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Bluetooth set to tech up pillow talk

CeBITImagine the scene: you’ve just come home from a night out and have flopped down on the bed to enjoy 40 winks, but then your friend rings. You want to chat, but can’t be bothered to hold the handset to your ear or hook on a Bluetooth headset. What do you do?
James Sherwood, 07 Mar 2008

Sun's 256-thread African journey begins next month

ExclusiveSun Microsystems will leave the midwest and head to Africa next month with the release of its fanciest ever multi-core servers, The Register has learned.
Ashlee Vance, 07 Mar 2008

Steve Jobs unveils plans to dominate RIM BlackBerry, Life, the Universe, and Everything

Apple will rejigger the iPhone in a sweeping effort to satisfy email-addicted business people, video game junkies, and third-party software developers who don't mind getting Apple's approval for their applications.
Cade Metz, 07 Mar 2008

Relax JCP and Java license process - Spring father

QCon 2008 previewRod Johnson, chief executive of SpringSource, made his name both as a critic of bloated Java environments and as an advocate of a slimmed-down, pragmatic approach to Java-based development in enterprises.
Phil Manchester, 07 Mar 2008

Supermarket sweeps up Medion satnav

We’ve already seen supermarkets launch Medion's low-cost PCs, but if you navigate your way down to Aldi later this month, you’ll be able to spend a little and save a lot on a budget Medion satnav.
James Sherwood, 07 Mar 2008
For Sale sign detail

HP wants R&D to be serious business

Hewlett-Packard is measuring out business suits for its research and development arm, HP Labs.
Austin Modine, 07 Mar 2008

PCMCIA pitches USB 3.0-friendly ExpressCard update

The ExpressCard add-in standard for notebooks is to be updated to bring on board compatibility with USB 3.0, the PCMCIA organisation announced at CeBIT this week.
Tony Smith, 07 Mar 2008

Casio's extends Exilim line-up

Growth of Casio's Exilim digicam series shows no signs of slowing, because the manufacturer has crammed yet another model into the brand, offering a high number of megapixels in a colourful metal body.
James Sherwood, 07 Mar 2008

Phorm launches data pimping fight back

InterviewA week is a long time in internets. Last Friday we all felt like we were shouting at the bins about Phorm and its deals with BT, Virgin Media, and Carphone Warehouse.
Christopher Williams, 07 Mar 2008

Magellan charts path to entry-level satnav trio

Magellan has further expanded its range of basic in-car GPS products to include more models and more features.
James Sherwood, 07 Mar 2008

Stroustrup and Sutter: C++ to run and run

SD West 2008For the second year in a row organizers at the Software Development Conference & Expo West felt the super sessions hosted by C++ legends Bjarne Stroustrup and Herb Sutter were worth some ink on the event agenda.
John K Waters, 07 Mar 2008
alienware 7500 PC

Local councils dish out shoddy computer recycling advice

People looking to recycle old computer kit are being given confusing advice by local councils that could lead to identity theft, a consumer group has warned.
Kelly Fiveash, 07 Mar 2008

DNA sequencing for the masses

EtechNew fathers always think their newborn baby daughters are beautiful, and Hugh Reinhoff was no exception. Sure, she had giant feet, a cleft uvula, and contractures in some of her fingers. But those thoughts, along with a suspicion that her eyes were oddly widely spaced and her chin was a bit recessive, were easily forgotten in the excitement.
Wendy M. Grossman, 07 Mar 2008

UK supercomputer probes secrets of universe

A team of theoretical particle physicists at Edinburgh University has applied some hefty computing power to one of the great unanswered questions of particle physics - why does the universe contain more matter than antimatter when, on paper at least, there should be equal amounts of both and we shouldn't exist at all.
Lester Haines, 07 Mar 2008

Sony chews the Blu-ray fat with Microsoft

Sony has confirmed that it's in talks with Microsoft about supporting Blu-ray Disc. Apparently, it has also been chatting to Apple, even though the Mac maker is already a Blu-ray Disc backer.
James Sherwood, 07 Mar 2008

Pentagon rattles sabre at Google's Street View

The US defence department has banned Google from capturing images of military facilities for its entertaining Street View facility on Google Maps following the shock discovery of intimate pics of Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas.
Lester Haines, 07 Mar 2008

Mobo makers show unlaunched Nvidia chipsets

CeBITA number of Nvidia's upcoming chipsets made unscheduled appearances at CeBIT this week, in particular the as-yet-unlaunched nForce 790i and variants. So did the 'MCP78', expected to debut as the GeForce 8000 series.
Tony Smith, 07 Mar 2008

Mesh Ultimate Q8 Tri-SLI gaming PC

ReviewEverything about the Mesh Ultimate Q8 is imposing. The black CoolerMaster 832 aluminium case is 62cm long and 53 cm tall, and, according to our bathroom scales, weighs in at 22kg.
Leo Waldock, 07 Mar 2008
Click here for the full BOFH range

