10th March 2008 Archive

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  • A Shaolin monk, Warren Buffett and a Russian mobster walk into a bar…

    A day in the life of Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne

    Semi-Coherent Computing 10 01:51

  • McCain taps Fiorina

    'Bloated executive salaries can fix the economy'

    Government 10 03:15

  • 10 ways to improve your code

    Think outside the curly brackets

    Software 10 06:02

  • What's the best way to digitise VHS tapes?


    Hardware 10 08:02

  • Windows better off closed, says Microsoft

    Open source code is for dummies

    Developer 10 08:55

  • HSBC forgets to renew its digital certificate

    Can I forget about my overdraft then?

    Small Biz 10 09:07

  • ESA's space truck heads for ISS

    Automated Transfer Vehicle is go

    Science 10 09:37

  • Man webcams butt in Burnout Paradise prang rage

    12-year-old mooned

    Games 10 09:51

  • South Korea grounds astronaut for security gaffe

    No Soyuz gig following 'innocent mistakes'

    Science 10 09:54

  • Asus CEO: Eee PC to get HDD options, Intel Atom CPU

    Company still backing Linux

    Hardware 10 10:17

  • UK government data protection is a shambles

    Freedom of information? We've heard of it

    Government 10 10:20

  • Brit apiarists demand £8m to save honeybees

    Gone within 10 years, without urgent research funding

    Science 10 10:52

  • Microsoft's Yahoo! takeover faces technical challenges

    Different platforms, different cultures

    Software 10 11:00

  • Wii gamers draw bead on laser-sight crossbow add-on

    Stick 'em up

    Games 10 11:24

  • MIT plans to roll out 'folding' car

    'We have reinvented urban mobility'

    Science 10 11:26

  • US gives thumbs up to OOXML for ISO standard

    Sticks to approval

    Software 10 11:41

  • Dear ISP, I am not a target market

    Phorm ain't the pimp here, people

    Broadband 10 11:58

  • HP Compaq 2710p tablet PC

    Could be a contender

    Hardware 10 12:02

  • Hacking for public health

    Open sourcing brain scans and mapping the flu

    Science 10 12:08

  • Ten years old: the world's first MP3 player

    Who remembers the MPMan F10 now?

    Vintage 10 12:33

  • CBI calls for major overhaul to UK tax

    Pre-Budget lobbying all round

    Small Biz 10 13:05

  • Plastic bag campaign falls apart at the seams

    Marine life killed by nets not bags shock

    Science 10 14:13

  • Sony readies multi-room music streaming stereo

    Giga Juke range extended

    Hardware 10 14:37

  • IPCC's 'evil twin' launches climate change sceptic's creed

    Manhattan Declaration demands abandonment of emissions reduction efforts

    Government 10 14:38

  • UK presses car ferry to ship powdered plutonium

    What could possibly go wrong?

    Government 10 14:43

  • Amazon spills beans on upcoming SanDisk MP3 player


    Hardware 10 14:46

  • Software engineer builds straw house for £4k

    Cheap and cheerful Scottish ecogaff

    Science 10 14:48

  • Make vendors liable for exploits

    EU agency calls for feedback on economics of security

    Security 10 14:53

  • ThruVision camera shows weapons, not bodies

    Home Office gets first demo

    Law 10 15:48

  • Look out Al Qaeda bitches, Facebook's comin' atcha

    Fundamentalists, drug lords quiver before mighty Zuck

    Media 10 16:05

  • MS to cut Xbox 360 prices this week

    Save yourself some cash

    Games 10 16:14

  • Motorola mobile loses its (ex) head

    Execs pack bags as ship flounders

    Mobile 10 16:27

  • Iomega says no to EMC

    Drives unsolicited bid outta town

    Storage 10 16:41

  • Microsoft Office Online falls into Halloween time vortex

    Redmond really is spooked by the web

    Applications 10 16:42

  • Zuckerberg's Total Venom Spew is the new BillG

    Facebook CEO faces the friendship void

    Bootnotes 10 18:40

  • US, UK and friends have cyber-war party

    I'll hose your network, if you hose mine

    Security 10 19:11

  • NetApp changes name to NetApp

    Now 37% easier to say than Network Appliance

    Storage 10 19:14

  • Microsoft reveals its database for the cloud

    SQL Server, not as you know it

    Applications 10 19:41

  • Sun and Microsoft confirm data center lovechild

    Mankind now writing emails to Redmond

    Servers 10 21:43

  • Vatican updates list of mortal sins

    Hell now accepting polluters, genetic scientists, and obscenely rich

    Science 10 22:43

  • IBM's charming smile attracts Hitachi to 32nm research pact

    Let's get small together

    Hardware 10 23:14

  • Sun dreams the impossible Java on Jesus Phone dream

    24 hours not enough to read a EULA

    Applications 10 23:26