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Huawei merges mobile data with mobile telly

CeBITConnectivity kit maker Huawei, best known in the UK as the manufacturer of Vodafone's 3G modems, has launched a 3G HSDPA/HSUPA add-on that'll also pick up mobile TV transmissions.
Tony Smith, 05 Mar 2008

Ex-Wikipedia staffer harpoons Wales over expenses

A former employee of the Wikimedia Foundation has taken Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales to task over the way he handled his expenses.
Cade Metz, 05 Mar 2008

Caesar's Palace security confronts Dell over HP gig invasion

The once docile Dell has turned ultra-aggressive in its war with HP.
Ashlee Vance, 05 Mar 2008

Google gears up for mobile security smackdown

Tired of spotty network performance interrupting your web service's performance and of navigating the maze that is mobile application development?
Gavin Clarke, 05 Mar 2008

Should Europeans pay to receive phone calls?

A new report commissioned by the EU recommends the abolition of termination fees, the proportion of call costs which is paid to the receiving network, on the grounds that the internet survives without them and the internet is going to be everything, anyway.
Bill Ray, 05 Mar 2008

Most British filesharers would stop if warned - survey

Could the UK record industry's Three Strikes policy halt file sharing? Few give the idea much hope, at least not unless some compelling alternatives are offered - but a survey of British file-sharers suggests otherwise. Seven out of 10 British file-sharers say they would stop infringing if they received a termination warning from their ISP. The threat of cutting off one's pipe seems to be a deterrent.
Andrew Orlowski, 05 Mar 2008
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Greenies give IT industry a black eye

CeBITGreenpeace told the computer industry to try harder today, as its latest report into the electronics industry showed just three products reaching the half-way mark in reducing their environmental impact.
Joe Fay, 05 Mar 2008

Privacy watchdog slams European border control plans

Europe's top privacy watchdog has condemned planned European border controls as weak and based on inconclusive evidence, claiming they will put Europeans' privacy at risk with no guarantee of increased security.
OUT-LAW.COM, 05 Mar 2008

AMD intros DirectX 10 integrated chipset

CeBITAMD has launched its 55nm-fabbed 780G desktop chipset, aka 'RS780', its pitch for mainstream motherboards and DirectX 10 gaming on the cheap.
Tony Smith, 05 Mar 2008

Poor data handling keeps prisoners inside

The National Audit Office says the work of the Parole Board is hampered by the lack of timely information from other parts of the criminal justice system.
Kablenet, 05 Mar 2008

Flores Hobbits were stunted humans

A group of Oz researchers has thrown its hat into the Flores "Hobbit" ring by claiming the diminutive inhabitants of the Indonesian island were not a new species at all but rather "cretin offspring of normal mothers".
Lester Haines, 05 Mar 2008

Prosecutors target first 'Facebook harassment' conviction

A Birmingham man is set to be the first in the UK to stand trial for harassment using Facebook.
Christopher Williams, 05 Mar 2008

AMD heralds its first working 45nm CPUs

CeBITAMD's 45nm quad-core processors may not yet be ready to buy, but the chip maker said this week it has working versions in the lab running on test machines. It re-iterated its plan to ship the CPUs in the second half of the year.
Tony Smith, 05 Mar 2008

RIM out to patent BlackBerry slider

What do you get if you mesh a dual-orientation handset together with a slide-out keyboard and a tracker ball? Potentially, the next BlackBerry from Research in Motion (RIM), if its latest patent application is anything to go by.
James Sherwood, 05 Mar 2008
Tech Data

Tech Data 'cautiously optimistic' after Q4 boost

IT distributor Tech Data saw shares rise more than three per cent on Wall Street yesterday after it posted strong fourth quarter results and a positive sales outlook.
Kelly Fiveash, 05 Mar 2008

eBayer offers carbon fibre-clad Eee PC

If you're a fan of Asus' elfin Eee PC and you want to stand out from the crowd without having to wait in line for the larger, 8.9in model, how about a standard unit kitted out in carbon fibre instead?
Tony Smith, 05 Mar 2008

