8th February 2008 Archive

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  • Designer dials in Chanel phone

    Does it have a big number five?

    Phones 08 01:02

  • RIAA chief calls for copyright filters on PCs

    By deception or force if necessary

    Hardware 08 01:36

  • Automated crack for Windows Live captcha goes wild

    Spammers'Holy Grail

    Security 08 01:59

  • When Google's content network lacks content

    Let's go fly a kite

    Media 08 04:05

  • Feds bat for Boeing in rendition lawsuit

    Torture outsourcing never had it so good

    Government 08 04:57

  • Load of Microsoft software falls off back of lorry

    At least some MS products are hot

    The Channel 08 05:02

  • Faster broadband through bonding

    Does doubling up your DSL really work?

    Broadband 08 06:02

  • Does the UK have an equivant of US service iFixit.com?


    Hardware 08 06:02

  • Equifax asks customer to email debit card photocopies

    Sanity check please

    Security 08 08:02

  • English language succumbs to Symbiotic Ephemeralization

    Death by a thousand innovation hypercycles

    Bootnotes 08 10:00

  • NPfIT director general hands in his scrubs

    Programme looks for CIO and director of IT

    Policy 08 10:15

  • Big Blue talks up 45nm PlayStation 3 processor possibilities

    Higher clock speeds or a smaller power drain, Sony?

    Games 08 10:33

  • Samsung bares its Soul

    Flagship handset to feature novel contextual menu control

    Mobile 08 10:50

  • Vodafone hooks up with Facebook and Match.com

    C'mere you

    Mobile 08 10:52

  • Yahoo! shares! rise! above! offer! price!

    Microsoft may pay more

    Financial News 08 10:53

  • Thigh-drive phone charger put through its paces

    Let your legs help your fingers do the walking

    Science 08 10:55

  • Brit firm levitates floating chair

    Grav-busting maglev lounger

    Bootnotes 08 10:55

  • Should the IT department be accountable for energy use?

    TCO? What TCO!

    Science 08 11:05

  • Scientists sue Intel in Core 2 Duo clash

    Patented tech used without permission, boffins claim

    Hardware 08 11:12

  • US man threatens TV repairman with shotgun

    How to get your sat service fixed, California-style

    Bootnotes 08 11:15

  • Japanese gamers no longer delighted by DS Lite?

    Smash Bros release lifts Wii

    Games 08 11:50

  • Billg quits Facebook

    Critical friend mass

    Bootnotes 08 11:51

  • Firefox updates, blitzes trio of critical bugs

    It's raining security updates

    Security 08 11:58

  • Tiny, take-apart handset enters the record books

    Not so much a phone, more a USB key?

    Phones 08 12:00

  • Stopblair.eu tries to halt Tony's march on Brussels

    Will e-petition be 'President' Blair's Waterloo?

    Government 08 12:17

  • Seabed cables will be fixed by next week

    But more will break - it's normal

    Broadband 08 12:21

  • Smith plugs into wired police plans

    The end of Dixon of Dock Green screen

    Government 08 12:31

  • Top cop urges RIPA review in coded attack on snoop code

    Less bureaucracy, more clarity, more bugging

    Law 08 12:32

  • Wireless signal shirt detected in UK

    Hardware 08 13:02

  • Archos advances PMP's storage capacity

    More inside, but the same outside

    Hardware 08 13:24

  • Microsoft's bid for Yahoo! - the story so far

    All our exclamation marks in one place

    Software 08 13:29

  • Nokia's N95 successor slips out on web

    'N96' makes fleeting appearance as spec list

    Mobile 08 13:34

  • EU investigates Microsoft's OOXML campaign

    Did Redmond try to pack standards groups?

    Applications 08 13:53

  • Holocube introduces '3D' display gizmo

    Smoke and mirrors?

    Hardware 08 14:35

  • Baylis Eco EP-MX71 hand-cranked media player

    It's green and groovy - and that's no wind-up

    Hardware 08 14:57

  • MS woos Yahoo!, bugging investigated and fraud costs skyrocket

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    Business 08 15:02

  • Hackers seed malware on Indian anti-virus site

    Who guards the guards?

    Security 08 15:03

  • UK men would stay out of bed for 50in plasma telly

    Hot widescreen action worth six months' shaglessness

    Bootnotes 08 16:17

  • EFF and chums sue Feds over border laptop inspections

    Throws Freedom of Information book at 'em

    Law 08 16:33

  • mSA high for Oracle embedded strategy

    Finally a use for BEA

    Applications 08 16:44

  • Dell 'committed' to AMD despite consumer kit shift to retail

    Intel-only Inspirons online for now, almost

    Hardware 08 17:19

  • Chip heads drive Linux mobile challenge

    Apple and Microsoft share foe

    Mobile 08 18:33

  • FBI sought approval to use spyware against terror suspects

    Magic Lantern reloaded

    Security 08 19:40

  • WARF raiders slap Intel with Core patent suit

    Wisconsin silicon heads

    Hardware 08 20:39

  • Rebit: This is your grandmother's data backup

    Simplicity has a price

    Storage 08 21:58

  • Prince Opteron unloads on AMD, Intel and the future of memory

    Fred Weber removes stealth shield

    Semi-Coherent Computing 08 23:06