Mar 23:58