My First DSLR, from Olympus

Olympus has launched its latest pitch to photographers keen to move up from compact cameras to the world of digital SLR snapping.
James Sherwood, 05 Mar 2008
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Chinese mobile users targeted by Trojan

Miscreants have created a ransomware Trojan for mobile phones which has been seen in the wild in China. Kiazha-A, attempts to extort money from users of Symbian Series 60 phones.
John Leyden, 05 Mar 2008
Microsoft Office logo

Microsoft offers free Office storage to web plebs

Microsoft has opened its beta of a suite of new online Office features to all comers.
Christopher Williams, 05 Mar 2008

Nokia N810 internet tablet

ReviewNokia's approach for the N810 is pretty simple: phone screens are too small for decent web browsing, so surely a separate portable device that has a bigger screen and Wi-Fi connectivity is needed for serious portable web access.
Alun Taylor, 05 Mar 2008

Panasonic preps rugged Atomic UMPC

Intel announced its Atom processor on Monday and now hardware makers are stepping forward to unveil their upcoming Atom-based UMPCs. Today's contestant: Panasonic, with a Toughbook-branded handheld.
Tony Smith, 05 Mar 2008

Old Bill break up Bournemouth Bebo bash

A small student party in the Bournemouth suburb of Winton attracted the attention of 200 rampaging gatecrashers and subsequently 20 coppers, dog handlers and the police chopper after the organiser advertised the bash on social networking site Bebo.
Lester Haines, 05 Mar 2008

Nvidia lets DX10 mobile GPU specs slip

Details of Nvidia's upcoming GeForce 9300M and 9500M DirectX 10-compatible mobile graphics chip series have surfaced ahead of the GPU's launch... on Nvidia's own website.
Tony Smith, 05 Mar 2008

TETRA defends itself against RIM onslaught

TETRA, the radio network used by public services in Europe, has been defending itself against allegations that it lacks the capacity needed by modern police networks.
Bill Ray, 05 Mar 2008

Malaysian woman jailed for worshipping teapot

A Malaysian woman has been jailed for two years for hooking up with the "teapot worshipping" Sky Kingdom cult, contrary to Sharia law which prohibits born Muslims converting to other religions.
Lester Haines, 05 Mar 2008

IBM gets back into PCs

IBM is getting back into the PC game - or at least it is in Eastern Europe.
Kelly Fiveash, 05 Mar 2008

Snap up Crocs trendy 'o-dial' handset holder

They're incredibly ugly, but middle class parents just can't stop themselves dressing their kids in 'em. Yes, we're talking last summer's de rigueur fashion accessory, Crocs clogs-cum-sandals. And now you can put your phone in them too.
James Sherwood, 05 Mar 2008

Road charging, the sequel - Kelly unveils 'wired m-way' plans

UK national road pricing is, for the present, a dead duck. Or - as Transport Secretary Ruth Kelly put it yesterday - "many years away". Instead, new car sharing and toll lanes figured high in Kelly's publicity - but the actual plans are a deal more interesting, effectively proposing a graduated switch to a managed motorway system, followed by something more sinister and more familiar.
John Lettice, 05 Mar 2008

BT targets 10,000 data pimping guinea pigs

BT is preparing to test Phorm's advertising targeting technology on 10,000 of its customers this month, to gauge people's reaction to their web browsing being exploited for extra revenue.
Christopher Williams, 05 Mar 2008

Motorola sinks £55m into Malaysia

Ougoing Malaysian chief minister Tan Sri Dr Koh Tsu Koon asked that a £150m contract for upgraded police radios be awarded to Motorola in a confidential letter to the country's Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.
Bill Ray, 05 Mar 2008
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Networks left open to SNMP scans

Some sysadmins are leaving their networks open to hacking attack by allowing Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) configurations to be read across the internet.
John Leyden, 05 Mar 2008

Schools warned of chilling 'Strawberry Meth' menace

Eighty Oxfordshire schools were warned of the possible threat of deadly "Strawberry Meth", aka "Strawberry Quick" - crystal meth disguised as mouthwatering fruit-flavoured sweets - after an officer fell for a classic web hoax.
Lester Haines, 05 Mar 2008
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Are IT security requirements changing?

