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Judge accuses hacks of hacking cannibal ruling

A state judge in Oklahoma has publicly accused reporters covering a high-profile murder trial of hacking into her computer and stealing a secret ruling she issued in the case.

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Once more unto the void...
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Network Solutions sued for price fixing

Network Solutions is being sued for front-running internet domains.
Cade Metz, 26 2008
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Want to snoop on your neighbors? Come and work in Wisconsin

A legal case against Wisconsin's largest utility has provided a candid glimpse into a world where employees use detailed company records to snoop on celebrities and ex-lovers.
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Florida cops taser naked old timer

Florida cops last Saturday administered a solid tasering to a 65-year-old man who decided to go for a naked wander through a Sarasota neighbourhood.
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Coastguard, plods swoop on fake Facebook yachtmaster

A 29-year-old yachtswoman used an image of a sailing qualification found on Facebook to charter a yacht last summer, according to the UK government.

Toshiba unveils sub-notebook HDD pair

Toshiba's post-HD DVD re-habilitation continues - today it announced two new 1.8in hard drives, a family of products it highlighted as a cornerstone of its future product strategy.
HMRC Her Majesty Revenue and Customs

HMRC pays criminal for 'tax dodger' discs

Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) is paying a German crook a reward for allegedly stolen information about bank accounts in Liechtenstein. The information is believed to relate to 100 people who between them owe the UK tax authorities more than £100m.
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Second Life comes to the third screen

Residents of Sadville will soon be able to get out more, thanks to a mobile version of their virtual utopia currently being beta-tested by mobile software house Vollee. Meanwhile, grown-up social networkers using LinkedIn can already access those vital business contacts while on the move.
Bill Ray, 26 2008

Sony updates advanced digicam range

Sony has expanded its H series of advanced digicam shooters with the H50, which ushers in an increased number of megapixels alongside a welcome price drop from its H9 predecessor model.
PC World's £1000 Wii

Nintendo to introduce online play charges

Nintendo has announced plans to rake in even more cash out of the Wii. It will begin charging gamers to play some video games online over the console's Wi-Fi link.
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Microsoft measures up

Project Watch: Microsoft 2008 The next task in rolling out our 1TB SQL Server 2008 application using Visual Studio 2008 and Windows Server 2008 is to import signed spatial data into the spatial data type. This is the code:
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EU throws €5.5bn at embedded chips and nanotech

The European Union is to pump billions of euros into a number of key technology projects to bolster Europe's nanotech and embedded systems industries over the next decade.
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MySociety tests FoI website

A charity is testing a website which automates the submitting, tracking, and publishing requests made under the Freedom of Information (FoI) Act.
Kablenet, 26 2008
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Infra-red cameras to tackle congestion in Leeds

Trials of technology to enforce use of a high occupancy vehicle route into Leeds will start next month.
Kablenet, 26 2008

Lenovo intros skinny, low-weight ThinkPad

Lenovo has introduced its latest sub-notebook, the 1.42kg ThinkPad X300, in Japan ahead of its Western debut.
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eBay parachutes ecommerce veteran into Skype hotseat

eBay has dispatched one of its own to take the helm at Skype, in the hope he can go some way to justify its increasingly baffling multi-billion buck purchase of the profit-lite VoIP app.
Evesham Alqemi 26” LCD TV

Sony and Sharp to partner on tenth-gen LCD plant

Electronics giants Sony and Sharp have shaken hands on a deal that’ll see both companies invest in a factory designed to punch out cutting-edge LCD panels.

Venturi Mini in-car FM music streamer

Review This is one of those gadgets that doesn't really fit into any pre-existing category largely due to it actually being three things in one: a standalone hands-free phone device, an RDS FM music streamer and, by way of its USB port, a charger.

Sony intros next-gen Blu-ray players

Sony last night introduced its latest standalone Blu-ray Disc players, both incorporating the latest Blu-ray interactivity features.
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Iowa man sacked for demanding prostitute

An employee of Riverside Casino and Golf Resort in Iowa was given his marching orders after getting legless in the casino's hotel and demanding a strumpet be sent to his room.

Adobe throws weight behind SQLite

Adobe Systems has confirmed it will help sponsor the work of the SQLite database project, joining a new consortium alongside Mozilla and Symbian.

