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Designer dials in Chanel phone

Designer handsets and phones with the backing of a prominent fashion label are ten-a-penny nowadays. However, a concept model designed on behalf of Chanel really stands out from the crowd.
James Sherwood, 08 Feb 2008
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RIAA chief calls for copyright filters on PCs

When is a virus not a virus? When it's sending your personal data to the Recording Industry Association of America, silly.
Austin Modine, 08 Feb 2008
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Automated crack for Windows Live captcha goes wild

Spammers are using a sophisticated piece of software that can create thousands of Windows Live email addresses by cracking the protections designed to prevent the large-scale creation of fraudulent accounts.
Dan Goodin, 08 Feb 2008

When Google's content network lacks content

Just how much money does Google make from so-called "domain parkers" - those clever characters who populate countless web pages with nothing but advertising?
Cade Metz, 08 Feb 2008

Feds bat for Boeing in rendition lawsuit

The US government argued vehemently yesterday in District Court that government contractors engaged in confidential activities are covered by the controversial state secrets doctrine to the extent that litigation would require disclosure of government secrets.
Burke Hansen, 08 Feb 2008
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Load of Microsoft software falls off back of lorry

UpdatedA UK computer distributor has warned the channel to keep an eye out for a shipment of software stolen from a lorry bound for Warrington last month.
Kelly Fiveash, 08 Feb 2008

Faster broadband through bonding

Sex, money and chocolate are supposed to be the three things you can't have too much of. There is a fourth: Bandwidth. One way to have twice as much bandwidth is to have two lines, but getting them to work together isn't simple. Sharedband, a spin-off from BT Martlesham, is poised to launch a UK service to do just this.
Simon Rockman, 08 Feb 2008
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Equifax asks customer to email debit card photocopies

Credit checking giant Equifax left Reg reader Thomas flummoxed when it told him to send copies of the front and back of his debit card when he asked for a credit report.
John Leyden, 08 Feb 2008

English language succumbs to Symbiotic Ephemeralization

It is with heavy hearts that we announce this morning a near-fatal encounter between Reg reader David Talkowski and this pdf from the Institute For Enterprise Architecture Developments, an organisation described as "one of the most important sources of information related to Enterprise Architecture".
Lester Haines, 08 Feb 2008

NPfIT director general hands in his scrubs

The Department of Health (DoH) has confirmed that Richard Granger has left his post as director general of the NHS National Programme for IT.
Kablenet, 08 Feb 2008

Big Blue talks up 45nm PlayStation 3 processor possibilities

It's no great surprise, perhaps, but Cell Broadband Engine chip co-developer IBM will produce a 45nm version of the processor, paving the way for smaller, cooler-running PlayStation 3 consoles.
Tony Smith, 08 Feb 2008
Samsung Soul

Samsung bares its Soul

Samsung has added some funk - not to mention a novel contextual visual nav panel - to its handset line-up and unveiled the Soul as its flagship handset for 2008.
James Sherwood, 08 Feb 2008

Vodafone hooks up with Facebook and Match.com

Vodafone is to be the first operator to make use of Facebook's new Mobile Operators Platform, and has also signed a deal with dating site Match.com.
Bill Ray, 08 Feb 2008

Yahoo! shares! rise! above! offer! price!

!!!!!Yahoo! shares are worth more than Microsoft offered to pay for them last week. Even though when Microsoft made its offer to buy Yahoo! it included a 62 per cent premium Yahoo! shareholders are now better off selling their shares on the open market.
John Oates, 08 Feb 2008
Samsung Soul

Thigh-drive phone charger put through its paces

North American boffins have produced a knee brace which can generate several watts of power as the wearer's leg flexes while walking. The inventors believe the device could be useful for powering medical equipment - and even mobile phones.
Lewis Page, 08 Feb 2008

Brit firm levitates floating chair

It may not be the flying car we've been waiting for since the mid 1950s, but Brit firm Hoverit has come up with what may prove to be the next best thing: a Newton-snubbing maglev lounger.
Lester Haines, 08 Feb 2008

Scientists sue Intel in Core 2 Duo clash

A band of boffins is suing Intel, claiming the chip giant pinched their patented technology and used it in the Core 2 Duo processor design without their say-so.
Tony Smith, 08 Feb 2008

US man threatens TV repairman with shotgun

A disgruntled Californian satellite TV and internet customer was earlier this week cuffed on "suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, making criminal threats and displaying a firearm in a threatening manner" after ordering a repairman to fix his service at gunpoint.
Lester Haines, 08 Feb 2008

Japanese gamers no longer delighted by DS Lite?

Has Nintendo's hugely popular DS Lite had its day? Maybe in Japan, at least, where last week sales of the handheld games console fell below those notched up by its nearest rivals, Nintendo's Wii and Sony's PSP.
Tony Smith, 08 Feb 2008

Billg quits Facebook

Bill Gates is deleting, or at least disabling, the Facebook account he set up before investing in the company.
John Oates, 08 Feb 2008

Firefox updates, blitzes trio of critical bugs

Mozilla pushed out a new update of Firefox on Thursday that fixes ten security vulnerabilities, three of which are deemed critical.
John Leyden, 08 Feb 2008

Tiny, take-apart handset enters the record books

Israeli manufacturer Modu Mobile has officially created the world’s lightest handset, with recognition from Guinness World Records. Its eponymous handset also comes apart to allow complete customisation.
James Sherwood, 08 Feb 2008

