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Ambitious China firms military and commercial R&D ties

China will try to copy the US in any way it can in the hopes of improving the country's technology might.
Ashlee Vance, 04 Mar 2008

Microsoft picks Exchange and Sharepoint for the online draft

Microsoft appears to be stuffing its rapidly growing data centers with hosted versions of core collaboration applications for businesses customers.
Gavin Clarke, 04 Mar 2008

Microsoft codes leap year bug into Exchange 2007

If Steve Ballmer turns up dead this week, you can bet he was killed by those 7000 leap year babies.
Cade Metz, 04 Mar 2008

Cheap Flash makes Intel lower Q1 forecast

In briefIntel is lowering expectations for the first quarter of 2008 because flash memory prices are too cheap for comfort.
Austin Modine, 04 Mar 2008

The Bluetooth headset for your neck

Bluetooth headsets are well known for slipping from their position while you’re rushing around town jabbering into one. So an alternative design’s been drawn-up that wraps around your neck to connect up with your voicebox.
James Sherwood, 04 Mar 2008

TomTom touts 'more accurate' satnav route-plan tech

TomTom claims its latest satnav will find you the quickest route from A to B, because the unit calculates routes based on assumed average speeds rather than signposted speed limits.
James Sherwood, 04 Mar 2008

Mobile phone sales under threat in 2008

Despite global mobile device sales of 1.15bn units in 2007, market watcher Gartner expects sales in mature markets to drop by around ten per cent this year.
James Sherwood, 04 Mar 2008

Minox DC 7411 digicam

German camera manufacturer Minox has unveiled a slimline camera that packs enough features into its anodised shell to make it a certain rival to mid-range digicams already on the market.
James Sherwood, 04 Mar 2008

Asus 8.9in Eee PC surfaces

CeBITAsus is showing the 8.9in Eee PC at the CeBIT show this week, but while it hasn't formally announced the sub-notebook's specs yet, Taiwanese moles have quickly rushed in to fill in the blanks.
Tony Smith, 04 Mar 2008

Wife rings up £11,000 downloading bill

A wife inadvertently cost her husband £11,000 after downloading four episodes of US sitcom Friends using his laptop, according to the Telegraph newspaper.
Bill Ray, 04 Mar 2008

NASA captures Martian avalanche

NASA has released a rather nice snap of a Martian "avalanche" - a cascade of ice and dust tumbling down a slope near the Red Planet's north pole captured by its Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter's High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) on 19 February:
Lester Haines, 04 Mar 2008

SanDisk finds new use for ExpressCard SDHC adaptors

CeBITHaving a problem selling ExpressCard memory card reader accessories? Then take a leaf out of SanDisk's book and re-position your add-on as a automatic back-up gadget for laptops.
Tony Smith, 04 Mar 2008
Intel logo teaser

Intel goes Atomic at Greenwash CeBIT

CeBITIntel tried to erase its lukewarm past performance in the ultra mobile market by pushing its standard architecture right down the food chain in a flurry of launches at Cebit this morning.
Joe Fay, 04 Mar 2008

Pioneer to stop producing plasma panels

Recent claims that Pioneer is planning to get out of sub-46in plasma panel production in favour of sourcing them through a third-party may have only been the start of things. It’s now being said that the company is finalising plans to outsource the whole lot.
James Sherwood, 04 Mar 2008

Sony Ericsson unveils sexy slider

CeBITPosers rejoice, because Sony Ericsson has unveiled a handset boasting chrome and mirrored surfaces that let you stare back at your reflection like Narcissus. It’s also small and light enough to slip easily into your designer outfit’s pocket.
James Sherwood, 04 Mar 2008

Onyx Liscio micro mobile phone

ReviewLeaving your all-singing, all-dancing mobile phone behind when you slip out for the evening is a terrifying thought for some people. So any handset manufacturer advocating the idea of keeping your Nokia N95 or LG Viewty at home in favour of a secondary handset needs to have something special on offer.
James Sherwood, 04 Mar 2008

Nokia boards Silverlight express

Nokia is to embed Microsoft's Silverlight client on its S60 handsets, with a demonstration promised for 5 March and support on lower-end Nokia devices to follow.
Bill Ray, 04 Mar 2008

Sony exec confirms arrival of in-game PS3 messaging

The PlayStation 3 will get system-wide in-game messaging and video chat, a Sony executive has confirmed.
James Sherwood, 04 Mar 2008
Game logo

Game shares rally on upbeat trading statement

Game Group yesterday released an optimistic trading statement in an attempt to halt its tumbling share price.
Kelly Fiveash, 04 Mar 2008

Lawmakers voice concerns over cybersecurity plan

Members of the House of Representatives sought details on Thursday of a $30bn plan to secure federal government systems and upgrade network defenses to ward off attacks from foreign nations and online criminals.
Robert Lemos, 04 Mar 2008
IE7 teaser 75

IE8 to follow web standards by default

Microsoft is to develop IE8 so that it follows web standards by default and will retain a controversial mode switching proposal.
John Leyden, 04 Mar 2008

Data pimping: surveillance expert raises illegal wiretap worries

A leading expert on computer surveillance has raised serious doubts over the legality of deals by BT, Virgin Media and Carphone Warehouse to sell their customers' web browsing data to Phorm, a new online advertising company.
Christopher Williams, 04 Mar 2008

