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Yahoo! launches! flat!-!-rate! web! hosting!

Yahoo! web site hosting operations are getting a whole lot looser when it comes to counting gigabytes. The well-established small business web hosting arm of the second-banana search firm is moving to a flat-rate model.
Austin Modine, 09 Feb 2008
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New Mexico bets future on promiscuous supercomputer

Can a supercomputer save a state? Former Presidential candidate Bill Richardson sure seems to think so.
Ashlee Vance, 09 Feb 2008

Flanagan reads riot act on police IT

The Flanagan Review of Policing calls for an end to the piecemeal approach to new technology adopted by the British police. The report looks likely to be accepted in broad terms by the Home Office. A Green Paper later this spring is likely to introduce many of his proposals.
John Oates, 09 Feb 2008

Comcast: Our BitTorrent busting is 'best in class'

Just weeks after the US Federal Communications Commission said it would investigate claims that Comcast was surreptitiously throttling P2P file-sharing traffic, the mega American ISP has issued new terms of service, telling customers it likes to practice "reasonable network management".
Cade Metz, 09 Feb 2008

BitMicro gives 1.6TB SSDs some SCSI lovin'

Flash storage specialist BitMicro has already jumped past the one terabyte marker with 1.6TB solid-state drives in a Fibre Channel flavor. This week, it's moving that capacity to its line of SCSI flash drives too.
Austin Modine, 09 Feb 2008

Shiver me timbers! It's the wooden radio

Anyone that thinks the market for radios has gone a bit wooden these days is right, literally. Online retailer Areaware has begun branching out into working wood-clad trannies.
James Sherwood, 09 Feb 2008

Fermented fish symbiotically pollinate model's hardwood feet

CommentsSwedish police are investigating a case of an open can of surströmming which was hurled through the bedroom window of a 52-year-old Motala man. The strong-smelling local delicacy has a deserved reputation as a potent biological terror agent, so the offence is a very serious one. Just as serious as the comments:
Robin Lettice, 09 Feb 2008

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