Stopblair.eu tries to halt Tony's march on Brussels

A bunch of Europhiles are hoping to scupper Tony Blair’s bid to become president of Europe using the very same sort of e-petition-powered pop democracy he toyed with himself in his time at Number 10.
Joe Fay, 08 Feb 2008

Seabed cables will be fixed by next week

The three - yes, just three - seabed telecoms cables which were broken in two (only two) recent incidents are expected to be fixed by next week, according to the operating companies. The ongoing tinfoil-hat frenzy that has followed the outages may take longer to die down.
Lewis Page, 08 Feb 2008

Smith plugs into wired police plans

Jacqui Smith, the blunder-prone Home Secretary, told Parliament yesterday that she broadly supports the findings of the Flanagan report and will introduce a green paper later in the spring.
John Oates, 08 Feb 2008

Top cop urges RIPA review in coded attack on snoop code

The government should "urgently initiate" a review of the Codes of Practice for police use of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (RIPA), says Sir Ronnie Flanagan, Chief Inspector of Constabulary in his review of UK policing. RIPA governs the security services' use of surveillance and interception of communications, but police activities in these areas are sometimes hampered by "excessive bureaucracy" and "over-interpretation of the relevant rules", Flanagan claims.
John Lettice, 08 Feb 2008

Wireless signal shirt detected in UK

Remember the Wi-Fi detector T-shirt that turned up the States back in October 2007? Well, signal-strength specifying garment has arrived in the UK sporting an alternative antenna design.
Tony Smith, 08 Feb 2008

Archos advances PMP's storage capacity

Archos has beefed up the storage of its 405 portable media player (PMP), upping the model’s capacity from 2GB to a whopping 30GB.
James Sherwood, 08 Feb 2008

Microsoft's bid for Yahoo! - the story so far

!!!!!The Microsoft-Yahoo story has been long and involved - so long in fact that for your edification we've organised it all in one place. From the initial offering all the way to the very latest, we have month-by-month coverage right here, starting with the freshest:
Team Register, 08 Feb 2008

Nokia's N95 successor slips out on web

Nokia is rumoured to be on the verge of announcing the successor to the popular N95, following the discovery of tech specs on the mobile giant’s German website.
James Sherwood, 08 Feb 2008

EU investigates Microsoft's OOXML campaign

Microsoft's failed attempt to get its Office Open XML (OOXML) file format adopted by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) could land the software giant in hot water with the European Commission (EC).
Kelly Fiveash, 08 Feb 2008

Holocube introduces '3D' display gizmo

While some people think 3D displays are the Holy Grail of TV technology, European manufacturer Holocube has created a stylish box capable of displaying single objects in 3D.
James Sherwood, 08 Feb 2008

Baylis Eco EP-MX71 hand-cranked media player

ReviewTrevor Baylis, he of wind-up radio fame, now has a range of hand-cranked products, including this, the world's first wind-up multimedia player. It comes down to whether you're concerned by green issues - and you should be, unless you plan to move to another planet any time soon.
Lewis Caliburn, 08 Feb 2008
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Hackers seed malware on Indian anti-virus site

Hackers planted malicious script on the site of an Indian anti-virus firm this week. The website of AVsoft Technologies was attacked by unidentified miscreants in order to distribute a variant of the Virut virus.
John Leyden, 08 Feb 2008

UK men would stay out of bed for 50in plasma telly

Electrical retailer Comet has confirmed what those of us who boast enormous plasma tellys already know - that when it comes to getting your rocks off nothing beats a bit of hot bloke-on-widescreen action.
Lester Haines, 08 Feb 2008

EFF and chums sue Feds over border laptop inspections

Two civil rights watchdogs today filed a lawsuit against the US Department of Homeland Security after a number of travellers complained that their laptops, mobile phones and other electronic devices had been excessively screened at border entry points.
Kelly Fiveash, 08 Feb 2008
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mSA high for Oracle embedded strategy

It's a head-scratcher of a deal. Two big names in the same market with overlapping offerings. Surely the only justification for spending so much money is to buy customers to leapfrog the industry number one.
Phil Manchester, 08 Feb 2008

Dell 'committed' to AMD despite consumer kit shift to retail

With almost mud-like clarity, Dell has explained the way it's balancing the availability of AMD-based computers between its online, phone and retail sales channels. But one thing it wants us to be certain about is that it remains committed to AMD product lines.
Tony Smith, 08 Feb 2008

Chip heads drive Linux mobile challenge

Back in the day, Microsoft was the new kid on the block when it came to mobile devices like PDAs, munching up Palm's market share and tweaking the interest of application providers already familiar with Windows and Microsoft's applications.
Phil Manchester, 08 Feb 2008

FBI sought approval to use spyware against terror suspects

AnalysisThe FBI has reportedly sought the go-ahead to use a custom spyware package to bug terrorists and other national security suspects. Indirect evidence suggests that the request was likely to have been approved.
John Leyden, 08 Feb 2008

WARF raiders slap Intel with Core patent suit

The patent defense arm of the University of Wisconsin hit Intel with a lawsuit this week, claiming abuse of intellectual property related to parallel processing.
Ashlee Vance, 08 Feb 2008
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Rebit: This is your grandmother's data backup

Time Machine for OSX has got the Apple platform's fuss-less data backup covered quite nicely. But where can a technical nincompoop turn for brainless Windows backup?
Austin Modine, 08 Feb 2008

Prince Opteron unloads on AMD, Intel and the future of memory

Radio RegFred Weber had the look of a mad man.
Ashlee Vance, 08 Feb 2008

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