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Microsoft's data center offensive sounds offensive

Microsoft appears on the verge of ambushing rivals with a data center shock and awe initiative.
Ashlee Vance, 03 Mar 2008

Jimbo Wales dumps lover on Wikipedia

On one level, it's an encyclopedia. On another, it's The Comedy of Errors.
Cade Metz, 03 Mar 2008
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Underground tools foil generic virus detection

Cybercrooks are developing covert tools to test malware before releasing it.
John Leyden, 03 Mar 2008

Spanish bull breeder to clone prize stud

A Spanish breeder of fighting bulls will pay €30,000-35,000 to clone his prize stud "Alcalde", "rather than risk buying a traditionally bred replacement", Reuters reports.
Lester Haines, 03 Mar 2008

CERN completes 'world’s largest jigsaw puzzle'

The European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) last Friday lowered into position the final major component of its Large Hadron Collider (LHC) - a 100-tonne "small" wheel which forms part of the ATLAS muon spectrometer.
Lester Haines, 03 Mar 2008

Bolluxed router configuration? Click here for help

Here's a refreshingly frank marketing email to start the week, courtesy of PacketTrap Network Management Solutions:
Lester Haines, 03 Mar 2008

Route 66 Mini Regional

ReviewIf good things do indeed come in small - and cheap - packages then Route 66 should be on to a winner with its pocket-sized Mini satnav.
Alun Taylor, 03 Mar 2008

T-Mobile sinks money into femtocells

T-Mobile Ventures, the investment arm of the network operator, has announced a strategic investment in Ubiquisys, the femtocell manufacturer that already counts Google among its backers.
Bill Ray, 03 Mar 2008

Bain and Huawei return to 3com buy-out table

Bain and Huawei's planned $2.2bn buyout of 3Com is back on. The two firms plan to resubmit their bid under the same financial terms with the difference that Huawei will receive only restricted access to 3Com's security products, the Wall Street Journal reports.
John Leyden, 03 Mar 2008

Polish builder sacked for humping hoover

A Polish building contractor working at London's Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital was given his marching orders after a security guard caught him having sex with a Henry Hoover, the Sun reports.
Lester Haines, 03 Mar 2008

Intel launches Atom brand for UMPC CPUs

Intel has launched 'Silverthorne' and 'Diamondville', its two processor families developed from the ground-up for UMPCs and low-cost computers like the Asus Eee. Both will be made available as the Atom processor and platforms based around them as Centrino Atom.
Tony Smith, 03 Mar 2008

Asus revs compact Lamborghini laptop

Asus has introduced a compact version of its Lamborghini laptop, redesigning the sportscar-styled machine around a 12.1in widescreen display.
Tony Smith, 03 Mar 2008

Fujitsu Siemens pitches Eee-style sub-notebook at pros

UpdatedFujitsu Siemens is taking on the likes of Asus, Toshiba and Sony with ultra-compact 1kg laptop of its own, this one with a 8.9in, 1280 x 768 display and HSDPA/HSUPA 3G connectivity.
Tony Smith, 03 Mar 2008
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Microsoft's cloudy vision revealed

Microsoft is expanding its existing online services to businesses of all sizes.
Kelly Fiveash, 03 Mar 2008

Northamber sees slight H1 upswing

IT equipment distributor Northamber PLC reported a first half rise in pre-tax profit and revenue helped by a moderate trading recovery and an overheads cutback.
Kelly Fiveash, 03 Mar 2008

Apple's Time Capsule: is its HDD really 'server grade'?

Apple's Time Capsule, which went on sale last week, may not be quite what the Mac maker maintains it is, in the storage department at least.
Tony Smith, 03 Mar 2008

Sony Ericsson site indicates Xperia 'arc slider' set-back

Sony Ericsson may have run into some problems in the development of its first Windows Mobile handset, the Xperia X1, because the company appears to have put back the device’s launch from this year to 2009.
James Sherwood, 03 Mar 2008

Europe hits one million FTTH broadband connections

The number of countries with fibre to the home (FTTH) connections is continuing to expand, according to an updated global ranking issued by the Fibre to the Home (FTTH) Councils of Asia Pacific, Europe, and North America.
Jan Libbenga, 03 Mar 2008
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Endemol tech chief to be released from Dubai slammer

Cat Le Huy, the television industry IT executive who was locked up in Dubai earlier this year by airport authorities on suspicion of drug smuggling, is to be released without charge.
Christopher Williams, 03 Mar 2008

DoH IT projects overshoot budgets by £247,000

Five of 15 IT projects run by the Department of Health and its agencies are costing £247,000 more than expected.
Kablenet, 03 Mar 2008
Pirates ahoy!