BOFH: The secret gentlemen's club

Episode 8
Simon Travaglia, 07 Mar 2008

Intel talks up 'Eaglelake' DX10 chipset GPU tech

Intel this week confirmed its 'Eaglelake' chipsets - the P45, P43, G45, G43, Q45 and Q43 - are indeed scheduled to debut in Q2. The integrated parts will incorporate the new GMA X4500 HD graphics engine.
Tony Smith, 07 Mar 2008

Net wag endorses Playmobil Security Check Point

One net wag has wasted no time making merry at the expense of the improbable but entirely genuine Playmobil Security Check Point, sadly currently unavailable down at Amazon.com.
Lester Haines, 07 Mar 2008

Home Secretary in ID card gaffe

Security experts have rubbished claims by the Home Secretary that databases for the controversial National ID Cards will be "unhackable" because they are being kept off the public internet.
John Leyden, 07 Mar 2008

Pioneer officially ends plasma TV production

Pioneer today confirmed that it will soon begin wrapping up its in-house plasma panel production in its entirety. The announcement follows weeks of rumours that some or all of the operation was for the chop.
James Sherwood, 07 Mar 2008

Yahoo! wins sponsored links ruling in High Court

Yahoo! did not infringe a businessman's rights by displaying adverts for other companies when users entered his trade marks as search terms. The High Court dismissed a lawsuit against the web giant as being "totally without merit."
OUT-LAW.COM, 07 Mar 2008
vulture tv reporter

Police raid CeBIT stands

German police raided 51 booths at the CeBIT computing show this week because of breaches of audio compression (MP3) patents. According to senior prosecutor Hans-Jurgen Lendeckel, several mobile phones, screens, sat navs and MP3 devices were seized.
Jan Libbenga, 07 Mar 2008

BBC iPlayer for iPhone and iPod Touch is iGo

The BBC's streaming iPlayer for Apple's iPod Touch and iPhone has today gone live in beta.
Christopher Williams, 07 Mar 2008

Alienware punches out four-GPU CrossFireX gaming PC

Alienware has marked AMD's release of CrossFire X-compatible Catalyst drivers with the launch of a four-graphics chip gaming PC. It's even named the beast after the multi-GPU technology.
Tony Smith, 07 Mar 2008

Microsoft partners cosy up on interoperability

Microsoft yesterday announced an alliance with vendors as the first step towards its brave, new world of interoperable software.
Kelly Fiveash, 07 Mar 2008

NZ charidee cybersquatter fears burning in Hell

A Kiwi cybersquatter has recanted his domain hostage-taking after a Bible-powered epiphany taught him the error of his ways.
Christopher Williams, 07 Mar 2008
Warning: biohazard

Infamous malware group calls it quits

The shutters are being pulled down on old school virus writers' group 29A.
John Leyden, 07 Mar 2008

Publisher fights to save comment forums from plastic surgeons

A US online publisher is fighting to keep its product review forums alive in the face of a trademark lawsuit that seeks to ban the use of one company's product name.
OUT-LAW.COM, 07 Mar 2008

World's greatest hardware guru turns flacktastic

Steve Milunovich - the world's greatest hardware guru - has given up on the guru business in favor of being a flack.
Ashlee Vance, 07 Mar 2008

IBM clubs nano noise with graphene sandwich

IBM researchers say they've overcome another obstacle in making the nano material graphene a true star in the semiconductor world.
Austin Modine, 07 Mar 2008

Fresh 'PSP phone' patent surfaces

Sony has long denied rumours that it's working on a PlayStation Portable (PSP) phone, but the company has lots of explaining to do now that a new Sony Ericsson patent application has come to light detailing just such a device.
James Sherwood, 07 Mar 2008

'Fuzzy' royalties policies challenge Microsoft's open API pledge

Mix 08Royalties charged by Microsoft on Windows APIs and protocols are the next hurdle the company must clear in its wooing of open source developers.
Gavin Clarke, 07 Mar 2008

MobiTV backs away from threats to website that posted links to free videos

UpdatedA provider of TV shows for mobile phone users has backed down from threats to shut down a website forum that showed how to watch its videos for free.
Dan Goodin, 07 Mar 2008

Xerox bets R&D future on pap

Having just encountered Xerox's top technology strategist for the first time, we're concerned that the company faces some very troubling issues in the years to come.
Ashlee Vance, 07 Mar 2008

Brothers caged for selling pirated Adobe software

An American software internet piracy ring destroyed, and for once eBay is absent from the story. Two middle-aged brothers have been sent to prison for selling "massive amounts" of pirated software from Adobe, Autodesk and Macromedia, at huge discounts.
Drew Cullen, 07 Mar 2008

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