Reg Tech PanelIt used to be that IT security discussions were all about the basics – firewalls, anti-virus, content filtering, etc – but vendors and the media have now moved on, with much more focus on higher level stuff like policy management and the "human factor".
Team Register, 05 Mar 2008

Asus Lamborghini handset phones in an appearance

CeBITHere it is, Asus' Lamborghini ZX1 phone. The Taiwanese company hasn't launched the handset yet, but it did post a small piccy of the thing when it announced its new phone UI at the CeBIT show this week.
Tony Smith, 05 Mar 2008

Airport staff to be first with compulsory ID cards, say Tories

Airport workers could be the first to be issued with compulsory ID cards, claimed Tory shadow home secretary David Davis today, citing government documents leaked to his party. Home Secretary Jacqui Smith is due to make a speech on the future of ID cards tomorrow, and Davis suggests that she is likely to announce a postponement until 2012, while making them compulsory for selected groups of victims.
John Lettice, 05 Mar 2008

IBM takeover of Telelogic is cleared

EU competition regulators have approved IBM’s takeover of Swedish software company Telelogic.
Kelly Fiveash, 05 Mar 2008

Selling off spare spectrum will fail

The European Broadcasting Union believes the auction of spare radio spectrum will reduce original TV programming, and damage society as a whole, without even providing the expected boost to rural broadband.
Bill Ray, 05 Mar 2008

US dairyman inaugurates bovine biogas plant

A California dairyman yesterday inaugurated his very own methane-producing plant - an industrial-scale facility which can produce enough natural gas to power 1,200 homes a day.
Lester Haines, 05 Mar 2008
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WaSP gives browsers 'fail' grade

Just when Microsoft thought it was on target with its forthcoming Internet Explorer 8 browser, the goalposts have moved.
Phil Manchester, 05 Mar 2008
Olympic rings

Biometrics plan for London Olympic builders

Biometric screening - featuring palm and facial recognition - will be used to guard building sites for the London Olympics.
John Leyden, 05 Mar 2008
Microsoft .NET logo

Microsoft architecture chief 'clarifies' online formula

Mix 08Microsoft's chief software architect Ray Ozzie tried to clarify Microsoft's software plus services internet strategy. And guess what, it involves advertising and Yahoo!.
Gavin Clarke, 05 Mar 2008

Yahoo! deflects Microsoft bid with iPhone dominatrix

And NinthlyShortly before nightfall, the small man emerged from his house, checked on his goats and prayed. His most pressing plea to the higher power? Stop the clowns from scaring his children and stop his children from scaring the goats - Julio Stantore, The Diving Bell and the Cabrito Buffet
Otto Z. Stern, 05 Mar 2008
Warning Go

Microsoft jump starts IE 8 with community push

Mix 08Microsoft will not just support new and popular technologies in Internet Explorer 8, it's also attempting to build community support for the historically standards-challenged browser.
Gavin Clarke, 05 Mar 2008

US.gov disappears European-owned Cuba websites

Let's see this Treasury Department list again... Aiman Al-Zawahiri....Radovan Karadzic....Alexander Lukashenko.... ah, Tour & Marketing International.
Burke Hansen, 05 Mar 2008
Flag United States

US Air Force: Looking for a few good cyber warriors

Uncle Sam wants you ... to become a cyberspace warrior.
Dan Goodin, 05 Mar 2008
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Yahoo! seeks time out on Microsoft bid

Yahoo! is dropping an election date to buy more time against a hostile Microsoft takeover.
Austin Modine, 05 Mar 2008

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