13th February 2008 Archive

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  • IBM updates oh-so-much storage gear

    Big switch, array, disks, and birthday surprises

    Storage 13 00:05

  • Sun's UltraSPARC T2 goes flame-retardant

    Netra: Now with 64 threads

    Servers 13 00:58

  • Amazon pooh-poohs (ingenious) New York net tax plan

    Affiliates get physical

    The Channel 13 01:08

  • Champion of competitive CAT-5 untangling is crowned

    Great sport, or greatest sport?

    Data Networking 13 01:15

  • System upgrade to blame for BlackBerry outage

    Haven't we heard that before?

    Broadband 13 02:06

  • Cash-burning Montalvo tapes out Silverthorne rival

    Is Nvidia the SugarDaddyForMe?

    Hardware 13 02:17

  • How believable are government claims on ID cards?

    Home Office research reveals all

    Policy 13 07:02

  • Ruby runs on Rails with NetBeans

    Build a web application in minutes

    Applications 13 07:19

  • Dell goes on EMEA channel deoffensive

    Promises pricing harmony

    The Channel 13 08:02

  • Samsung dolls out entry-level talker trio

    No need to save up

    Phones 13 09:16

  • Email pen concept does away with keyboards

    Note to self...

    Hardware 13 09:30

  • LG's mystery Communicator - what's it like?

    Attention: Cargo Cults!

    Mobile 13 09:49

  • Spielberg quits as Beijing Olympics advisor

    Cites Chinese involvement in Sudanese 'crimes against humanity'

    Bootnotes 13 09:59

  • Microsoft ready to play with PlayReady

    All your media are etc....

    Mobile 13 10:33

  • EU to share data with Japan in anti-piracy deal

    'Cooperation is indispensable'

    Law 13 10:34

  • Paleontologists unearth Mexican trumpet-playing hadrosaur

    The Louis Armstrong of the late Cretaceous?

    Science 13 10:59

  • Panasonic says when it will ship 32GB SDHC

    But SanDisk in on the case too

    Hardware 13 11:08

  • Tools vendors stuck on UML and agility

    Give us our refactoring moment

    Software 13 11:16

  • Morse shrugs off market uncertainty

    Meets H1 expectations, confident on second half

    The Channel 13 11:26

  • Microsoft dishes out six critical updates

    And a further five 'important' patches

    Software 13 11:30

  • Indian IT sector will employ 2m by end of 2008

    Still running like a train

    The Channel 13 11:33

  • Murdoch taps HP boss for News Corp boardroom

    Ink-stained veterans join hands

    The Channel 13 11:35

  • Cops hunt charred power cable thief

    11,000V + hacksaw = bang

    Bootnotes 13 11:56

  • Alcatel unveils stack of sexy-but-budget phones

    Phones 13 11:56

  • TomTom launches file-sharing service

    Turn right at the next byte

    Science 13 12:01

  • Firefox 3 beta is live

    Get 'em while they're hot, unstable and buggy

    Applications 13 12:07

  • Nokia parades recycled handset

    The phone that's rubbish

    Phones 13 12:30

  • NHS Direct launches text message service


    Policy 13 12:36

  • US may shoot down spy sat to safeguard tech secrets

    Talk about aggressive rights enforcement

    Science 13 12:47

  • Brit stargazers get Gemini reprieve

    Back on the 'scopes - for now

    Science 13 12:49

  • Pssst! Here's ECS' 'super 3G' sub-notebook

    HSUPA and HSDPA built in

    Hardware 13 12:59

  • Armed police swoop on MP3-packing mechanic

    4GB 'pistol' provokes Stoke-on-Trent kerfuffle

    Bootnotes 13 13:27

  • FBI issues prosthetic pregnant belly bomb alert

    Terrorist bang in the oven

    Bootnotes 13 13:38

  • HMRC self-assessment online gets awards nod

    Steps up for gong, trips on way down

    Policy 13 13:51

  • Miidio speakers promise good vibrations

    "Help me Rhonda..."

    Hardware 13 14:02

  • HP latches onto Qualcomm's Gobi chipset

    We don't need no stinking Wi-Fi

    Data Networking 13 14:43

  • Nerf takes aim at the Wii

    With foam bullets, mind

    Hardware 13 14:48

  • Academics propose carbon-capture kit for cars

    I will also turn water to petrol, says prof

    Science 13 15:10

  • US scientists puncture the ethanol biofuel bubble

    Crop switch likely to increase emissions

    Science 13 15:31

  • Jabra unveils titanium talker

    It's a Jacob Jensen, didn't you know?

    Hardware 13 16:06

  • Government wants every English child on 'secure' database

    Cos they know all about 'secure' databases...

    Policy 13 16:13

  • Students win appeal against cyberjihad convictions

    'Thought crime' verdict overturned

    Law 13 16:19

  • EU menaces migrants with border biometrics, dragnets

    Want to become a European? Tough

    Law 13 16:53

  • Legal, major label DRM-free MP3s hit UK (at last)

    Play.com gets the mainstream jump on Apple and Amazon

    Media 13 17:32

  • Comcast cops to BitTorrent busting

    Eight months later

    Broadband 13 18:58

  • Sun will have data centers after all

    Ignore our overzealous blogger

    Servers 13 19:45

  • FTC lists 2007's top consumer frauds

    Internet still a den of thieves

    Security 13 22:06

  • Google in mass 404 land grab

    'Don't squat on us, but we'll squat on you'

    Media 13 23:38

  • MayDay! MayDay! Ruskies reinvent cyber crime

    Not your father's botnet

    Security 13 23:42