27th February 2008 Archive

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  • Bitlocker hack is easily prevented, Microsoft says

    Restoring Vista disk crypto's good name

    The Channel 27 00:27

  • PSI takes a bigger swing at IBM's mainframe biz

    Open mainframe server line scales up

    Servers 27 00:44

  • Quake rocks Britain

    Global warming to blame?

    Science 27 02:39

  • New York subpoenas Comcast 'reasonable network management' records

    Rescues 20,000 souls

    Broadband 27 04:31

  • Watchdog sues US Justice Department over Google chatter

    When privacy czars defect

    Law 27 06:07

  • Cut to the Web Server Core: Windows Server 2008

    Apache not served

    Operating Systems 27 07:02

  • Dell shows world its web services face

    Your local office data center admin in Guadalajara

    The Channel 27 07:02

  • Why Yahoo!'s Stalker 2.0 service is a turn-off

    Mobile creepware

    Mobile 27 09:02

  • Disintegrating wind turbine caught on camera

    Spectacular Danish brake failure

    Science 27 09:25

  • Should P2P filesharers be paid for filesharing?

    Socking it to The Man

    Media 27 10:02

  • Google takes a swipe at OOXML

    Danish Unix group complains to EU

    Software 27 10:08

  • Sun will swallow Earth: Official

    No escape from star's clutches

    Science 27 10:09

  • RIM opens executive lounge for all

    No riff-raff please

    Mobile 27 10:27

  • Hard drive replacement sparks singed disk situation

    Flash. Bang. Wallop

    Hardware 27 10:58

  • Intel fills green software gap

    Who ya gonna call?

    Software 27 11:02

  • Minister defends National ID Register security

    'No risk of discs flying around'

    Government 27 11:09

  • Sony talks up Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3

    Red limited edition PSP too

    Games 27 11:10

  • AI prof: The robot terrorists are coming! Aiee!

    Noel Sharkey issues another robopocalypse warning

    Science 27 11:17

  • O2 falls short of 3G target

    Promises to do better

    Mobile 27 11:23

  • Tiscali boss faces board showdown as sell-off rumours swirl

    Make him an offer he can't refuse

    Broadband 27 11:24

  • Dell debuts mid-range gaming box

    XPS line extended

    Hardware 27 11:34

  • Logica admits outlook uncertain

    Shaky start for new CEO

    The Channel 27 11:54

  • InfoJack Trojan burrows into Windows CE machines

    China syndrome - for now

    Security 27 12:01

  • Acer Aspire 2920 budget laptop

    The notebook for your kids?

    Hardware 27 12:02

  • EC jacks up Microsoft fine by €899m

    First company ever fined for failure to comply

    Software 27 12:04

  • Apple posts iPhone 1.1.4 update

    But jailbreak coder says don't upgrade yet

    Phones 27 12:18

  • Sony to bolster Sharp LCD deal with fresh Samsung pact?

    LCDs? We got 'em

    Hardware 27 12:37

  • Shrek studio looks to Toshiba to untie HD DVD bond

    DWA admits it was 'well compensated' to back format

    Hardware 27 13:11

  • Gov boffins to carry out simulated London dirty bombing

    Will carry official toxic-attack-expert IDs

    Government 27 13:19

  • BT pimped customer web data to advertisers last summer

    Denied secret relationship with Phorm, blamed malware

    Broadband 27 13:29

  • Japanese joggers to get exercise earphones with attitude

    'Get off your fat arse, you lazy good-for-nothing...'

    Hardware 27 13:33

  • Sony clocks onto iPhone docks

    Dock 'n' roll

    Hardware 27 15:32

  • Go!Messenger VoIP for 'fat' PSPs coming on Friday

    Skype? Pah!

    VoIP 27 15:37

  • Public don't want internet filters, MS tells MPs

    Filters understood, but ignored

    Broadband 27 16:16

  • Boffin: Coconut jumbo is millstone in disguise

    Top chemist slams bio and synth fuels, says CO2 offsets 'bogus'

    Science 27 16:22

  • Nintendo works out UK Wii Fit price

    Not long to wait now

    Games 27 16:52

  • Paper clip attack skewers Chip and PIN

    Tapping up

    Security 27 17:05

  • Linux goes Wii

    Brew you own?

    Applications 27 18:40

  • Comcast pays Americans to oppose net neutrality

    Sleeping meat puppets

    Broadband 27 19:56

  • User-friendly black hats debut Crimeware as a Service (CAAS)

    'Instantly infect your favorite Fortune 500 company'

    Security 27 20:04

  • Microsoft's LAMP answer arrives in pieces

    Don't mention the Apache trip

    Applications 27 21:15

  • German high court throttles government net snooping

    Surveillance law is verboten

    Law 27 22:24

  • Can Microsoft teach tots digital-age virtue?

    Conflict of counterfeit interest

    Law 27 23:30