El Reg decimates English language

CommentIt's official: the English language is going to hell in a handcart and if drastic measures are not taken to halt the destruction of our beloved mother tongue then all of the efforts of Nelsonian Jack tars and Spitfire-borne officer pilots to defend this Scepter'd Isle against the forces of barbarism will have been in vain.
Lester Haines, 04 Mar 2008

Yahoo! unveils third leg for managing mobile content

CeBITYahoo! sprouted the third leg of its mobile content strategy today, with the surprise launch of onePlace, an application that aggregates and filters users' content desires.
Joe Fay, 04 Mar 2008

Steve Jobs talks open source with El Reg

Radio RegThe Register, as many of you know, enjoys enormous pull with Apple.
Ashlee Vance, 04 Mar 2008

Sony Ericsson: Xperia X1 delay a 'mistake'

Sony Ericsson has claimed that its Xperia X1 Windows Mobile communicator will still be released this year, as originally planned, despite its own website stating a 2009 release date.
James Sherwood, 04 Mar 2008
Windows Vista teaser

Windows Vista Ultimate SP1 delayed

Microsoft has admitted that service pack one (SP1) for its Ultimate edition of Windows Vista will not be made available to everyone in mid-March as originally planned, because of a delay with 31 of its language packs.
Kelly Fiveash, 04 Mar 2008

Seagate drives up Q3 profit forecast

Hard disk drive maker Seagate Technology today plumped up its profit expectations for the last quarter.
Kelly Fiveash, 04 Mar 2008

Hauppauge preps portable Freeview player

Hauppauge is well known for its PC add-ons that let us all watch telly on our desktops, but the manufacturer’s branching out and has created a Freeview-enabled portable media player (PMP) to turn us all into portable telly addicts.
James Sherwood, 04 Mar 2008

Bronze PSP en-route to Japan

Sony has again favoured its Japanese gamers first and launched a special edition PlayStation Portable (PSP) in a bronze-coloured shell.
James Sherwood, 04 Mar 2008

Analysts hang up on C&W's growth plans

Cable & Wireless (C&W) shares dropped nearly 13 per cent this afternoon following analyst doubts over the British telecoms group’s new growth objectives.
Kelly Fiveash, 04 Mar 2008
Cisco logo

Cisco takes routers to the edge

Cisco is set to save the planet while enabling the unfettered proliferation of YouTube videos as it unveiled its Aggregation Services Router 1000 at CeBIT, Hanover today.
Joe Fay, 04 Mar 2008

When the music costs nothing, why do freetards prefer to leech?

As we reported yesterday, Nine Inch Nails has followed the Radiohead example and is giving the music away for free. Not all of it, but nine of the thirty six tracks from Trent Reznor's instrumental LP Ghosts I-IV are available for free, with a PDF thrown in. The other 27, in higher quality bitrate or lossless format, cost just $5.
Andrew Orlowski, 04 Mar 2008

Database spin on Sun's Python hires

Sun Microsystems has furthered its ambitions in open source development by hiring top Python developers Ted Leung and Frank Wierzbicki.
Phil Manchester, 04 Mar 2008

Microsoft officially 425 years behind the times

Attack of the Leap Year Babies IIIIt's official: Microsoft is exactly four hundred and twenty-five years behind the times.
Cade Metz, 04 Mar 2008
Flag South Korea

Ex-anti-virus chief in spyware scareware scam charges

The ex-chief of a South Korea-based anti-virus firm has been charged with using bogus security warnings to shift anti-spyware software of questionable value.
John Leyden, 04 Mar 2008

iPhone may sidestep rubbish caller ID suit

At least one Reg reader believes that Apple will dodge a recent lawsuit tossed at its caller ID function because the iPhone's caller ID function is a piece of trash.
Cade Metz, 04 Mar 2008
Ubuntu teaser

Canonical fires up box Landscaping business

Canonical - the money bags behind Ubuntu - hopes to attract more corporate buyers toward the Linux light with the release of a systems management package dubbed Landscape.
Ashlee Vance, 04 Mar 2008

Bill Gates chuckles at Google Apps

Bill Gates has no respect for Google Apps.
Cade Metz, 04 Mar 2008

HDS flaunts swollen NAS and search suite

Hitachi Data Systems today is slathering affection on its file-level storage gear, with an overhaul of all its NAS boxes, and the introduction of a new data search suite.
Austin Modine, 04 Mar 2008

US and EU haul China into WTO over news noose

The US and European Union have filed a complaint with the World Trade Organization protesting regulations imposed by China that prevent foreign financial news services from dealing directly with Chinese customers.
Dan Goodin, 04 Mar 2008

Dungeons and Dragons co-creator Gary Gygax dies

ObituaryDungeons & Dragons co-creator Gary Gygax rolled a natural one on his fortitude save today, dying at level 69 at his home in Lake Geneva.
Austin Modine, 04 Mar 2008
Windows Vista teaser

Tool makes mincemeat of Windows passwords

A security researcher has released an easy-to-use tool that accesses locked Windows computers in seconds without entering a password.
Dan Goodin, 04 Mar 2008

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