12th February 2008 Archive

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  • Blue-laser alternative to Blu-ray, HD DVD launched

    And it's mobile friendly

    Hardware 12 00:02

  • Hitachi shrinks VTL bundles for mid-size folk

    In SMB de-duper stupor

    Storage 12 01:42

  • Hands on with the blingest flagship phones

    Haptic feedback - it's the new herpes

    Mobile 12 01:55

  • Citrix gets around to XenServer update

    Missing Symantec love and price war

    Servers 12 02:27

  • Thievin' teen bot herder admits to infecting military computers

    I was a teenage zombie master

    Security 12 03:13

  • Chinese smartphone imitates sincerely flatters Palm Centro

    Qwert keyboard offered as standard

    Mobile 12 05:02

  • Toshiba premieres Portégé G810

    Phones 12 08:02

  • El Reg collectible pops up on eBay

    First and last paper issue

    Bootnotes 12 08:34

  • Dodgy affiliates use malware to flog Symantec and Check Point

    Malvertisement break

    Security 12 08:57

  • Boozing boffins contribute less to science

    More beer, less research

    Science 12 08:58

  • HTC premieres mass-market GPS smartphone

    Phones 12 09:02

  • Robot carrier planes start work early with Navy SEALs

    Cellphone Topguns catapult from commando speedboats

    Science 12 09:51

  • Star Wars animation heads for the silver screen

    August cinema debut for The Clone Wars

    Bootnotes 12 09:55

  • BlackBerry takes Monday afternoon off

    Second outage in a year

    Mobile 12 10:00

  • Gates pumps up Office, slaps down Yahoo!

    Man your APIs

    Developer 12 10:14

  • Europe hails foothold in space

    Columbus lab finally clamped to ISS

    Science 12 10:20

  • Optical media shrunk for mobile phones

    DVD for handsets?

    Hardware 12 10:52

  • Sarko calls for global Mars exploration gig

    We must all work together, says French prez

    Science 12 10:53

  • LG quietly launches KT610 Symbian smartphone

    VGA screen and Qwerty keypad, anyone?

    Mobile 12 11:03

  • BSA sinks teeth into US dentists and door makers

    Companies pay $172,000 over unlicensed software claims

    The Channel 12 11:23

  • Consumers warned on data loss compensation packs

    'Little chance for success'

    Law 12 11:30

  • World's first expandable USB Flash drive launched, sort of

    Hardware 12 11:33

  • Calls to ban hoodie-busting sonic weapon

    Campaigners tell Mosquito to 'buzz off'

    Law 12 11:36

  • Plantronics talks-up military grade headset

    Always know what you've been told

    Hardware 12 11:47

  • Hannspree glams up the desktop monitor

    Beauty, for a price

    Hardware 12 11:50

  • iPhone-friendly mobile digital telly tuner demo'd

    DVB-H retransmitted over Wi-Fi

    Mobile 12 12:01

  • Motorola MOTO U9 mobile phone

    Fashion-conscious design can only get you so far

    Phones 12 12:10

  • DARPA continues military AI air-traffic project

    Handy for flying cars, machine genocide against fleshies

    Science 12 12:12

  • ISPs demand record biz pays up if cut-off P2P users sue

    Money meets mouth on file-sharing legislation threats

    Law 12 12:28

  • US hospitals launch Wiihabilitation

    Console proves medical hit

    Games 12 12:43

  • GCap reaches for DAB off switch

    Cans digital-only radio format

    Media 12 13:04

  • When poor people pollute - the Tata Nano and eco-crime

    But come in, little car, the modellers have been expecting you

    Science 12 14:20

  • T-Mobile and Orange hook up video trial

    Londoners to get mobile video, Reding to get annoyed

    Mobile 12 14:34

  • Vodafone CEO finds wireless too complicated

    Why can't things be more simple like when I were a lad?

    Networks 12 14:43

  • Intel and Dixons raided by Competition Commission

    Anti-trust allegations

    The Channel 12 15:00

  • Feds, NASA bracelet space shuttle spies

    And Huawei says 3Com espionage accusations are 'bullshit'

    Science 12 15:07

  • Trolltech delivers Qt WebKit

    Web beautification for mobile

    Mobile 12 15:52

  • Mobile subscribers showered with spam

    Nuisance messages speeds up customer churn

    Security 12 16:10

  • P2P uploader hoaxes leading BitTorrent blog

    2 + 2 = 10 for Torrentfreak

    Media 12 16:33

  • i-mate expands Ultimate range by two

    The latest PDAs

    Phones 12 16:36

  • Yahoo! debuts! mobile! creepware!

    The Hive Mind Sees All

    Mobile 12 16:43

  • Wind River claims Android 'first'

    Mobile rivals compete for Texas

    Mobile 12 16:57

  • London Congestion Charge becomes CO2 tax

    Red Green Ken makes bid for recycled lentil votes

    Policy 12 17:59

  • Sun nabs innotek's 20MB of open source, virtualized goodness

    I believe you have my stapler

    Servers 12 18:01

  • Google won't support you - Symbian

    Not paranoid about Android

    Mobile 12 18:22

  • SaaSy Dell 2.0 buys MessageOne for $155m

    Dell on Dell on Dell on Dell

    Servers 12 19:45

  • NetApp SnapManager blows VMware a virtual kiss

    Takes de-dupe to primary storage gear

    Storage 12 20:00

  • Portly HP fires up double-wide Itanium blade

    Four-sockets 'O Fun

    Servers 12 20:39

  • Rogers wraps 'unlimited' mobile browsing in small print

    The True North not so free

    Mobile 12 21:06