Baidu sued by Chinese copyright group

A music industry group in China said it sued Baidu.com earlier this year for the search engine's alleged violation of copyright involving more than 50 songs.
Kelly Fiveash, 03 Mar 2008

Nokia unveils network-tied handset pair

Nokia clearly doesn’t want to show allegiance to just a single network operator, because it’s launched two new handsets: one of which is available through Vodafone, while the other’s only for T-Mobile customers.
James Sherwood, 03 Mar 2008

Ofcom stands up to Information Commissioner

Ofcom is going to the High Court to stop the British public getting access to a list of every mobile phone mast in the UK.
Bill Ray, 03 Mar 2008

Acer kick-starts smartphone biz with E-Ten buy

Acer-branded smartphones may soon become a common sight, because the acquisition-hungry PC manufacturer’s bought Taiwanese smartphone company E-Ten.
James Sherwood, 03 Mar 2008

Smut peddlers and spammers invade Google Groups

Porn peddlers and spammers are upping their assault on Google Groups. Many links on the discussion group site link to porn aggregators, some of which redirect to malware sites pushing Trojan horse malware (such as VirusHeat) disguised as video codecs.
John Leyden, 03 Mar 2008

T-Mobile Germany schafts Nokia

Nokia's "All Your Base" services strategy looks like it's hitting more resistence - from Nokia's biggest customers. T-Mobile Germany is dropping handsets which carry Nokia's Ovi portal and services, according to reports.
Andrew Orlowski, 03 Mar 2008
Cisco logo

US, Canada seize fake Cisco goods

US and Canadian authorities have seized counterfeit Cisco hardware and product labels worth an estimated $76m following more than 400 raids.
Kelly Fiveash, 03 Mar 2008

Nokia lands another punch on Qualcomm

Nokia has won another battle in its ongoing patent spat with Qualcomm, though neither side is claiming the war is over.
Bill Ray, 03 Mar 2008

Zend to extend Windows PHP work

Zend Technologies is turning to the application server, database and hosting worlds as future areas for improved performance of PHP running on Windows.
Gavin Clarke, 03 Mar 2008
Steve Ballmer

Ballmer deploys greenery in CeBIT charm offensive

On his first trip to CeBIT in six years, Steve Ballmer is hoping to fix up Microsoft's somewhat tarnished image in Europe.
Bryan Betts, 03 Mar 2008
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Adaptec lobs Series 5 RAID controllers at SATA and SAS

Adaptec is pushing a new generation of unified RAID controllers today, boosting the performance of its gear and ushering in a 28 port product.
Austin Modine, 03 Mar 2008
Dunce cap

US government forces military secrets on Brit webmaster

A website promoting the town of Mildenhall has been shut down after it unintentionally became the recipient of hundreds of classified emails, including messages detailing the planned flight path of President Bush.
Dan Goodin, 03 Mar 2008
homeless man with sign

NetScape Navigator put out to pasture

AOL discontinued support for NetScape Navigator on Saturday. The browser, which gave many people their first experience of surfing the web, is still available for downloaded but will no longer be maintained or developed. Die-hard users will be left on their own without further security updates. AOL will continue to maintain the NetScape website as a portal.
John Leyden, 03 Mar 2008

NextIO grabs $19m for virtualized PCI Express extravaganza

NextIO has been stealthing away down in Austin, Texas, flying under the radar of most server customers. You can, however, be sure that the major server vendors know about this small shop.
Ashlee Vance, 03 Mar 2008

Nine Inch Nails cracks net distribution (maybe)

Nine Inch Nails founder Trent Reznor has become the latest recording artist to bypass the traditional music distribution machine by releasing a 36-track album over the internet.
Dan Goodin, 03 Mar 2008

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