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Snap Sun decision launches Java at iPhone

Less than a day after Apple unveiled its much-discussed iPhone SDK, Sun Microsystems has told the world it will build a Java Virtual Machine for Steve Job's handheld status symbol.
Cade Metz, 08 Mar 2008

Ex-Transmeta CEO Ditzel joins - wait for it - Intel

ExclusiveA pig with wings went flying over Santa Clara, as Intel hired former Transmeta chief David Ditzel.
Ashlee Vance, 08 Mar 2008
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SOA benefits: too much reuse of reuse?

Ever since the dawning of structured software development, arguments have been put forth that, if we only architected (fill in the blank) entity relationships, objects, components, processes, or services, software development organizations would magically grow more productive because they could now systematically reuse their work. The fact that reuse has been such a Holy Grail for so many years reveals how elusive it has always been.
Tony Baer, 08 Mar 2008

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