22nd February 2008 Archive

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  • Malware writers think global, act local

    Mono-linguists need not apply

    Security 22 Feb 00:50

  • Intel overwhelmed by EU complaints

    Give us a chance, guys

    The Channel 22 Feb 00:52

  • Server vendors fight off doom and gloom in Q4

    HP saves the clan

    Servers 22 Feb 01:28

  • Google encourages 10 teams to rocket to the moon

    Lunar X Prize joined by Jesus, a penguin and some miners

    Science 22 Feb 01:56

  • Security boffins unveil BitUnlocker

    Disk encryption decrypted

    Security 22 Feb 02:03

  • Best keypad-less phone?


    Hardware 22 Feb 06:02

  • Netbanx fixes payment processing glitch

    Failure to communicate

    Small Biz 22 Feb 07:02

  • Entry-level and mid-range TV market targeted by Toshiba

    CV and XV range unveiled

    Hardware 22 Feb 07:50

  • Toshiba unveils picture frame-styled ZF TV range

    As pretty as a picture

    Hardware 22 Feb 07:58

  • Designs displayed for iPhone clip-on speakers

    Tune in...

    Hardware 22 Feb 09:01

  • Deloitte flags risks of UK child database

    No such thing as a secure database

    Government 22 Feb 09:32

  • China plans 'deep-sea base project'

    Manned submersible test pioneers oceanic programme

    Science 22 Feb 09:33

  • EMC orders Pi Corp for its cloud

    C/2r in the sky investment

    Storage 22 Feb 09:36

  • Solicitors fined under Data Protection Act

    ICO gets litigious on London lawyers

    Law 22 Feb 09:48

  • Virgin biofuel jumbo trials won't use algae

    As UK.gov reviews food-powered fuel policy

    Science 22 Feb 09:55

  • Euro MPs want criminal penalties for downloaders

    But harmony will be hard fought battle

    Law 22 Feb 09:56

  • Global LCD TV sales overtake CRT

    CRT who?

    Hardware 22 Feb 10:21

  • Hefty black hole weighs in at 33 Suns

    Record-breaking stellar-mass heavyweight

    Science 22 Feb 10:26

  • Taking IT security to task

    Sleepwalking from bad guys to big brother

    Reg Technology Panel 22 Feb 11:13

  • UK rattles 'three strikes' filesharing sabre (again)

    'Change of tone' signals no change in reality

    Government 22 Feb 11:16

  • Turkmen prez sacks 30 for TV news cockroach outrage

    State station purged

    Bootnotes 22 Feb 11:19

  • Asia-Pacific research network gets €18m fund

    EC and Asian partners tie-up TIEN3 deal

    Broadband 22 Feb 11:32

  • Doctors back more tax on booze

    BMA urges life-saving price hike

    Government 22 Feb 11:57

  • VMWare update lances virtual bugs

    Samba and Python bugs wiggle into virtualisation software

    Security 22 Feb 12:01

  • Pentax Optio E40 compact camera

    This snapper needs to sharpen its teeth

    Hardware 22 Feb 12:02

  • Put some MVC in your PHP

    Trial by separation

    Software 22 Feb 12:02

  • BOFH: Insecurity complex

    Been there, done that, got the bullet holes

    BOFH 22 Feb 12:02

  • HMRC data debacle used to bait phishing lure

    Poetic justice restricts success of feeble ruse

    Security 22 Feb 13:23

  • Reins put on key Vista SP1 update as Microhoo! is released into the wild

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    Business 22 Feb 13:30

  • BAE bulging with cash and wardroids, worried about future

    Arms biz nervous as MoD finances circle the drain

    Government 22 Feb 13:41

  • EU wants RFID tags turned off

    Turn off tags at the till

    Law 22 Feb 13:45

  • Toshiba rolls out HD handycam

    The Oscars, here we come

    Hardware 22 Feb 13:50

  • Jailed Japanese net mogul launches appeal

    Livedoor saga continues

    Security 22 Feb 13:50

  • EU data guardians: search engines must obey our rules

    Which we will issue very soon now

    Law 22 Feb 13:57

  • Bluetooth headset boasts integrated storage

    It won't improve your memory though

    Hardware 22 Feb 13:59

  • Essex youth's cop headbutt heads for YouTube

    Pleads guilty to ABH following 'happyslap' incident

    Security 22 Feb 14:05

  • Vista SP1 kills and maims security apps, utilities

    Check security software before installing

    Software 22 Feb 14:51

  • Scientist warns against technology addiction

    Are you in denial?

    Hardware 22 Feb 15:13

  • Treehuggers lose legal fight to solar-powered neighbour

    Environ-mental Prius pair battle plugdrive sun-chum

    Science 22 Feb 15:56

  • The amazing, imploding ISP business

    Not much sympathy for the tubes operators...

    Letters 22 Feb 16:04

  • Ofcom auctions off high frequencies

    Bargains snapped up by companies with no firm plans

    Broadband 22 Feb 16:10

  • Former HP boss in the dock over call centre murder

    Held to account over taxi killing

    Security 22 Feb 16:22

  • US, EU seize counterfeit computer goods

    First joint operation for fake chips

    The Channel 22 Feb 16:48

  • cDc automates Google Hacking

    Kewl for cats

    Security 22 Feb 17:14

  • Nude Marilyn Monroe flambés dog, serves atop fire extinguisher

    Counterfeit Ocado's finest, naturally

    Letters 22 Feb 17:16

  • Hubble peers into the Great Eye of Sauron

    Spectacular dust ring surrounds 'whale's mouth' star

    Science 22 Feb 17:21

  • Open sourciness

    Red Hat's JBoss conundrum

    Software 22 Feb 17:37

  • Turning daisies into dollars - the realities of Green Computing

    Let's get ready to rumble

    Site News 22 Feb 18:32

  • Sergey Brin: 'Microhoo! makes me nervous'

    Prefers unnerving others

    Applications 22 Feb 18:46

  • Apache daddy walks out on OpenSolaris

    Denies Sun cake-eating rights

    Operating Systems 22 Feb 19:13

  • Gawker - Texas's supercomputing Ranger

    60,000 cores of justice

    Servers 22 Feb 21:29

  • Linkin Park cyber-stalker sent to jail

    Has two years' worth of reasons to be angsty now

    Security 22 Feb 22:23

  • US funds exascale computing journey

    While Torvalds and Patterson get hot

    Servers 22 Feb 23:14