TangoX dances in to challenge Eee PC, CloudBook

Chip maker VIA's sub-notebook reference platform, the NanoBook, has made another appearance, this time as South Korean vendor Sungjut's TangoX. Does it look familiar? It should - it's virtually identical to Maxdata's Belinea s.book 1.
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Blunkett gets another job

David Blunkett, the ex-Home Secretary, is to front a TV show called Banged Up With Blunkett.

Apple updates laptop lines

Keeping with its tradition of launching new products each Tuesday - including recently the larger capacity iPod Shuffle, and the iPod Touch and iPhone memory upgrades - Apple has updated both the MacBook and MacBook Pro line-up.
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Gilligan's bomb: Is it time to panic yet?

Comment Noted ex-Beeb reporter Andrew Gilligan - perhaps most famous for coming out on the wrong end of the Kelly/Hutton/Iraq dossier fracas in 2004 - has been up to a different kind of journalism recently - building bombs for Channel 4.
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iPhone SDK won't be here in February after all

The venerable S. Jobs said it would be out in February, having declared it unnecessary - now it seems the Software Developer Kit will be even later to the party. Business Week - who were right about the SDK itself last time - report a delay of another couple of weeks, though rumours suggest an alpha-test version might be launched so that Apple can deny the slippage.
Bill Ray, 26 2008

IBM gives mainframe another push

Big Blue has begun selling its new high-end mainframe computer, which it claims can dramatically cut power costs, although prices for the box do start at $1m.
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Odeon kicks Rambo in the 'nads

Sylvester Stallone's latest outing as trigger-happy action man Rambo has suffered a nasty hit in the wallet thanks to the Odeon cinema chain refusing to screen the movie, the BBC reports.

HTC to release handset video 'fix'

HTC has pledged to release a "software optimisation" that will dramatically improve its handsets' performance. However, the news may not impress phone owners hoping for full video drivers.

VMware rains hardware deals on Microsoft's parade

VMware today inked a quartet of software deals with server giants Dell, Hewlett-Packard, IBM and Fujitsu Siemens.
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Siemens to axe 6,000 telecoms jobs

Siemens is to cull 6,800 jobs at its troubled corporate telecommunications unit, after announcing last summer that a relatively small 600 would have to go.

UK data watchdogs drop Facebook probe

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) is now satisfied that Facebook is letting people escape the bear hug of its data retention policy, it said today.
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ICO tells Cabinet Office to release Iraq docs

The Information Commissioner Richard Thomas has told the Cabinet Office that it must release documents relating to Cabinet debates over the invasion of Iraq.
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Pentagon: Bullseyed turkey-sat pieces will all burn up

The US military says it is corporately very pleased with the results of last Thursday's missile intercept of a malfunctioning spy satellite above the Pacific. According to American space radar, only small fragments of the bus-sized spacecraft remain in orbit, and they will all burn up as they re-enter.

HP, Dell and Fujitsu answer VMware's USB stick plea

In the much-hyped world of server virtualization, even slapping a hypervisor on a USB stick counts as cause for mass celebration.

Vodafone shows off Samsung i640

Vodafone has updated its website with news of a successor to the Samsung i620, cunningly called the i640.
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Hotmail dies on both sides of the Atlantic

Update 3 According to Reg readers on both sides of the Atlantic, Microsoft Hotmail and other parts of MSN are on the fritz.
Cade Metz, 26 2008
Richard Stallman

Stallman steps back from Emacs

Richard Stallman, industry activist and founder of the Free Software Foundation (FSF) has - once again - relinquished his role as maintainer of the phenomenally successful GNU Extensible, Customizable, Display Editor (Emacs).

HP pumps wee EVA box at big businesses

Hewlett-Packard is revamping the bottom end of its StorageWorks Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA) family with a new system the company says will better address that cherished lower-upper-midsized business market.
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The Register Green Computing Debate is Go

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That Wi-Fi network you thought was secure? It ain't

Businesses using some of the more advanced methods for securing connections to Wi-Fi access points need to take a hard look at the configuration settings of client computers. So say researchers who have documented a simple way to impersonate trusted networks.
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US senator accuses FCC of rigging 700MHz auction

Wireless watchers are still waiting for the final results of the The Great American Wireless Auction, but that hasn't stopped at least one US Senator from dubbing the FCC's $20bn bid-off "a disaster".
Cade Metz, 26 2008

VMware at the four front of management

VMware continues to barrage customers with more and more management products.