20th February 2008 Archive

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  • US Supremes reject challenge to warrantless wiretapping

    ACLU complains of a Catch-22

    Government 20 00:13

  • Microsoft preps Yahoo! proxy attack

    Fair's fair

    The Channel 20 01:15

  • Huge VAT fraud tab eclipses EU's age-old scams

    'Something must be done,' MEPs thunder

    The Channel 20 06:02

  • UK PC maker launches three-core Phenom line

    AMD's 8000 series in the wild

    Hardware 20 06:02

  • O2 binds Bluebook SMS security bug

    Yet more URL manipulation mischief

    Security 20 07:02

  • Ricoh unwraps 10Mp digicam duo

    One for you, and one for me

    Hardware 20 08:56

  • Qualcomm and the real story behind Mobile World Congress

    Intellectual booty

    Mobile 20 09:02

  • HD DVD firesale begins on eBay

    Defunct format sell-off

    Hardware 20 09:02

  • Symantec Endpoint Security throws out error bugs

    But remains functional, company says

    Security 20 09:02

  • Intel brings forward tech for low-cost PCs

    More desktop, notebook Eee-alikes on the way

    Hardware 20 09:19

  • Sony sells $835m PS3 CPU plant to Toshiba

    Consolation prize?

    Hardware 20 09:38

  • Jedi to open Surrey academy

    Home Counties feel the Force

    Bootnotes 20 09:57

  • Government 'lost' DNA data on 2,000 criminal suspects

    More crimes committed before disc found

    Government 20 10:15

  • US man saved by bulletproof DVD

    Disc takes a slug for South Carolina fire chief

    Bootnotes 20 10:51

  • All aboard the WS-* standards express

    IBM and Microsoft in the driving seat

    Software 20 11:02

  • Some firm named Unisys does something

    Has to do with servers and services

    Servers 20 11:18

  • Turn your monitor into an HD TV, says Asus

    Add-on box

    Hardware 20 11:19

  • Intel rolls out Skulltrail high-end gaming mobo

    Dem bones, dem bones

    Hardware 20 11:38

  • Restored Vulcan hits financial turbulence

    More cash needed for flight test programme

    Science 20 11:46

  • Mozilla opens the doors on Messaging subsidiary

    Thunderbird is go

    Applications 20 11:48

  • Mio DigiWalker C620T

    All-terrain armoured transport

    Science 20 12:02

  • Northern Rock FOI gag 'out of order' say Tories

    Turning the air blue

    Government 20 12:19

  • Software glitch hits Heathrow T4 baggage system

    Flying today? Not with those cases you're not

    Management 20 12:21

  • BBC mulls dropping Flash as iPlayer meets iPhone


    Applications 20 12:24

  • Sony beams down Bluetooth Walkman

    Media player line-up extended

    Hardware 20 12:28

  • Redmond puts key Vista update on ice

    Now you see it, now you don't

    Operating Systems 20 12:47

  • Diners in 'suck my d**k' bill outrage

    Restaurant service without a smile

    Bootnotes 20 12:59

  • Die for Gaia, save the planet?

    The Soylent wing of the Green movement examined

    Science 20 13:00

  • Space shuttle descends: Satellite turkey-shoot to commence

    US Navy books vast Pacific firing area five days running

    Science 20 14:02

  • Ban booze in supermarkets, says health adviser

    Cunning plan to combat binge drinking

    Science 20 14:15

  • Points mean passports: Citizenship Smith unveils 'like us' plan

    Inclusive 'cohere or scram' scheme for migrants

    Government 20 15:02

  • Channel 4 music video provider goes titsup

    Bum note

    Financial News 20 15:03

  • Drunken Korean attempts to cook landlady's Chihuahua

    Result? Fire, cuffs, etc

    Bootnotes 20 15:07

  • UML officially an unfunny matter

    An action and an artifact walk into a bar...

    Software 20 15:41

  • Dell tells channel: You're not just a bit on the side

    Snuggles up to dealers and talks prices

    The Channel 20 15:47

  • The internet as a platform? Not as ISP bloodbath looms

    iPlayer the assassin

    Broadband 20 15:58

  • Miami cops trial 'hover and stare' ducted-fan Dalek

    Portable petrol powered perv-patrols for 'urban tactics'

    Science 20 16:33

  • Shamed 'alternative medicine' quack silences web critic

    Jelly spine cure urgently needed by ISP

    Broadband 20 16:34

  • Ringin' in the old days

    Update for the old classic retro phone

    Hardware 20 17:19

  • Wii Fit to hit UK in April

    Mario Kart en-route too

    Games 20 17:21

  • Dated disk drive now with 7-in-1 card reader

    Floppy disk bytes back

    Hardware 20 17:31

  • Microsoft releases latest XP SP3 build

    Still waiting for full version, though

    Operating Systems 20 18:24

  • FastScale dishes new Nicole Richie Composer Suite

    What a slimming server

    Servers 20 18:33

  • Larry Lessig for Congress?

    'Show your support right now'

    Government 20 19:50

  • Unseen 'Marilyn Monroe' nude snap wows US expert

    Madonna resemblance is uncanny...

    Bootnotes 20 20:02

  • Latest China scare torpedos 3Com takeover

    I trump your China card with my national security fears

    The Channel 20 20:25

  • Data Domain makes de-dupe box for corporate boonies

    Beams back remote office data to mothership

    Storage 20 22:25

  • Oz admits $85m p0rn filtering FAIL

    'Let's do it again'

    Government 20 22:28

  • Ubuntu chief ushers in the age of Intrepid Ibex

    Goat boy's flehmen response

    Servers 20 23:42

  • UK media consultant dupes 2.4m randy YouTubers

    No 'Hot Girl Sex' for you!

    Media 20 23:52