29th February 2008 Archive

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  • LG Glimmer slider spied online

    But LG's never heard of it

    Mobile 29 Feb 00:02

  • 'Googirl' unloads on Google Health

    A seminal moment

    Applications 29 Feb 00:47

  • Dell takes aim at costs and employees in Q4

    Bets on the clouds

    Servers 29 Feb 01:21

  • Apple unearths Time Capsule

    Bested by a basestation, 1TB drive and duct tape

    Storage 29 Feb 01:31

  • Will EV SSL stop phishing attacks? Probably not

    Green means good very little

    Security 29 Feb 01:44

  • 7000 Leap Year Babies attack Steve Ballmer

    After choking imaginary giraffe

    Applications 29 Feb 07:02

  • Software company says it can still resell Microsoft licences

    Despite attempts to stop the practice

    The Channel 29 Feb 07:02

  • Symantec and Trend grapple with buffer overflow bugs

    Who guards the guards?

    Security 29 Feb 08:55

  • Swedes demand return of heraldic lion's todger

    Nordic Battlegroup emasculated

    Bootnotes 29 Feb 09:00

  • Broadband big boys waiting on data pimping

    Smaller ISPs wouldn't touch Phorm with yours

    Broadband 29 Feb 09:02

  • Sun does Google's dirty work on MySQL

    Core expertise

    Developer 29 Feb 09:58

  • HMRC appoints 37 data guardians

    Beefs up data responsibility

    Government 29 Feb 09:59

  • Dutch tax office deletes 730,000 tax returns

    IT chaos

    Government 29 Feb 10:03

  • Metal Gear Solid 4 to launch on 12 June

    The game the PS3 was made for, apparently

    Games 29 Feb 10:48

  • Time for UML tools to evolve

    Refactoring gap

    Software 29 Feb 11:02

  • Armed robbers target Oz biker shindig

    Not the brightest idea

    Bootnotes 29 Feb 11:09

  • Sony preps Blu-ray boosting PS3 bundle

    And a separate package for gamers

    Games 29 Feb 11:20

  • Gooner fan site nobbled by malware

    Arsenal in ARP poisoning outrage

    Security 29 Feb 11:59

  • BOFH: Vampires!

    And robots. We're being replaced by robots

    BOFH 29 Feb 12:02

  • Paramount, DreamWorks rip up HD DVD release list

    Blu-ray discs coming in the summer

    Hardware 29 Feb 12:13

  • Ofcom to clamp down on 'unfair' charges

    Bill paying probe

    Government 29 Feb 12:14

  • Vote now for your fave sci-fi movie quote

    One line to rule them all

    Bootnotes 29 Feb 12:21

  • Tiscali confirms sell-off is on the table

    Down Pompei

    Broadband 29 Feb 12:21

  • Alleged Kiwi botnet mastermind in court

    Black sheep

    Security 29 Feb 12:22

  • Asus to drive in Lamborghini-brand handset

    Shift your conversations up a gear

    Phones 29 Feb 12:24

  • Samsung Armani mobile phone

    Brand on the run?

    Phones 29 Feb 13:02

  • Nokia starts tagging photos

    I know where you were last summer

    Applications 29 Feb 13:42

  • Microsoft class action to go ahead as spammers crack Gmail captcha

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    Business 29 Feb 13:50

  • Mobo maker builds 'powerless' processor cooling fan

    Stirling Engine put to work

    Science 29 Feb 14:26

  • Sony rolls out new digicam, quite literally

    No batteries required

    Hardware 29 Feb 14:36

  • Most spam comes from just six botnets

    Diary of the Dead

    Security 29 Feb 15:16

  • O2's Companion halted

    New billing system hates BlackBerrys

    Mobile 29 Feb 15:17

  • Intel prices up next-gen desktop chipsets

    'Eaglelake' line extended too

    Hardware 29 Feb 15:22

  • Microsoft cuts Vista price

    Cheap enough now?

    The Channel 29 Feb 15:27

  • Feargal Sharkey on three strikes… and after

    A new deal for music fans?

    Media 29 Feb 15:46

  • How Phorm plans to tap your internet connection

    Under the hood of BT's data pimping machine

    Broadband 29 Feb 15:58

  • The Phorm files

    All yer data pimping news in one place

    Mobile 29 Feb 16:03

  • eBay makes nice with MercExchange

    'OK. Fine. We'll buy your patents'

    The Channel 29 Feb 17:56

  • Brocade punts new SAN router for kid enterprises

    When you grow up you'll get 14 more ports

    Storage 29 Feb 19:59

  • iPhone jailbreak tools updated to open firmware 1.1.4

    ZiPhone, iNdependence tweaked

    Mobile 29 Feb 21:15

  • Orkut worm feeds on scraps

    From social networking to social engineering

    Security 29 Feb 23:21