26th February 2008 Archive

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  • Judge accuses hacks of hacking cannibal ruling

    Self-titillation blamed

    Security 26 00:21

  • Google Microsoft

    Chattering class

    Software 26 02:30

  • Network Solutions sued for price fixing

    ICANN named too

    Small Biz 26 03:49

  • Want to snoop on your neighbors? Come and work in Wisconsin

    'Politicians, community leaders, board members, officers, family, friends. All over the place'

    Security 26 03:56

  • Florida cops taser naked old timer

    Shock result of birthday suit walkabout

    Bootnotes 26 09:55

  • Coastguard, plods swoop on fake Facebook yachtmaster

    Eight month manhunt, DNA sampling for internet pirate

    Law 26 10:01

  • Toshiba unveils sub-notebook HDD pair

    UMPC-friendly too

    Hardware 26 10:02

  • HMRC pays criminal for 'tax dodger' discs

    CDs lost in the post? Buy some stolen ones...

    Law 26 10:15

  • Second Life comes to the third screen

    LinkedIn also goes mobile

    Mobile 26 10:18

  • Sony updates advanced digicam range

    Features up, price down

    Hardware 26 10:32

  • Nintendo to introduce online play charges

    Wii Points inflation

    Games 26 10:40

  • Microsoft measures up

    A meter is a meter is a meter. Not

    Software 26 11:02

  • EU throws €5.5bn at embedded chips and nanotech

    Anoints tech industry with fat wad of cash

    Policy 26 11:02

  • MySociety tests FoI website

    Will UK.gov develop auto-deny software?

    Policy 26 11:08

  • Infra-red cameras to tackle congestion in Leeds

    Face two face

    Law 26 11:11

  • Lenovo intros skinny, low-weight ThinkPad

    X300 debuts

    Hardware 26 11:23

  • eBay parachutes ecommerce veteran into Skype hotseat

    Now make some money

    VoIP 26 11:27

  • Sony and Sharp to partner on tenth-gen LCD plant

    Super-size panel production

    Hardware 26 11:42

  • Venturi Mini in-car FM music streamer

    Handy, helpful little hi-fi add-on

    Hardware 26 12:02

  • Sony intros next-gen Blu-ray players

    Latest BD interactivity features added

    Hardware 26 12:16

  • Iowa man sacked for demanding prostitute

    Not a legitimate perk, judge rules

    Bootnotes 26 12:17

  • Adobe throws weight behind SQLite

    Promises cash to bed down embedded database

    Applications 26 12:35

  • TangoX dances in to challenge Eee PC, CloudBook

    VIA's NanoBook UMPC design appears again

    Hardware 26 12:44

  • Blunkett gets another job

    Five doc - Banged Up With Blunkett

    Policy 26 12:52

  • Apple updates laptop lines

    It's Tuesday afternoon. It's time for an Apple upgrade

    Hardware 26 13:54

  • Gilligan's bomb: Is it time to panic yet?

    Vicious thrashing fails to stir rotting equine corpse

    Law 26 14:14

  • iPhone SDK won't be here in February after all

    Luckily you never needed it anyway

    Mobile 26 14:17

  • IBM gives mainframe another push

    z10, it's the future

    Data Centre 26 14:19

  • Odeon kicks Rambo in the 'nads

    Refuses to screen Stallone gorefest

    Bootnotes 26 14:20

  • HTC to release handset video 'fix'

    But not hardware-accelerated video drivers

    Mobile 26 15:27

  • VMware rains hardware deals on Microsoft's parade

    Hypervisor deal leaves Viridian howling at the moon

    Servers 26 15:42

  • Siemens to axe 6,000 telecoms jobs

    SENding work overseas

    Networks 26 15:47

  • UK data watchdogs drop Facebook probe

    'Thanks... bitches'

    Law 26 16:03

  • ICO tells Cabinet Office to release Iraq docs

    Cabinet Office: 'Meh'

    Government 26 16:18

  • Pentagon: Bullseyed turkey-sat pieces will all burn up

    You ain't gittin' none of our nuggets

    Science 26 16:24

  • HP, Dell and Fujitsu answer VMware's USB stick plea

    The 32MB shot heard round the world

    Servers 26 16:44

  • Vodafone shows off Samsung i640

    The i620's younger brother

    Mobile 26 17:17

  • Hotmail dies on both sides of the Atlantic

    Two countries united by a common outage

    Broadband 26 18:14

  • Stallman steps back from Emacs

    Hears call of other projects

    Software 26 18:17

  • HP pumps wee EVA box at big businesses

    Blefuscu Corp. rejoices

    Storage 26 19:39

  • The Register Green Computing Debate is Go

    Live & Online - February 27 - check out the running order

    Science 26 20:28

  • That Wi-Fi network you thought was secure? It ain't

    'Pwnage Edition' on the prowl

    The Channel 26 21:19

  • US senator accuses FCC of rigging 700MHz auction

    Kevin Martin's ménage à trois

    Broadband 26 22:00

  • VMware at the four front of management

    Manager Manager up next

    Servers 26 23:08